(2021 Reviews) TOP 8 Best Hammer For Concrete Formwork

The hammer is a simple tool and each model has its specific characteristics. If you are interested in buying one, you must first know its characteristics .

In our guide, you will find more information on the different models on the market and on the requirements that distinguish the different types of hammer . 

There are also reviews relating to 8 different hammers that represent the categories currently that have most in demand on the market.

When we talk about the best hammer for concrete formwork, we are all led to think immediately of the classic one for general use. 

Instead, you will be surprised to find that, there is a kinetic hammer in the first place named  Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Bullet Puller

It is a particular type used by hunters and shooters for the safe defusing of powerful ammunition.

In contrast,  we find the Stanley Roofing Hammer in second place which is the classic carpenter hammer intended for professional use.

10 Best Hammer For Concrete Formwork

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Top 8 Best Hammer For Concrete Formwork – Ranking In 2021

You will find  8 most popular  Hammer For Concrete Formwork in 2021  among all the models and types that are currently available on the market. 

These models are differ from each other in terms of their intended use and for the category they belong to.

Rank #1: Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ kinetic hammer

 The Quick-N-EZ is produced by the American company Frankford Arsenal that ranks first among the best hammer for concrete formwork of 2020 in my list . 

It is a kinetic hammer or a particular type of tool that is usually used for the safe removal of bullets from loaded cases. In this case, it is one of the best-selling models in its category.

Despite being made with plastic parts that make it seemingly “fragile,” those who have had the opportunity to use it have given quite different opinions. 

According to the buyers, the Quick-N-EZ is very solid . 

At first glance, it looks like simple plastic and it has polycarbonate characterized by a remarkable elasticity and impact resistance.

The hammer is equipped with three different adapters that allow you to remove bullets of any caliber from 22 Hornet up to 45-70 from both circled and unmounted.

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ kinetic hammer


  • Professional class:

The Quick-N-EZ hammer is simple in its line, but it is a professional class tool made by an authentic brand in the production of ammunition for firearms and related accessories.

  • Versatile:

The range of accessories includes three adapters that allow you to use the hammer with a wide range of calibers, from 22 up to 45-70, of any type.

  • Reliable:

Given the factory “blazon,” the Frankford Arsenal hammer is a robust tool, and buyers have particularly appreciated it for its reliability.


  • Fragile:

In reality, this hammer has no defects, but it is good to underline that it seems weak, and this could mislead the less experienced.

Rank #2: Stanley Roofing Hammer

Among the different models sold online, the Stanley  Roofing Hammer   is one of the most requested despite the reasonably high price compared to the average. 

It is a high-quality carpenter’s hammer that is produced by the well-known Stanley brand .

 It is made entirely of forged steel in one piece to offer maximum strength and durability.

The head is made up of a prominent part and complete with groove and nail-retaining magnet, and a pointed part. 

The side with the leaf is subjected to a further tempering procedure to increase the solidity. 

The handle is covered with a soft polyurethane layer with ergonomic shape.

Its strengths are the high quality of the materials and the high comfort of use that can guarantee you the ergonomic handle and by the anti-vibration system. 

The cost  is accessible only to the most demanding.

Stanley  Roofing Hammer


  • Professional:

The Stanley hammer is intended primarily for carpenters and professionals in general; it is reliable, robust, and made with care down to the smallest detail, with the use of high-quality materials.

  • Anti-vibration system:

Since it is designed for intensive use, the Stanley hammer has a comfortable ergonomic soft polyurethane handle and an anti-vibration system that reduces the force release on the wrist.

  • Hardened head:

The hammerhead is subjected to a special heat treatment to increase solidity and resistance; it is also complete with groove and magnet for the nails.


  • Cost:

The value for money is, in any case excellent, this does not mean that the Stanley hammer has a higher price than the average, and therefore it is intended only for the most demanding.

Rank #3: 3: Silverline 282596 Combination Rubber

To those who wonder where to buy a new, low-cost, functional, and well-made rubber hammer and we suggest them taking a look at the Silverline 282596 Combination Rubber that is  produced by the English company Silverline.

The sizes available for this hammer are three: 454, 680, and 907 grams depending on the needs of the case. 

These are on the market at the lowest possible price for a product of this quality level. 

The Silverline company is particularly appreciated the quality of the materials it uses for its products.

The only flaw of these Silverline 282596 Combination Rubber is to be little cared for as regards the finishes.

However, the head is made of solid rubber while the handle is made of varnished hardwood with a moisture content between 14 and 16% as regards their application. 

However, they are suitable both for shaping metal sheets and for joinery.

Silverline 282596 Combination Rubber


  • Cheap:

Whatever size you choose, the price of Silverline rubber hammers is among the cheapest you can find; this makes them easily accessible for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Above-average quality:

In the range of tools available at low prices, you will hardly be able to find products characterized by a higher quality than those of the Silverline company.

  • Versatile:

Apart from the everyday use in carpentry, for the assembly of interlocking woods, Silverline rubber hammers are also suitable for shaping and grinding metal sheets.


  • Finishes:

The only flaw is the finishes, somewhat coarse, and given the price, it is understandable; but this does not affect their functionality in the least.

Rank #4: Estwing Rock Pick Geological Hammer

Don’t be fooled by the high price because the Estwing Rock Pick Geological Hammer is by no means a standard tool.

 It is a geologist’s hammer produced by the American firm Estwing. The case of a model has double head: pointed and square hinged.

It is entirely made from a single piece of solid steel subsequently painted in blue to guarantee additional protection against wear and corrosion.

It is also equipped with the unique patented Shock Reduction Grip handle which can significantly reduce the discharge of force on the wrist. 

The head weighs just over 620 grams.

In comparison with the other models examined in our guide, the Estwing hammer is intended for specialist use. 

Its only flaw is that of having a price in proportional to the quality

Estwing Rock Pick Geological Hammer


  • Specialist:

The Estwing rock model is the most requested by professional geologists and mineralogy enthusiasts, according to which it is the best hammer for concrete formwork on the market in this specific category of use.

  • Patented handle:

The handle is covered with a unique patented handle made of leather, which can significantly mitigate the impact of blows and reduce the force discharged on the wrist.

  • High quality:

It is made of solid steel and starting from a single piece. Therefore it is incredibly robust, and thanks to the glossy paint coating, it is also resistant to wear and corrosion.


  • Price:

Being a specific hammer for professional geologists, it is characterized by a reasonably high price and subject to variations.

Rank #5: Bosch Professional 1600A016BT Hammer

The features offered by the Bosch hammer are nothing short of excellent. 

It is produced for the professional sector, and therefore intended to meet the needs of professionals regardless of the applications of use.

Its ideal application remains that of a blacksmith’s hammer being made by casting from a single piece of steel.

 It offers the right degree of solidity and resistance to beat the metal. The head is well balanced and has a weight of 500 grams.

On the other hand, its handle part is covered with the special Bosch Soft-Grip coating which helps reduce vibrations and allows you to work for a long time while maintaining excellent control of the tool and considerably reducing the effort for the operator.

In addition, the Bosch Professional hammer also stands out  its extremely advantageous cost besides the excellent structural characteristics especially concerning the quality of the product.

Bosch Professional 1600A016BT Hammer


  • Cost advantage:

The quality-price ratio of the Bosch hammer is at excellent levels, and if it ranks fifth in our ranking, it is only because of its specific use.

  • Ideal for blacksmiths:

Its characteristics make it ideal, especially as a hammer for working iron, and this is the reason why blacksmiths mainly require it.

  • Comfort of use:

The well-balanced head and the special Soft Grip coating that covers the handle allow it to be used intensively and prolonged with minimal effort by the operator.


  • Specific:

Also, in this case, we find ourselves in front of a hammer with the particular intended use. Therefore it is intended only for professional blacksmiths.

Rank #6: Estwing Bricklayer's/Mason's Hammer

The Estwing Bricklayer’s/Mason’s Hammer is the classic mason’s hammer for professional use and suitable both for demolishing and for modeling stones and masonry works. 

The stick consists of two parts assembled: head and handle.

The head is forged in non-carbon steel of category C50 and is made according to DIN 1041, therefore of excellent quality and extremely solid. 

The weight of the head is 1,500 grams. 

On the sides, it is powder-coated in black color while the flying faces are clean and sandblasted.

The handle is made of fiberglass and shaped with a double curve and equipped with an additional coating on the lower part of the stem which in addition to offering protection against vibrations.

 It also ensures a safe and more comfortable grip on the tool.

 Its excellent structural characteristics make it suitable especially for professional bricklayers.

Estwing Bricklayer's/Mason's Hammer


  • Economic: 

Again, we are faced with a professional product characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio, and by a decidedly advantageous cost.

  • DIN 1041:

The hammerhead is rigorously compliant with DIN 1041 safety standards. Therefore it is a tool that fully responds to current safety standards.

  • Excellent quality:

Despite the low cost, the S&R mason’s hammer stands out for the superb quality of the materials used for its construction; both the head, forged in C50 steel, and the handle, made of fiberglass and PVC.


  • No flaw:

It costs little, it is stable and extremely easy to handle, but it is intended only for professional masons.

Rank #7: Masonry Hammer

The seventh place on our list is occupied by a typical carpenter’s hammer that is alike the rubber mallet examined previously. It is produced by the English firm Masonry .

Therefore, its quality is much higher than the price which is decidedly cheap.

The Masonry Hammer  is a wooden hammer. Both the handle and the head are made of solid hardwood with a moisture content of between 8 and 12% with a glossy finish. 

Being a commercial product,  it is not particularly suitable for intensive professional use. 

But,  for hobby and craft use,  it is excellent. It is an excellent alternative to self-made wooden hammers especially considering the price and size.

It is light and convenient that is particularly suitable for joinery, DIY, and artistic hobbies. This hammer is excellent when used with chisels to sculpt wood.

Masonry Hammer


  • Well done:

Despite being a low-cost product, the Silverline wooden hammer is well made, with a smooth finish and free of chips or irregularities on the faces; the shaped handle also makes it very handy.

  • Economical:

The price is accessible even for beginner hobbyists. It is, in fact, among the different models currently available on the market, the Silverline is one of the most requested.

  • Versatile:

It can be used to assemble interlocking wooden pieces or to beat and shape metal sheets without damaging the surface, but it is especially appreciated by those who enjoy making wood sculptures.


  • Non-professional:

Being an inexpensive product, it is not recommended for intensive professional use, it is only suitable for hobbyists and beginners.

Rank #8: TACKLIFE Stubby Claw Hammer

Our list ends with a small hammer that is especially suitable for general domestic use, and DIY. 

The Tacklife HMH2A is characterized by its mini size as it measures just 17.5 cm and can be safely carried in a trouser pocket.

It is equipped with an ergonomic and non-slip handle which significantly facilitates its us. 

A double-ended head ( knocker and claw)  can be used for hammering and for removing nails. 

The striker end is also equipped with a groove and nail-stop magnet.

Although , it has a relatively low price and is made in the image and likeness of a carpenter’s hammer,  the Tacklife mini hammer is characterized by some flaws.

 The magnet is not very functional because it can only be used with long nails that is unsuitable for use domestic. 

The claw, on the other hand, is too short. Therefore, it exerts insufficient leverage, and the balance is not perfect due to its small size.

TACKLIFE Stubby Claw Hammer


  • Comfortable and easy to handle:

The small size, even if on the one hand it limits its potential for use, makes it extremely practical and easy to handle, ideal for small domestic needs.

  • Affordable price:

The Tacklife mini hammer is available at a relatively low price, easily accessible for all budgets.

  • Versatile:

It can be used both to hammer the nails and to remove them, even if you still have to deal with the limitations due to the small size of the claw.


  • Performance:

It is not suitable for applications that are different from domestic ones, and even in that case, its functionality is limited by its small size.

How To Choose The Best Hammer For Concrete Formwork

A hammer by circumstance

To decide which hammer to buy, you must first know what you intend to use it for. Despite its pure essence, this hand tool exists in different shapes and sizes, as well as materials depending on the use for which it is intended. To understand how to choose a good hammer,  one must not look at the price, but at the needs of the person who will have to use it.

If you need a simple tool to be used for general use both in the home and hobby .Then you can quickly move towards a model belonging to the cheaper range. If you have specific needs, then it is better to pay no attention and buy a hammer with adequate characteristics that do not expose you to the risk of hurting yourself.

The specialist hammers

The hammer can have different characteristics depending on the intended use. However, we are used to thinking immediately of the classic carpenter hammer,. Many types on the market are also designed for categories of users who do not fall within the construction and construction sector.

Some of the most varied professions require the use of the hammer. Just think of medicine, where the hammer is used in orthopedic surgery or in a rubberized version to establish the reflexes of the limbs. Another classic example is geology where it is used to remove rock samples precisely.

A particular type of hammer like the kinetic or inertia one, is used by hunters, shooters, bomb squads to defuse powerful ammunition and in the field of craftsmanship. However, there is a long string of hammers for specific use in carpentry, carpentry, glassware, and so on.

The variations between one hammer and another can affect the material from which they are made like wooden or rubber hammers,  the size and weight. The demolition hammers are used in construction. In other cases, they still relate to the shape of the head as in the case of rock hammers and kinetic hammers.

Whatever the specific need, when it comes to buying a hammer intended for specialist use, it is advisable to spend the due amount on a reliable model since a low-quality product could cause potential damage to the user.

General-purpose hammers

If you only need a hammer for general use to be used for small home repairs or to hang a picture on the wall, then you can easily opt for an inexpensive product. Even in this case, however, it is good to use common sense and still choose a model made with suitable materials, well balanced and with no excessive weight.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the rubber hammer for?

The rubber-headed hammers were explicitly created to beat yielding surfaces which could easily be damaged if struck with an iron or steel-headed hammer. This particular typology finds application in various areas . It is mainly used in carpentry and carpentry to facilitate the assembly or disassembly of pieces of wood. 

For this reason, there are products in different sizes and dimensions to adapt specifically to the type of piece that needs to be “hammered.” This can be a large board, or a thin joist to be locked in place using a joint. Rubber hammers are also used to worksheet metal to remove any “sketches,” or to model without running the risk of leaving marks or scratches on the metal.

What is the wooden hammer for?

The wooden hammer has the same purpose as the rubber hammer with the difference that it is used exclusively for carpentry and sculpture. In woodworking, it has the same goals that we have also described in the previous answer. Therefore, it is used to knock with metered force on the pieces of wood without running the risk of ruining their surfaces, and they are fundamental for the assembly of the interlocking parts.

In Japan where there is a long and rich tradition of interlocking joinery, a large variety of wooden hammers are produced of all sizes and shapes.

Another specific use is that of sculpture and inlay on the same material. Even the wood with the hardest essence if it is chiseled with a standard iron hammer. It tends to chip easily and if not also to crack completely. This is due to the higher intensity of the kinetic energy transmitted by the metal head which has a significantly higher density and weight.

The hammers with a wooden head allow you to beat on the chisel without problems. Transmitting a force whose intensity is suitable for modeling or sinking gently into the wood without ruining it.

How To Use The Best Hammer For Concrete Formwork

How to use the kinetic hammer

The kinetic hammer, or inertia hammer is used exclusively to defuse active ammunition or to separate the bullet from the bottom safely and without taking risks.

Its use is straightforward. The head of the kinetic hammer is composed of a terminal part that can be easily removed by unscrewing it inside . There is a metal ring divided into three sections which allow you to adapt to the collar of the base according to its caliber. Inside the ring, there is a relief that then fits into the collar, thus keeping the blow in a firm and stable position.

Once the blow has been inserted into the hammer, locking it in the sealing ring. It is possible to screw the end part again to keep it firmly in position. It is not necessary to tighten the end part too much and simply reach the end of the stroke and make sure it is tightly closed.

At this point, with the tip of the hammer, you have to give a decisive blow on a sturdy surface. This detail is essential because it is precisely the kinetic force of the vibrated blow which transmitted to the end part allows the bullet to detach from the bottom.

Both the bullet and the dust residues are therefore retained inside the best demolition hammer for tile removal  . The former can be recovered while the dust must be immediately disposed of that given the impossibility of remembering the specific type used.

How to open a coconut without a hammer

At this point, we must confess that the question has put us in serious difficulty. If the idea of finding ourselves in a position of having to open a coconut without a hammer had never touched us. On the other, we were even more perplexed in the face of the possibility of being without this tool. in our homes, usually the most disparate things may be missing, but a hammer is always found.

The members of our editorial staff has decided to share the task of finding an answer to this question in a fair and supportive way. Those who extracted the shortest toothpick were instructed to devote themselves to the meticulous and thorough research of historical precedents in a matter of coconut openings.

By consulting all the possible texts, starting from the Dead Sea scrolls to the Encyclopaedia Britannica including all editions from 1768 to today, it has emerged that  there are two particular methods for opening a coconut without a hammer.

The first involves using a substitute of the same to crash in a nutshell. For this purpose, it is advisable to use a solid rock with a hard and tenacious composition preferably the piperno which is of magmatic origin.

The second method is to wrap the coconut in a regular shopping bag knotting the ends of the same so that the contents cannot come out . Then drop it from the fourth floor of a building. It is more straightforward in concept  and it is more difficult to put into practice.

Not everyone lives on the fourth floor of a building. Moreover, the “launch” must be rigorously carried out within a time between three and four in the morning to avoid the risk that instead of the coconut, you may instead open the head of an unsuspecting passerby.

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