[ 2021 Edition ] Best Gasoline Chainsaw

Different tools are presented to us to perform optimally carry out domestic work in our home. Both professionally and in our daily lives and the needs that arise, the best gasoline chainsaw is a more reinforced, optimal, and consistent work, which is very consistent with our requirements.


What are the best gasoline chainsaws of 2020?

When we make a comparison of gasoline chainsaws, we see that unlike electric chainsaws they have a much higher power, that they are independent of electrical energy and that allow performing work at a professional level that could well serve to show in the labor world if we require the use of this tool. It will enable a remarkable diameter cut that approaches 35 cm to cut branches or cut small trees.

Gasoline chainsaws, in turn, need maintenance and adequate, which will allow them to have a performance and a large utility for what we need. The care in your chain is essential, but it is crucial that your engine receives the best oils and changes necessary for the chainsaw to continue functioning fully.

Although its utility lies in the care of the engine, gasoline chainsaws, in turn, require an oil change, in the filter of the gasoline and cleaning in the spark plug to continue doing the professional work that we so long for in such a machine. Although it needs to be a little more expensive, saving on electricity bills will make it worthwhile, in addition to how durable they are by following the steps for maintenance.


Recommended Products

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Rank # 1: Makita EA3200S35A

 With a capacity to store 4 liters of gasoline and thus carry out a successful day, the Makita EA3200S35A is presented, which has an aluminum housing to relieve the heat that can be emitted as a result of a long day of work, protecting the engine lightly but effective. It has a chain brake and a catalyst exhaust to reduce gas emissions.

This gasoline chainsaw has a robust design and a quality engine for heavy work on a professional level. Its command levels to start and stop are unified within reach of a single movement. It is easy to maintain and clean, just loosen a screw to change the necessary parts and have an oil tank that supports the 0.28 liters.

The Makita EA3200S35A has a power of 1.35kw equivalent to 1.85km, its engine capacity is 32cm, and its cut is 35cm in diameter. This machine weighs 4.1kg, and its dimensions are 49x49x49cm for effective handling.


Rank # 2: Parker PCS-5800

 It has a robust and reliable 50cc engine for those jobs that need continuity in the cut. Its engine has a power of 2.3kw and an entire blade with two chains of 50 centimeters equivalent to 20 ”.

It has a cover for easy transport and when we stop using it. The assembly of this gasoline chainsaw is fast and straightforward, although its instructions come in English. It has a case to carry the blade with protection and also brings a free tool kit.

The positive thing about this product is that in addition to the chain with which this machine will be used to cut branches and trees, it brings an additional one to carry out the relevant work at a domestic or professional level, which will serve as a replacement in the future, meaning a profitable saving.


Rank # 3: Einhell BG-PC 1245

 The Einhell BG-PC 1245 is a gasoline chainsaw that is affordable in our pocket. Its functionality is helpful and saves us the fact of oiling the chain since it does it automatically without the need for our manual intervention.

It has an Oregon sword and chain and a Walbro carburetor that give it greater credibility in its operation since we are talking about a product with quality materials that can withstand the various tasks that we perform, to cut branches or cut down trees or other work that at the domestic or professional level must be executed.

The Einhell BG-PC 1245 has weights of about 8kg for a height of 27 cm with a width of 33 cm and a total length of 46.5cm for effective handling and greater mastery. Its power is 2200 watts, and the speed in its chain is 21.2 movements per second. Its noise level is considerable because its power requires it, being 114db of sound that emanates from the product at the time of turning it on and using it.

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