10 Best Electric Screwdriver For Electronics [ 2021 Edition ]

In the world of DIY and in construction areas, electric screwdrivers allow the user to avoid getting physically tired when screwing. Therefore, if you plan to purchase one, but do not know which model to choose, we have prepared some products of the best electric screwdriver for electronics that might be of interest to you. The Bosch Ixo is presented in a compact size so you can handle it very comfortably.

In addition, it has a power of 54V, which will allow you to screw even on the most difficult surfaces. On the other hand, the Skil F0156220AA has a cable of 6 meters in length and has a power of 100V. In addition, it has 20 adjustment positions in the tightening torque that will allow you to vary between them depending on where you are going to work.


The best electric screwdriver for electronics in the market

In the next section, you will find a list of the models that stand out in the market, as well as their pros and cons so you can select a team that is capable of meeting your expectations.


Rank # 1: Electric Screwdriver

If you wish to purchase an electric screwdriver that has comfortable dimensions for easy handling, we invite you to consider this Bosch option. The Ixo model is listed by many as the best electric screwdriver for electronics since it has good power and autonomy.

Presented with an ergonomic design and weighing only 306 grams, this Bosch electric screwdriver will not tire your hand or arm when using it. In addition, it has a power of 54 watts and a tightening torque of 4.5 Nm, which will help you do your screwing work very effectively.

On the other hand, its battery is rechargeable lithium and incorporates its charger, providing freedom of movement without annoying cables interfering with your DIY work.

Additionally, it includes a plastic transport box that will protect it from shocks. It also has 10 interchangeable tips so you have everything you need to screw the different types of screws.

Among the products of this comparison, this model is highlighted among others for its characteristics and fluidity to screw, so it could be the best electric screwdriver for electronics of the moment.




Includes 10 tips so you can place or remove different types of screws.


It has a rechargeable lithium battery without memory effect so you can move freely and thus do your DIY work.


Its minimalist design will allow you to easily manipulate it with one hand.

Tightening torque:

The tightening torque of this model is 4.5 Nm, allowing effective results.




It does not have any anti-slip system on the handle.


Rank # 2: POWERGIANT Mini Electric

Among the options available, this product stands out in the list for having good features and a variety of accessories that complement its use, so if you are interested in purchasing one of the best electric screwdrivers for electronics of 2020, we invite you to consider this Bosch model.

This Bosch electric screwdriver comes in a kit that includes 39 tips and bits so you have everything you need to do screwing and drilling work on different types of surfaces. In addition, it has a speed of 1300 rpm, a system to change it and 20 torque settings to select the one that will allow you to drill steel and wood or screw in any structure very easily.

On the other hand, it incorporates an LED light so you can visualize the area with low lighting.

Additionally, this screwdriver has 2 lithium batteries that will allow you to use the screwdriver without limiting your movements.

Bosch has a long history of developing good quality products, which positions it as the best brand of electric screwdrivers according to many of its users.




This is a screwdriver drill that will allow you to easily drill or screw steel, concrete and wood structures.


It has a speed of 1300 rpm and with the possibility of adjusting it to work on different materials.


It has two rechargeable lithium batteries so you can avoid leaving half jobs.




It is one of the products with the highest price in this list.


It is not a team for large-scale work.


Rank # 3: Syntus Precision Screwdriver Set

This cheap electric screwdriver comes in a robust and ergonomic presentation with a grooved handle that will prevent it from slipping from your hands. In addition, it has a torque system that reaches the number 20, which will allow you to adjust it according to the surfaces on which you are going to work and have an effective screwing. In addition to this, it also has the function of drilling for performs holes in different types of materials.

Additionally, this 6-meter electric screwdriver will provide you with enough freedom to do your job without worrying that the cable may fall short when you move from one place to another.

On the other hand, its powerful 100V motor will help you screw or drill very easily. Also, the speed of this equipment is variable, so you can adjust it to avoid damaging the most delicate surfaces.

If among the options available you still do not know which electric screwdriver to buy, we invite you to evaluate the following pros and cons of one of the cheap models offered by Skil.




Its motor has a power of 100V that will allow you to perform your work very smoothly and easily.


It is an electric screwdriver and drill, so you will have what it takes to do your DIY work.


It is one of the models with the lowest price of this comparison.




Some users prefer equipment that has autonomy since cables can limit movement.


Rank # 4: Mini Electric Torque Screwdriver

If you want to know which is the best electric screwdriver for electronics of this comparison, we invite you to take into account the characteristics of the DCD710D2-QW presented by DeWalt.

This professional electric screwdriver comes in an ergonomic design with a non-slip handle that will prevent it from slipping when you are using it, which will reduce the levels of accidents caused by semi-heavy machinery. In addition, this model is completely versatile, since in addition to screwing you can also use it as a drill. So, you will have the possibility of drilling different surfaces without changing tools.

On the other hand, it has a torque system of 15 positions so you can adjust the tips and get effective results in your work.

Additionally, it includes 2 rechargeable lithium batteries, which will allow you to move freely from one place to another without having to charge with annoying cables that can interfere or reduce your movements.

Having a screwdriver drill at home can take you out of several troubles when you need to repair, assemble or drill structures, so we invite you to consider this model among your options.




It is versatile equipment that will allow you to screw and drill.


It has 2 rechargeable lithium batteries so you can move freely without worrying about annoying cables.


It has a power of 180W and a speed of 1800 rpm so you can drill wood, metal, steel or screw easily.




Some users believe that their size could tire your arm.


Its price is one of the highest on the list.


Rank # 5: DEWALT DCF680N1 8V Gyroscopic

This Makita electric screwdriver comes with a powerful 570W motor and a speed of 4000 rpm, which will allow you to screw dry without any problem. That is, it will not be necessary to open any holes in the surface. Additionally, the speed is variable so that the adjustments and avoid damaging the materials.

On the other hand, it has an ergonomic design and a non-slip handle that will prevent the equipment from slipping while you are placing or removing screws. Also, its size is suitable for handling with one hand, which will reduce fatigue and tiredness.

In addition to this, many users consider that this model could be the best electric screwdriver for electronics since it has a ventilation system that will keep the equipment at the proper temperature to prevent the engine from being damaged. It also includes a continuous mechanism that will help you keep the engine running when you need to carry out continuous work.

If you need to buy a product that has good power and speed to work in wood, drywall and on different surfaces, we recommend this Makita option.




The motor has a power of 570W to easily do DIY work.


It has a speed of 4000 rpm so you can screw it dry even very easily.


Your ventilation system will keep the engine protected from high temperatures for continuous use.




The equipment is wired and it is 4 meters long.


This model has a weight of 1.4 kilograms, so the arm could get tired with continuous use.


Rank # 6: DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless

Presented with an electric power of 1.3V and a 2-speed gear, with this Einhell electric screwdriver you can make the respective screwing on the surfaces very easily. In addition, it has a minimalist and attractive design so you can easily manipulate it with just one hand without any problem.

On the other hand, this model includes a sturdy plastic box so you can store it and keep it protected from bumps and falls. Also, this equipment has a drill and screwdriver function, a tightening torque system to change the tips so that you can perform your drilling or screwing tasks easily.

Additionally, it has a lithium battery and a charger so you don’t have annoying cables that can interfere with your movements. Therefore, due to the practical characteristics of this product, it is considered by many users as the best screwdriver for this price.

This screwdriver in addition to having good features is one of the cheapest in the list, so we invite you to consider it among your options.




It has a size and weight quite comfortable to be able to manipulate it with one hand.


It has a screwdriver and drill function so you can easily do your DIY work.


It is one of the products with the lowest price on the list.




Some users have commented that battery autonomy is low.


You don’t have enough power to drill rigid materials.


Guide to buying electric screwdrivers

In this space, you will find a guide to buying the best electric screwdriver for electronics, where we will highlight the most important features so that you can select a model that is able to fit your needs and DIY jobs in your home or workplace.


Frequently asked questions

Q1: Electric screwdriver How does it work?

An electric screwdriver, as the name implies, works with electricity, since its interior is composed of a variety of circuits, parts and gears that, when making contact with the electrical energy provided by a battery or directly through a plug, your engine will run automatically every time you press the trigger. Therefore, it can be said that an electric screwdriver is a tool that is capable of transforming electricity into mechanical energy so that the motor can run.

Q2: How to repair an electric screwdriver?

The electric screwdrivers have numerous cables and circuits inside them that can cause the equipment to fail, since when used for many continuous hours and in hot climates they can overheat. Therefore, this can damage the screwdriver and you will have to repair it and, for this, the first thing you should do is read the user manual so you can check if the screwdriver parts can be replaced.

Then, purchase the original parts that are damaged and proceed to place them. In addition, we remind you that you must have a tin gun to remove the contact of the parts and the wiring and thus successfully adhere to the circuit board.

Q3: Which is better, electric or wireless screwdriver?

So that you can know what is best for you between an electric screwdriver or a wireless screwdriver, you must make a small comparison between them and highlight the features you need most, be it power, speed, weight and ergonomics and if you will work in different places. With the above resolved, you can have an ideal product for your personal use, since each user has different needs and can vary as to which one is better between them.

Q4: Can I use a drill as an electric screwdriver?

Of course, and so that you can do it, you will have to change the drill bit to your drill for a tip according to the notch that has the screw, either cross, straight or other. Then, slow down and gently press the trigger so that the drill does not damage the screw or the surface you are going to screw. Also, if you are going to remove a screw, you will have to perform the steps mentioned above and you will also have to place the drill in reverse.

Q5: How to charge an electric screwdriver?

Depending on the model you have purchased, you will have several charging modes, either with a cable that is connected directly from the equipment to the power source or to a charger, so whatever model you have, we recommend that you leave it charging At least 30 minutes for you to use since this is the approximate time it may take for the process to charge a battery from 800 to 1200 mAh. If it is more capacity, add an additional 15 minutes. However, you also have to take into account the voltage to avoid overheating the equipment, so you should read the user manual of your electric screwdriver to avoid damage to it.

Q6: What power should an electric screwdriver have?

One aspect by which electric screwdrivers are so practical is due to their power, and this is the one in charge of providing the necessary force to the motor so that the equipment can screw even on the most difficult surfaces. Therefore, the ideal power for an electric screwdriver can start from 12V to more as long as you take into account the kind of work you intend to perform. That is if you require an electric screwdriver for easy and occasional work you can opt for one that has 12V, but if the work is much more followed and in a professional way we recommend that you consider one that has 50, 100V or more power electric

Q7: How to change the tips of the electric screwdriver?

So you can change the tips or bits of your electric screwdriver, the first thing you should do is keep the equipment off or by default disconnected if it is a cable. By doing this you will have more security when making the change so that you can reduce the rate of accidents caused by electronic equipment of semi-heavy mechanics.

Then, make the rotation in the wheel of the screwdriver’s mouth if it does not require using any type of tool to make the change, otherwise use it to expand the mouth. Place the tip or drill bit you are going to place and re-tighten firmly and actuate the safety lock to prevent it from coming out.

Q8: Which is better, electric screwdriver or screwdriver?

With an electric screwdriver, you can perform the process automatically. That is, without making any kind of physical effort compared to a regular screwdriver, with which you will need to use your strength to tighten and loosen the screws of the different surfaces. Therefore, an electric screwdriver can be the best alternative to save physical effort and time and so you can perform your work quickly and conveniently.


How to use an electric screwdriver

If you have already purchased an electric screwdriver and do not know how to use it correctly, you do not have to worry, since in the following section we will indicate some steps to follow so that you can get the most out of it and enjoy your product in all its potential.

Read the user guide

The user guide that the manufacturer includes with the product is very important to read it with great detail since it will indicate all the benefits, detailed features and safety and maintenance aspects so that you can give your electric screwdriver the proper use.

Also, this guide also specifies the possible additional functions that you may not know about the equipment since some models incorporate the option of being used as a drill. Therefore, we invite you before you continue with these steps, spend a few minutes of your time to know your product in depth.

Connect your electric screwdriver to a power source

Regardless of the electric screwdriver model you have purchased, they need electricity to work. However, if you purchased a device that uses cables it is not necessary to read this section, so we invite you to continue with the next step.

However, if the model you bought uses rechargeable batteries, we advise you to do the following:

First, after you have removed the equipment from the packaging and placed the batteries, check if they are charged by being connected directly to the screwdriver or by a transformer. Also, keep in mind that, depending on their capacity, the time it may take to complete the process could vary between approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Therefore, take note of the exact time you placed them to charge so you can avoid damage to them.

Place the tips and make use of the equipment

After the charging process is completed, it is time to make the first use of the equipment, but first, you will need to place the tip if the model you purchased is a screwdriver or drill bits if it has a function as a drill.

In the thickest part of the electric screwdriver close to the tightening torque, you will be able to identify that it can be turned both ways, which will open a small mouth. Then, insert the tip or drill bit and turn again to close and secure.

Now, with your hand, take a screw and hold it on a surface (preferably of wood) to be able to perform the first test of the equipment. Position the electric screwdriver on the screw and immediately remove your hand. Now, very gently press the trigger to start the equipment and the screw can begin to penetrate the wooden surface.

If after five seconds you notice that the screw has not completely penetrated the wood, remove your fingers from the trigger and adjust the torque to level 2 or 3 and try again.

If you have the same problem again, that means that the surface you are working on is rigid, look for the user manual and identify the tightening torque number recommended by the manufacturer, either a number 5, 7 or larger and perform the process again with a new screw.

Shopping guide


The first of the characteristics that we will evaluate in this comparison of electric screwdrivers is the power. This is the force that an electric screwdriver needs to be able to perform its screwing function, although the hole in which you will introduce the screw is small. Likewise, the power will also allow them to be easily removed or to penetrate dry surfaces. that is, without the need to make a hole.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there are different models that have different powers depending on the motor, 12V being a basic electric power for easy work and that do not require much time. In addition to this, electric screwdrivers that have higher powers such as 50, 100V or more will allow you to do the same tasks, but with greater efficiency.


Another aspect that should not be overlooked is speed. This can be identified in an electric screwdriver by revolutions per minute. That is, the rotation of the engine for every minute so that at higher rpm you can easily screw or remove screws.

In addition to this, if a motor has medium power and high rpm, it will mean that the equipment will be able to perform various jobs without the screwdriver being able to strain.

Therefore, it can be said that the speed in an electric screwdriver is as important as its power, so we recommend that the model you intend to select has an adequate speed according to the work you are going to do and, that this is not in a section less than 500 or 800 rpm so that the equipment does not strain too much.


Before you evaluate how much an electric screwdriver costs, we recommend that you check the ergonomics of the equipment, taking into account the weight, size, and ease of clamping, which will allow you to grab the equipment in different positions without causing you to cause discomfort or fatigue.

Also, taking into account ergonomics you can prevent the equipment from slipping from your hands when you are screwing since you could put your physical integrity at risk and hurt yourself. Additionally, a handle with the non-slip system is of the utmost importance so that the equipment does not fall by mistake.

Cables and autonomy

Among the different models that are present in this comparison, you can find those that have cables or batteries.

The equipment that has batteries is the most in-demand in the market since these allow the user to move with much more freedom and use it, even if they work in places where there are no plugs nearby.

On the other hand, equipment that has cables also has its advantages, but this will depend on its length. Because, if the cable is too short it will limit your movements and you will need to have an extension cable to move more freely. Instead, those who have these with larger dimensions will allow you to do so, but you could get tangled up and put your physical integrity at risk.

Therefore, we advise you to consider this feature according to your needs so that you can choose a device that can meet your needs, as long as you put accidents as a priority.


Settings and accessories

Before you select an economic model, it is vital that you consider the settings of the electric screwdriver.

These teams have a system called tightening torque, which will allow regulating the pressure exerted by the screwdriver to perform the work on the surfaces. That is, how much force the electric screwdriver will apply to wood, metal or concrete.

Therefore, we invite you to take into account the adjustments that you can make to the model before purchasing it so that you can select an option that allows you to regulate the force and speed to avoid damage to the structures you are going to work on.

On the other hand, the accessories are an aspect that should not be overlooked, since the screwdrivers need bits and bits to perform their work, either in drill mode or to screw the different types of screws.

Therefore, we advise you to buy a kit that comes in a kit that includes different bits and tips so you can avoid looking for additional accessories and start doing your work as soon as possible.


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