10 Best Electric Saw [ 2021 Edition ]

The best saw is the subject of this article. But, given the wide range of models, many totally different from the others in design and purpose, choosing the best of them can be a bit difficult.

In any case, analyzing both performance and popularity, we can say that we come up with two recommendations for the current year: first, Steinhaus PRO-RS900 , a sword-type tool, useful in the household for cutting branches, bones or planks. It proves its resistance and quality, through its double blade and the 900 Watt motor.

However, you may not be interested in a sword saw, and for that, we come up with the second recommendation, Bosch AKE 40 S, an 1800 Watt chainsaw, with a 40 cm blade, useful for cutting wood, tree branches or other wood materials, everywhere in your household.

10 Best Electric Saws 2020

Our list of recommended products for this article is relatively diverse. You can find everything for everyone, at the most advantageous prices, but also high-end models, quite expensive.

 I look for it and we are waiting for you later on our page, because we will refresh the range of recommendations periodically!

Rank # 1: BLACK+DECKER Electric Hand Saw

This model of electric sword saw, from Steinhaus, can have the following uses: you can cut wood up to 115 millimeters thick, or metal up to 5 millimeters thick (steel).

Its design, with oscillating blade, makes it easy to handle, the blade speed being adjustable up to 2800 movements per second.

The length of their stroke is 20 centimeters. The tool is powered by a 220 Volt network and generates a maximum power of 900 Watts. We recommend it to households who have occasional hobby jobs and who want extra mobility.

 For example, when cleaning trees and shredding wood scraps, you will find that it is a very useful saw.

As disadvantages, it does not cope with heavier loads, such as cutting boards thicker than 115 millimeters (it also depends on the essence of the wood, of course). But, for its very attractive price, it remains a desirable tool for most households.

Rank # 2: Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw

We also include in the list an electric chain saw, from the well-known company Oregon , very useful in a wide variety of tasks: you can cut logs and boards up to 40 centimeters thick, the wood being indicated by the manufacturer for the tool.

Its design includes carefully placed handles, which makes it easy to handle, and the chain can move up to 9 meters per second. It also has a 200 millimeter oil tank, with an indicator through which you can easily monitor the level of lubricant. 

This electric chain saw is powered by the socket and its motor has a power of 1800 Watts.
We can say that it will find its utility in any large household, especially if you have a wood stove or fireplace. 

As disadvantages, if you cut logs through the bottom of the yard, you will need very long extension cords and you may want to opt for a chainsaw with internal combustion engine.

Rank # 3: Makita XCU04Z Chain Saw

We will also present our choice in terms of electric hand saw, circular type. Such a tool allows you to cut boards up to 55 millimeters thick, perpendicularly, or 37 millimeters, obliquely, at 45 degrees.

Its disk has a diameter of 16 centimeters, and the engine with a power of 1230 watts can rotate it with up to 5000 revolutions per minute, a value more than optimal for such small disks. This tool is a hobby type, meaning it can get hot if you use it for a long time.

We recommend it to those who have workshops at home, or who work occasionally in wood, at work. In addition, it is an electric saw, at a good price, which makes it attractive especially in the eyes of beginners who do not know what to choose as the first tool to work with.

Rank # 4: Worx WG322 Cordless Chainsaw

You may be interested in electric saws, at good prices, in which case we will guide you to consider this model, from Steinhaus. 

It can cut wood up to 55 millimeters thick, but is also effective in gypsum, ceramics, sheet metal and masonry. You can also cut at 45, 30 or 15 degrees, compared to the horizontal.

The length of the stroke is 80 millimeters. Its motor has a power of 710 Watts, and the blade is printed at a speed of up to 3000 oscillations per minute. 

We will recommend this model of pendular electric saw to both households that have occasional, fine hobby works, and to professionals, especially since the device also has a LED guide, but also a rail included in the package.

To mention its possible disadvantages, even if it has a good engine, useful for professional needs, the tendency to heat may discourage some more demanding craftsmen.

Rank # 5: HUYOSEN Gas Power Chain Saws

Let’s explore a special tool: what you see here is an electric saw with a telescopic arm, which can be useful for a specific purpose in the household: cutting branches from trees at a certain height.

 It focuses through a chain system, its motor generating 450 Watts. It can be adjusted in four cutting positions, if you use it to shape the hedge (90, 45, 0 and -45 degrees).

To adjust the height of the branches, you can adjust the height of the arm from 2 meters to 2.7 meters. The blade has 250 millimeters (for cutting branches), and in the package you will also receive the blade for trimming the hedge, it has 410 millimeters. The whole installation weighs 8 kilograms.

As disadvantages, first of all you will have to pull the cables to the bottom of the garden to use it , and secondly, if you work at height, don’t forget to take all the safety measures: harness, goggles and helmet!

Rank # 6: Makita EA5600FRGG Chain Saw

The model here is a Bosch electric saw, circular type, with sliding slide. With it, you can cut wooden boards up to 65 millimeters thick. 

The sled table makes it easy, but also safe to handle, and the speed of the cutting disc can reach 5500 rotations per minute, its diameter being 216 millimeters.

The saw, being of professional type, is powered by the 220 Volt network and the motor with which it is equipped has a fairly high power, of 1600 Watts.

 It cuts very well, especially thanks to the guide laser, with which it is endowed, regardless of whether you operate in wood, chipboard, OSB or plastic.

Its precision makes it attractive for very demanding craftsmen, and it also includes the nozzle for sawdust vacuum cleaners. As disadvantages, it is quite expensive, several times more expensive than other similar circular power models.

Rank # 7: DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

We also include an electric hand saw, this one from Steinhaus, which will be to the taste of craftsmen looking for a simple model, without much power, but also precise and of quality. The motor with which it is equipped generates 500 Watts, moving the blade with 3100 oscillations per minute.

The cutting depth, in wood, is a maximum of 65 millimeters, at 90 degrees, and in steel, 4 millimeters. The length of the blade stroke is 20 millimeters.

 Its engine generates 99 decibels, so wear plugs when using it. The method of changing the blades is easy, SDS type, therefore you will not need wrenches or screwdrivers, as in the case of other saw models.

The vibration damping system makes it comfortable to use even by beginners. As disadvantages, it has no adjustable gears for speed. Overall, a very good hobby machine.

Rank # 8: Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw

With 1500 watts of power, which move a large cutting disc (255 millimeters in diameter) with up to 4200 rotations per minute, it is easy to understand why this Makita electric saw, circular stationary type, is among the tools professionals.

It has a rotating table, which allows you to cut wood or other materials in nine different positions. You can, of course, connect sawdust vacuum cleaners to it, if you prefer a clean working environment, and in the package you will also receive a special bag for waste. 

Being a stationary, fixed model that can be fastened with screws to a table, it is understandable why users who want mobile tools might avoid it.

In addition, it is a fairly expensive model, not among the most exorbitant tools, but in any case, it comes off the radar of buyers who prefer electric saws, cheap and good. Overall, an investment for those who want power and precision!

Rank # 9: Husqvarna Gas Chainsaws

An electric band saw, such as the one we have included here in our list of recommendations, can be considered special. 

Its principle of operation is similar to that of the oscillating vertical saws, but here the canvas is circular, in the form of a strip, and with the help of a guide wheel, it rotates, cutting in one direction.

The whole tool is large, with bench, to accommodate this system. Included in the package is a wood pushing stick, to work in maximum safety. The work table tilts to work at an angle of up to 45 degrees.

As a price, this model is comparable even with some models of electric sword saw, so it is not very expensive, but the lack of mobility can be a disqualification element, for some buyers.

Buying guide

In the article here, we will approach in “umbrella” style the subject of electric saws, ie we will take all types of such tools and analyze them together, regardless of the principle of operation. 

We keep the descriptions as clear as possible to any reader, hoping that no one will be left with ambiguities. 

Thus, we start with: Tool type : even if you look for an electric saw, cheap and good, or for heavy-duty models, expensive, you will have to choose from several categories, each with its own operating principle that makes it suitable for a particular task .

So, we have circular saws , which focus on a rotating disk that cuts from pieces of wood. They can be mobile (or manual, meaning you hold them in your hand and handle them during use) or with a bench (they are fixed, on a special table, and you push the wood under the blade).

Next are the pendular or vertical saws , which use a canvas that moves up and down, cutting fine and more precisely the pieces of material, compared to circular models.

Let’s not forget the so-called chainsaws , which instead of a blade, have a chain with a small edge on each link, which rotates on a long support, which allows them to cut thick pieces of material (even over 30 cm). Many bone saws, useful for butchers, work on the same principle.

Motor specifications : here we will refer especially to power, measured in Watts. Depending on the type of device , you can identify motors from under 300 to over 2500 watts. Obviously, the loads and capacity of the tool are directly proportional to the power.

However, if you are looking for the best electric saws, in addition to power, you will also need to consider the speed / oscillations of the blade. 

On circular models, the smaller the disk, the higher the speed. For pendulum tools, speeds as high as possible are desirable, depending on the material you are working on.

Blade specifications : in addition to speed, take into account the working depth (how thick can be the material in which you cut – from a few centimeters, to a circular saw, at a good price, up to over 30 centimeters, in the case of a heavy chainsaw -duty), or the thickness of the blade (for pendular models, a finer blade can allow more precision).

Accessories : in addition to the bench (work table) included in some models, you can also find many offers that include sets of blades, sawdust shields, rubber gloves, for safe handling of the device, or goggles.

Many opinions about the best electric saws say that such offers are especially attractive for beginners, as professionals know from the beginning what they want from a product and prefer to choose separately each element necessary for the tasks to be performed.

Working materials : for almost all tool models, whether we are talking about electric saws, cheap and good, circular type, or strong chainsaws, in their description the manufacturer will specify what kind of material they are intended for.

You can therefore have multi-purpose machines, which cut in wood, metal and plastic, or even stone, or tools focused exclusively on a single material, for example a chainsaw for cutting tree branches, given the design of the cutting edge and the power engine.

If you do not follow these instructions from the manufacturer, the appliance may be inefficient, or it may deteriorate very quickly if you repeat the wrong action several times.

Manufacturer : both well-known brands (Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Steinhaus) and less well-known brands (Blade Alpin, Buk, Baikal Russia, Altai) are worth considering. Are those in the first category better than those in the second? Questionable.

It depends on your needs, but also on the product. For example, an entry-level Bosch may be weaker than the top model from another lesser-known brand. But, at least as a beginner, it is worth orienting yourself towards a famous brand, if you want to go safe. Professionals will know how to evaluate even the most obscure models, in order to figure out how they will meet their requirements.

That’s what we can say about how to choose the best electric saw. Before moving on to the next sections, which are also very useful, especially for beginners, we also advise you to return periodically to our page. We add new, advantageous offers to the list of products, therefore it is worth visiting us again in the near future!

Frequent questions

What is the use of an electric bone saw?

Obviously, an electric hand saw for bones will be useful for butchers in the first place. When cutting large carcasses, such as beef, pork or horse, a sausage or meat ax may be inefficient, so staff may use such a tool.

Can I buy an electric bone saw for household use online?


Yes of course. You just don’t have to prove that you are a butcher with a diploma, to buy an electric butcher saw, to use it in your own home.

Can an electric brick saw be used?

As we specified in our own shopping guide, electric saw manufacturers specify a number of materials for which each model is recommended. There are, therefore, niche tools, such as an electric telescopic saw for tree branches or hedges, but also multi-purpose saws, especially oscillating or circular saws.

If you opt for an electric saw for BCA, then you will most likely be able to cut the brick with it. Remember that the choice of the canvas or the disc also matters, but also the thickness of the layer of materials, so equip yourself properly and ask for the advice of someone skilled, if you have no idea what you need.

Is there an electric saw for metal?

Yes, many models of circular and oscillating saws also specify metal as the recommended material. But the thickness of the metal layer will be much smaller than wood, of course. If you are interested in cutting thick layers, then you will need industrial tools, some of them using lasers or water jets at incredible pressures to make their way through tens of centimeters of steel.

Use of the electric saw – precautions and safety measures

Measures specific to saws, electric or burning

Common to all saws, regardless of the type of engine, is the cutting edge. It’s simple: avoid it on all occasions! Push the battery pieces with special sticks, with control handles and use gloves, if you use tools on the bench.

If you handle a bone saw or a chainsaw, be careful that splinters may jump in the eyes, therefore it is necessary to wear goggles. In addition, be careful not to work with other people around you, especially children.

If you need help cutting wood, or cleaning trees from dry branches, choose a skilful and careful person and be careful not to fall logs on your feet or branches on your head. In addition, for motorized tools, allow them to take breaks from time to time to cool their engine, or other cutting parts that are subject to heating due to friction.

Measures specific in general to electric motorized tools, but applicable to saws

The measures normally applicable to all power tools are also required, more specifically the risks of electric shock and fire. To prevent electric shock, always check the cables and sockets before starting work. Any red or questionable cable will need to be replaced. Avoid repairing them with duct tape.
Short circuits or other electrical problems can cause fires. In order to be equipped for such situations, in the area you will have to eliminate flammable substances or those that burn easily (for example, hay or vines). A fire extinguisher should always be around.
In any case, it is good to have a first aid kit. By the way, it doesn’t hurt for anyone to take a first aid course, whether we’re talking about electric shocks, burns, or cuts, so consider signing up for something like this in the near future!

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