10 Best Electric Chainsaw [ 2021 Edition ]

If you are a person fond of gardening, or you like to do domestic work cutting wood or firewood; the best electric chainsaw is the best tool you can count on. They connect to the mains through a cable, without individual devices. They are the ideal machines for work at home, in the workshop, or in the garden.

Comparison chart of The best electric chainsaw

Black & Decker CS1835 – Electric chainsaw, 1800 W

  • It has a powerful 1800 W motor and a speed of 12.5 m / s in the chain. On the other hand, it has an automatic lubrication system, through which you do not need to worry about placing oil manually, as with different models of chainsaws.
  • It could be problematic for some of the facts that this tool comes with the disassembled chain. However, it is easy to install, and this task will not take long.
  • This product is used to cut branches with a width of up to 25 cm, so it is quite versatile.

Einhell GE-EC 2240 – Electric chainsaw, automatic lubrication

  • It has a cutting speed of 15 m / s so that the work will be faster and easier. Besides, it works with a power of 2200 W, enough to make cuts for thick branches without clogging the chain.
  • It is a device that should be used with great caution, and it is also recommended to use personal protective accessories to avoid unforeseen accidents while working with it.
  • Thanks to the fact that this chainsaw is made of metal, it is resistant and provides long durability, so it is a good investment.

Bosch AKE 35 – Chain saw, in a cardboard box

  • It is a light chainsaw and easy to use because it weighs 4 Kg and has an ergonomic design. We also mention that you have the SDS system, so changing and tensioning the chain will be a simple task.
  • According to some buyers, the cable for their power supply is very short, 30 cm; however, it is possible to use an extension cable, so that the problem can be easily solved.
  • Because its oil tank has a capacity of 200 ml, it is not necessary to fill it often, being practical and convenient to use.

What are the best electric chainsaws of 2020?

An electric chainsaw has several advantages over its battery or fuel congeners. They are practical and comfortable machines since they vibrate less, and the noise level is lower. They do not require the use of fuel. They are easier to start, and the engine does not need maintenance. Also, they are environmentally friendly tools, and you will no longer have to worry about gas and smoke emissions.

If you are thinking of buying an electric chainsaw, pay attention to the aspects that you should take into account before making your investment. First of all, you should be clear about the use you are going to give it.

Remember that an electric chainsaw cannot be used to cut trees in a forest. Its use is limited to an outlet. Check the power and weight well. The power of an electric chainsaw motor ranges from 700W to 2600W, and the weight depends on the model and the work it does.

Balance is essential when choosing this powerful machine. Make sure you find it comfortable to grab it and that the chainsaw has the right balance. You should know the risks involved in handling an electric chainsaw, and take precautions to avoid any type of accident, so it is advisable to use personal protective equipment.

The market offers you a great variety of brands and models of electric chainsaws. If you are making your comparison, we invite you to discover the characteristics of the following chainsaws. The idea is that you invest in a high-quality product backed by well-known brands that fit your needs and do not affect your budget.

Recommended Products

Black & Decker CS1835

 This electric chainsaw model features a 1800W motor and a chain speed of 12.5m / s. Do not be afraid to face the thick branches, and this powerful tool has a cutting capacity of up to 35 cm. And if you want to cut wet and dry wood, you can do it with the low recoil chain, which offers you a smooth and fast cut.

The Black & Decker CS1835 is designed with an exclusive anti-vibration system, which gives you a greater comfort of use. It is ideal for gardening and household use. Do not worry about the wood for your fireplace this winter. With this chainsaw, you can cut a large amount of firewood, with a minimum of effort and quickly.

It has a large tank with a capacity of 0.1 L to fill the oil quickly and with a window that allows visibility to avoid spills. This chainsaw is made of durable and resistant materials, such as steel. The chain is automatically lubricated, thanks to the integrated oil system. You will not have to waste time on maintenance.

It is a reliable and resistant machine, with excellent balance, weighs 4.7 kg and measures 50.6 x 26.2 x 20.2 cm. It has a handle with an ergonomic grip, which offers stability and safety. It can generate up to 108 dB of sound power, so hearing protection is recommended.

Einhell GE-EC 2240

 The electric chainsaw of Einhell GE-EC 2240, is listed as one of the best in the current market. It will serve you for various types of forestry work, such as cutting light logs, cutting firewood, small trees, sawing in the garden, and pruning hedges and thick branches.

It has a powerful 2200W motor and a 40 cm long saber endowed with state-of-the-art Oregon technology, which gives the saber stability so that its handling is safer and you can make various cuts. The chain is made of high-quality materials so that the cuts are with cleaner and more precise finishes. It also has a tank with a large measuring cup, to automatically lubricate the chain.

This chainsaw model is designed for a soft grip, thanks to its ergonomic grip, which gives you comfort while doing DIY work. This team has a boot, which is developed slowly until you achieve the power you want. Offering greater security and avoiding any accident caused by quick starts of some chainsaws.

The Einhell GE-EC 2240, is a safe chainsaw. It has a system that avoids the recoil of the device, through a quick break of the chain, in case of problems that merit the timely and effective stoppage of the equipment. Besides, the chain has protection links; in fact, it comes out.

Bosch AKE 35

 The electric chainsaw of the Bosch is a team equipped with an 1800-watt motor, with enough power for small-scale logging and pruning work. It is a lightweight tool weighing 4 kg, and its handle is ergonomic for better grip and maneuverability.

It has a 35 cm long sword and a chain with steel teeth that give you a secure and firm grip. The speed of the string is 9 m / s that ensures maximum performance. You can do housework, both vertical and horizontal, prune the hedges in your garden, or do DIY work.

The SDS system of the electric chainsaw from Bosch AKE 35 was designed with comfort in mind so you can tighten and change the chain without the use of tools. It has a 200 ml reservoir for the oil that automatically lubricates the chain.

In case of accidental contact, this chainsaw stops its chain instantly (less than 0.1 seconds), thanks to the Quick Stop automatic locking system.

It comes with a practical and durable bag that allows you to store this powerful tool, and keep it neat and handy for when you need it.

Even though cordless chainsaws are currently on the advance, the electric chainsaw remains the cheapest and most environmentally friendly alternative. Our TÜV-certified consumer portal has determined the best chainsaws based on external tests and reviews of garden professionals. We also analyzed hundreds of customer reviews. The electric chainsaw from Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturer that is actually known for luxury cars, is amazingly popular on Amazon.



Electric chainsaw: evaluation of customer reviews

For the electric chainsaw test, we looked at the electric chainsaws with the most reviews on Amazon and briefly summarize what the buyers say in terms of positive and negative criticisms. The prices of the most popular models on Amazon are between 60 and 115 euros. The much more expensive Stihl electric chainsaw from the chainsaw market leader has no reviews yet.



Electric chainsaw Makita 35 cm (295 reviews, 4.3 stars): The first thing that strikes you about the reviews is the considerable customer pictures. They show: with the Makita electric chainsaw, a complete winter stock of logs can be sawn and all trees are felled and dismantled in the buyers’ gardens. It seems to be a powerful model, but it has a weak point. The chain tensioning pin is criticized by a number of customers. For some, the broke off and for others he made the chain fall off.

With the electric chain saw Makita UC4041A 40 cm (111 reviews, 4.2 stars): there seems to be the same problem with the chain tensioner, it broke off with several buyers but could be ordered as a spare part. Otherwise, the buyers are mostly very satisfied, as with the shorter model with 35 cm.

Electric chainsaw Tonino Lamborghini 40 cm (221 ratings, 4.4 stars): This chainsaw can be described as an Amazon secret tip. The Italian lifestyle brand from the same company of the famous Lamborghini sports cars is actually not known for power tools, but rather designs sunglasses and watches. Now an electric chainsaw is printed with the symbol of the fighting bull and apparently it is a good product. Most buyers are very happy with the model – some even after 7 years. There are criticisms of the relatively high consumption of lubricating oil or that the engine is installed crosswise and not lengthways.

Electric chainsaw Einhell GH-EC 1835 32.5 cm (137 reviews, 4.1 stars): This is the cheapest model from the list and is mainly bought because of the price. For many buyers, it is the first chainsaw and seems to serve its purpose well (e.g. sawing off branches or chopping old garden furniture). The quality is called “typical Einhell ” and “for the price” most don’t want to complain.

The Einhell GE-EC 2240 37.5 cm (104 reviews, 4.1 star) electric chainsaw is also available in 5 cm longer. 4.1 stars were also achieved here. Again, most buyers are satisfied and there are a number of minor shortcomings or suggestions for improvement that are mentioned or one or the other model that has been claimed. The guarantee is 2 years.

Electric chainsaw Bosch AKE 35 S 35 cm (92 reviews, 3.7 stars): 23 of the 92 reviews are negative. Here, Bosch buyers would have expected more, even if the chainsaw had a low price. Some of them went prematurely defective or generally complain about the quality and volume. Many are also fully satisfied with the positive reviews and are able to manage all of their projects well.


From motor to today’s chainsaw …

 … passed some time. And before that was the ax, the first tool of mankind, which has the oldest tradition in forest work . It remained the most important tool for felling trees.

Until the saw came … of course without a motor! Chainsaws started in the 1920s. Motorized saws were a blessing for the forest workers. The development from the ax to the saw meant a similar increase in productivity in woodworking as the development to motorized saws.

Around the year 1500, the versatile Leonardo da Vinci also invented the saw. His sketches of the first saw teeth , which should work both pulling and pushing, are still undisputed among experts today. The pulling mode of operation (in the Asia area) and the pushing of the saw teeth in Europe are still practiced today.

The development of a usable chainsaw continued until the 1920s . Development progressed gradually:

  • 1926 the first electric chain saw from the Stihl company
  • 1927 the first petrol chainsaw from Dolmar (source: Dolmar)
  • 1950 there is the first one-man chain saw – still quite heavy (approx. 12 kg – today approx. 5 kg)
  • 1964 the anti-vibration system is invented
  • 1972 a chain brake for greater safety
  • 1982 even safer: Quickstop (automatic chain brake)
  • 1989 very important: a catalyst
  • 1991 a great relief: the automatic start.

As indescribably useful as the invention of the chainsaw was: there was no lack of critical voices for a variety of reasons! In the beginning, unwieldiness, strong susceptibility to faults and extremely high physical exertion were criticized. The noise level was extreme and the risk of accidents extremely high. However, progress was unstoppable and development continued at an extremely rapid pace.

Now the success of the chainsaw is …

… indispensable and no longer so controversial, although it naturally reduces (redundant!) Labor. It didn’t just start with the two-man saw. Today someone works alone – but not without putting on personal protective equipment beforehand . You are solely responsible for how you do it in your own garden. Employed forest workers are, however, obliged to do so

  • Cut protection pants,
  • the protective helmet with visor
  • as well as hearing protection and
  • Wear safety shoes with a cut protection insert.

Now to work …

… and before starting the same, the saw chain must be tensioned correctly. Then apply the chain brake and hold the chain saw by the rear handle and clamp it well between the knee or thigh .

The left hand holds the grip tube and the starter rope is pulled with the right hand. The electric chainsaw must always be operated with both hands when working. The left hand grips the front handle, which is closer to the saw rail. Chainsaws are always designed for right-handers . Each cut requires the chain brake to be applied.

Only then change the position to the next cut. Then we put the sword on the trunk, pull the brake lever to the left with the handlebar and then release the chain brakes . The working height must always be maintained, even with small and smallest chain saws. Caution is advised: the electric chain saw must always be operated in such a way that unintentional contact is avoided .

Never stand with your head, body and legs in the rear area of the saw chain . Although electric chainsaws are still a big hit, with a petrol chainsaw you are somewhat freer and not dependent on any cables . A cordless chain device must be recharged again and again – recommended for the smaller processing area.

Electric chainsaw test

The following was checked in an external test for all five electric chainsaws:

  • the delivery (including the length of the delivery time) and the packaging (and its security).
  • The appearance, the design and the texture have been carefully examined.
  • Data and facts such as weight, engine power, volume, etc. were important for the evaluation.
  • Comfort and handling of all electric chainsaws have been carefully checked – operation and adjustability were important criteria.
  • Special attention was paid to cleaning and care  – they shouldn’t do more work than necessary!
  • How many accessories are included –
  • and how long is the guarantee ?

The scope of service of the manufacturer was also important and of course – very important: the prices were compared !

Manufacturer of electric chainsaws …

… there are many – and many good ones!

  • Dolmar

The traditional company was founded in 1927 after the invention of the world’s first gasoline-powered chainsaw. Since then it has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motor equipment.

If you decide on such a device – perhaps also based on an electric chain saw test – you may want to pay attention to the following: The cheapest model is often the most expensive!

The best thing to do is buy an electric chainsaw from a brand manufacturer – for a good average price you can get a pretty high-quality device . The wattage is a decisive factor, but the length of the saw blade must also be considered. Good advice is worth something!

A positive aspect for the purchase of an electric chainsaw on the Internet is the price – if you have sufficiently informed yourself beforehand and the delivery time and payment methods are correct!

  • Einhell
  • Einhell – well done! – is the motto of Einhell Germany AG. It is simply known for extremely good garden tools – of course also for chainsaws – and is divided into two business areas such as tools, gardening and leisure.
  • Gardena
  • An Ulm company that was founded in 1961 and is a subsidiary of the Swedish Husqvarna group. After the original GARDENA System, which had become very successful in 1968, the company climbed steeply on the ladder of success. Chainsaws are of course also part of the program.
  • Makita
  • A global company from Japan with its own sales office in Germany. 500 machines and the appropriate accessories from the petrol, electrical and battery range are sold through specialist dealers.
  • Tonino Lamborghini
  • The Lamborghini label not only stands for watches and perfume, but also for high-quality garden tools … just like the chainsaw that we tested.




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