(2021 Reviews) TOP 7 Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal

The demolition hammer is widely used on construction sites and for renovations. The specific model should be purchased that must be chosen based on the frequency and type of use for which it is intended. In the guide, you will find more information about it as well as reviews on the most popular products of the best demolition hammer for tile removal.

These are listed in order of importance and according to a criterion that takes into account not only their performance, but also factors such as the intended use, the price, and the quality level of the product. The Makita HM0870C 11-Pound Demolition Hammer SDS-Max  is in the first place which offers balanced performance that suitable for both hobby and professional users. In contrast,  we find the Bosch Professional GSH 3 E SDS-Max at the  second place that is suitable especially for non-renovation works too demanding.

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Top 7 Best Hammer Drill For Tile Removal ( 2020 Ranking )

We are ranking  the 7 best demolition hammer for tile removal of 2020 that is sorted based on by popularity and  data related to their market success. Obviously , there are the specimens for hobby and mixed-use.

The opinions of the buyers are almost unanimous and among the best demolition hammer for tile removal of 2020  , the Makita HM0870C deserves the fist place because of its peculiar characteristics and for the excellent quality-price ratio. 

This electric tile removal tool stands out for the AVT system, which is capable of reducing the vibrations to the point that makes it seem almost inefficient as soon as you sink the point into a concrete wall or a stone pavement. You can immediately realize the incredible level of performance of the tool.

The further advantages are represented by a power higher than that of other similar but more expensive models. The electronic speed regulation system on twelve different levels and by the compatibility with the tips equipped with SDS-Max shank is the professional standard. 


  • Powerful:

With its 8.1 Joules per stroke, the Makita demolition hammer is one of the most powerful in its category; the motor absorbs 1,110 watts and generates an adjustable speed from 1,100 to 2,650 strokes per minute.

  • AVT system:

The vibrations produced are almost zero, both in the work and non-work phases; this is made possible by the AVT and Soft No-Load systems, both integrated in the power tool to reduce operator fatigue as much as possible.

  • SDS-Max:

Compatibility with the tips equipped with the SDS-Max attachment makes it ideal for intensive professional use as well as for amateur and hobby use.


  • No accessories:

The tips must be purchased separately, unfortunately, as the package includes only the hammer and its case.

The Bosch Professional GSH 3 E demolition hammer is one of the best-selling models in the hobby and semi-professional category.  In comparison to the Makita examined previously,  it is decidedly lighter and characterized by less power in terms of the lower class SDS-Plus attack.

The GSH 3 E weighs about 3.5 kilos and it takes a power per stroke of only 2.6 Joules.  The 650 Watt motor is capable of generating a maximum speed of 3,500 strokes per minute. The performance offered by the tool is modest and makes it suitable especially for restoration and renovation works . It can be used for removing tiles, plaster, mortar, and glue layers, as well as for setting bare steel rods in reinforced concrete.

The only limitation is given by the non-adjustable speed. You can only “start” gradually by dosing the pressure on the start button of this rotary hammer tile removal



  • Reliable:

Being a tool produced for the Professional line of the Bosch company, it is resistant and dependable; it can be safely used intensively, even if only for partial demolitions.

  • Vibration Control:

Like the higher power demolition hammers, the GSH 3 E also has an efficient system that reduces vibrations, and consequently, operator fatigue.

  • Complete with bits:

The further advantage is given by the presence of two bits in the accessories, a 250 mm pointed chisel, and a 260 mm trowel spatula.


  • Low performance:

As the SDS-Plus attachment also suggests, the Bosch demolition hammer is efficient but not suitable for professional jobs that require massive demolitions.

Do you want to know where to buy a new light aad  mighty demolition hammer explicitly designed for intensive and continuous professional use? Then take a look at the Hitachi H90SG 70-Pound Demolition Hammer that is  produced by the well-known Japanese company.

The Hitachi demolition hammer has an extremely compact design and a lower weight than the Makita examined previously. The engine also absorbs less power of only 930 watts that is capable of generating a force of 10 Joules per single stroke. It is equipped with SDS-Max attachment and also, it has the Vario-Lock system that allows you to change the orientation of the tip so as not to be forced to rotate the whole tool in case of need.

It is suitable for intensive demolitions,  external cladding , insertion of poles, and the creation of grooves. Still, it is recommended to wear earmuffs during prolonged use of your bathroom tile removal tool.


  • Powerful:

With its 10 Joules per stroke, it can pull down a reinforced concrete wall with maximum ease, and with a much lower power absorption than hammers belonging to the same category but produced by other companies.

  • Vario-Lock:

The chisel can be adjusted in twelve different positions so that the operator does not have to be forced to take strange and uncomfortable situations while working, as is the case with other demolition hammers.

  • Complete with accessories:

Apart from the hammer, the case includes a briefcase, a comfortable side handle that can be positioned on the right or left as needed, and a chisel.


  • Noise:

The noise is quite high, so it is advisable to wear headphones while using it, especially if you have to use it continuously.

Rank #4: Milwaukee 5337-21 Demolition Hammer

The main advantage of the German company’s power tools lies above all in their low prices . For this reason , it is sold online and characterized by the broadest market demand among the best rotary hammer for tile removal.

The Milwaukee  demolition hammer is no exception apart from the advantageous price. Its another strengths is characterized by the power of 1,500 watts and a force that reaches 32 Joules per stroke.

Therefore, the tool is equipped with the SDS-Max attachment so that you can mount the tips and chisels intended for intensive professional use.



  • Economical:

The price of the Einhell demolition hammer is the best you can find, taking into account the power category of the tool; therefore, it is excellent for those who cannot afford to spend large amounts.

  • Powerful:

With 32 Joules of strength for every single shot, it is the most potent hammer among all those we have examined in our guide; potentially, it is also suitable for the most intense jobs, as long as you grind it and use top quality tips.

  • SDS-Max:

Even if the Milwaukee demolition hammer is of a semi-professional category, thanks to the SDS-Max attachment, it can also perform demanding jobs in the professional field, albeit in a non-intensive way.


  • Attachment for tips and materials:

The enclosure for the tips makes fun, and the latter oscillate during use; some parts are also made with inferior materials that are easy to break.

The main feature of the DeWalt demolition hammer which differentiates it from the other specimens examined  is that it is a combined 2 in 1 model. It is equipped with a rotary function that allows it also to perform masonry and concrete perforations.

The DeWalt demolition hammer has the force of 6.1 Joules for every single shot. It is also available in three other versions, respectively 8, 13.3 and 19.4 Joules depending on the needs of the case.  In the rotary mode, it allows to make holes with a diameter varying from 12 to 40 millimeters at most using the drills, and up to 100 millimeters if crowns are used.

It is also well cared for as regards ergonomics, and  it is equipped with the second handle which can be oriented in any position that is suitable for wall tile removal tool.

The compact dimensions also allow it to be used easily even in small spaces.


  • 2 in 1:

In addition to the swinging movement, the DeWalt hammer also has the rotation that allows it to perforate the hardest materials, such as masonry, rock, and reinforced concrete. But the drilling diameter with the drills is limited to 40 millimeters.

  • Compact and ergonomic:

The compact dimensions make it ideal for working in tight spaces; moreover, it is equipped with the second adjustable handle. Therefore it offers a high comfort of use.

  • Reliable:

The DeWalt company is particularly appreciated for its reliability and high production standards, and its tools are widely used both in the hobby and professional fields.


  • Cost:

The price places it in the medium-high range, so if you are looking for a cheap demolition hammer, it is better to focus on a model from another brand.

Rank #6: Makita HM1214CX 27-Pound AVT Demolition Hammer

The Makita HM1214CX 27-Pound AVT Demolition Hammer is the cheapest model among all those we have examined in our guide.  The demolition Hammer produced by the Japanese company Makita .

Its performance is highly respectable and  it has a power of 1,300 watts and a force of 15 Joules for every single shot. It can face even the most demanding demolitions. Some will be rightly wondering that this hammer is so mighty and powerful at cheap price ? The arcane can be immediately revealed.

The Makita demolition hammer is placed in the same band  occupied by the Makita hammer. The typical limitations of this  low-cost product are given primarily by the poor quality of the materials .

In the specific case, there is the absence of the anti-vibration system which negatively affects the case of prolonged use of the tile removal hammer .



  • Economic:

Also, in this case, the advantage of the low cost must be reported, which makes it particularly suitable for those who have occasional use needs and prefer to spend as little as possible.

  • SDS-Max:

The attachment makes it extremely versatile as regards the type of tips that it can mount, also including professional ones.

  • Powerful:

Even from power, it’s no joke: a 1,300 Watt motor capable of generating a force of 15 Joules allows it to demolish even the hardest materials.


  • No anti-vibration:

Unfortunately, the system to dampen the vibrations of the blows is missing, so it is strongly discouraged for intensive, unusually prolonged use.

Rank #7: Milwaukee 5446-21 SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

We conclude our list with the Milwaukee Kango 540S which is the model that has the best features. The Milwaukee demolition hammer apart from being produced by a brand  say the least prestigious in the power tools sector. It is an extremely well-made tool of high quality  as regards the manufacturing materials , the assembly and performance.

It is a combined model capable of both demolishing and drilling. It has the SDS-Max attachment with the Vario-Lock system, the safety clutch, and the anti-vibration system.The gearbox is also made of magnesium alloy and can disperse the heat optimally and therefore withstand prolonged efforts.

The Milwaukee Kango is the best demolition hammer rental among those examined.  Simply,  it is costly and  intended exclusively for professionals.


  • Professional:

The Milwaukee demolition hammer is a tool designed especially for intensive professional use; its characteristics, as well as the performance of the rest, are nothing short of excellent.

  • Combined:

You can use it both for demolishing and for drilling holes in masonry, concrete, and rock, with extreme ease and also for prolonged times, without fear of straining the tool too much.

  • SDS-Max with Vario-Lock:

The perfect combination for the professional: the SDS-Max drill attachment and the Vario-Lock system that allows you to orientate the tips without having to move the whole hammer.


  • Cost:

The price is high, but it could not be otherwise given the quality and the primary intended use of this power tool.


Drills for demolition hammer

The set of bits for demolition hammer is  produced by the German company Mannesmann and is an accessory intended primarily for hobbyists. It consists of 13 different elements for demolishing and drilling

The tips are made of chrome vanadium steel since they are cheap accessories .they are not made for intensive use.

They are especially recommended for small renovations that require the removal of coatings and flooring, and occasional.

How to choose the best demolition hammer for tile removal

Attention to health risks

Before deciding which demolition hammer to buy, it is essential to remember that unlike other power tools, it is a particularly risky tool that exposes the operator to various problems caused by high vibrations and the noise produced.

This premise is especially crucial for inexperienced users. They do not have a real knowledge of this powerful tool and could be caught unprepared by using it without the necessary precautions.

Before understanding how to choose a good demolition hammer that suits your needs, therefore, be sure to prepare yourself adequately by also purchasing a pair of ear defenders, protective goggles, and sufficiently padded work gloves.

The health risks that are run using the demolition hammer are not to be underestimated, especially in anticipation of prolonged use.

SDS-Plus and SDS-Max

Unlike pneumatic hammers,the  demolition hammers use drills with a smaller diameter and therefore are characterized by a specific attachment. This is divided into two types which vary according to the intended use. The  is called SDS, while the two variants are called Plus and Max.

Another essential requirement is power which is expressed in Joules. The greater the number and the higher the force of the blow obviously. The efficiency of the hammer in breaking materials of high hardness such as reinforced concrete and rock. To determine the intended use, the type of tool is more important than the power.

The rule according to which the SDS-Plus and Max connections are respectively mounted on medium and high power hammers. It is not always valid. On the market, you can find demolition hammers with SDS-Plus connection which have a higher power than some models with SDS-Max respect.

Some professional demolition hammers with SDS-Max connection are specially designed with small dimensions and power to adapt to work in tight spaces.This particular type is required  when renovations are to be carried out in small rooms where the application of too high a power is not recommended.

Antivibration system and accessories

Another factor that distinguishes the various models on the market is the supply of accessories. Usually,  the economic range demolition hammers are recognized by offering also one or more drills supplied.

The latter are almost always of mediocre quality and break more or less quickly depending on the intensity of use. The Professional demolition hammers on the other hand are generally sold without tips.

If you intend to buy a demolition hammer only for a contingent use, then you can also opt for an economic model and save something. But , if you plan to use it frequently even if for jobs that are not too demanding, it is better to choose a professional tool anyway.

Furthermore, be very careful to check that the model chosen is equipped with the anti-vibration system. The tool could be complicated to manage as well as causing severe problems for the operator.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the demolition hammer ?

The demolition hammer is a compact and much more manageable variant of the pneumatic hammer, and how the latter is used for demolition. Unlike the big brother with pneumatic action, however, it is driven by an electric motor, and is equipped with an attachment that allows you to replace the type of tips; consequently, only by changing the tip type, it is possible to use it for the removal of different kinds of materials.

This tool is mainly used in renovations to remove tile coverings, for example, old terracotta floors or to remove concrete screeds, to demolish rocks, or to strip steel rods in the pillars and the reinforced concrete walls.

Its use is required above all in the field of construction and public works. It is used both professionally and at an artisan and domestic level, but always by those who have some experience with this type of tool.

Unlike other power tools, the demolition hammer requires absolute mastery and physical strength; besides, adequate protection must be used, in particular earmuffs and thick work gloves, to avoid health risks.

How does a demolition hammer work?

As we mentioned earlier, unlike the pneumatic hammer, which works thanks to the pressure of the air pumped by a compressor, and the hydraulic hammer which is mounted instead on individual tracked machines, the demolition hammer is driven by an electric motor whose power varies according to the category of the tool, but which is rarely less than 900 watts.

The engine has the purpose of converting electrical energy into a demolition force, expressed in Joules; the higher this number, the greater the braking power of the hammer. Furthermore, the motor is not connected directly to the tip of the chisel, but a plunger; the latter, in turn, strikes on the base of the tip mounted on the hammer, transmitting to it the force of the blow.

The tip is mounted at the end of the hammer with a specialized attachment, specially designed to resist the intensity of the blows; the attachment also has a spring that allows the tip to return after receiving the blow from the plunger.

Given its nature, therefore, the demolition hammer is an electric tool that generates a considerable emission of noise and produces high vibrations; consequently, its use, especially if prolonged, can cause more or less serious problems both in hearing and in the joints and the circulatory system of the upper limbs, shoulders, and hands.

Most of the models on the market are equipped with individual damping systems designed to reduce vibrations and decrease the health risks of the operator; not all demolition hammers integrate the anti-vibration system, however, and it is not uncommon to come across extremely inexpensive models that do not have them.

How to dismantle a demolition hammer

As you can easily guess, there is no single guide for the universal disassembly of the demolition hammers. Despite being power tools made up of standard components, each model has its specific structural architecture. For example, the “standard” elements, such as the motor and the gearbox with the gears, have a similar structure but can be placed in different positions depending on the model and the manufacturer.

The same applies to the vibration system, which in some models is present while in others it is not, or is even replaced by a device of a different nature; also the attachment of the tips is not the same for all models since some mount the hobby type SDS-Plus while others are equipped with the professional attachment SDS-Max.

For the disassembly of a demolition hammer, therefore, it is always necessary to refer to the specific documentation of the model owned; in the attached manual, there is a particular section with diagrams and step-by-step instructions relating to disassembly and the order in which it must be performed.

If the documentation is missing, however, it is always possible to search the internet or consult the support section on the manufacturer’s website, where it is usually possible to find the manuals and documentation of each model and download them in PDF format.

How to grease a demolition hammer

The greasing of the demolition hammer is a fundamental operation to guarantee the correct functioning of the tool and to assure a long life; the driving dynamics of this particular power tool subjects it to a structural stress higher than usual.

To prevent the gears from premature wear, especially those of the transmission, and to avoid the risk that the bit may get stuck during use, it is useful to grease with a variable frequency depending on the application, or at intervals of about 6-10 hours in case of prolonged use.

Remember to use specific lubricants for demolition hammers, or in any case creamy and non-oily based products; the lubricant must be applied both on the shank of the bit, before inserting it into the attachment, and in the special housing located above or below the main body of the hammer, depending on the model.

All You Should Know About The Demolition Hammer

With the demolition hammer, walls and floors can be torn down much more quickly. In our LIST , the best hammer and ratings for performance, number of strokes, cable length, and much more are presented by our team after reading numerous tests on the Internet.

What is a demolition hammer?

A demolition hammer is a tool that is suitable for breaking up hard materials such as asphalt or concrete. A demolition hammer is often referred to as a chisel hammer or jackhammer. Another location is construction sites where small street areas are opened. The demolition hammer is operated either with electricity or with compressed air, from which it derives its power relates. The device itself has a tool holder, using hexagon tools. Either flat chisels or, for example, a pointed chisel can be inserted into this device.

How does a demolition hammer work?

 The demolition hammer works very quickly. It is connected to the mains or the compressed air. If chiseling is used, the device can be switched on so that it takes over the demolition work that would otherwise be tediously carried out manually using a  hammer and chisel. The demolition hammer is at floor work, always set vertically so that the chisel directly hits the ground. If the wall is to be demolished, it makes sense to use the demolition hammer to hold horizontally or diagonally towards the wall. The deadweight is very high, which plays an essential role in use so that more pressure can be built up.

 The disadvantage, however, is that due to the high weight and the fact that the center of gravity is very high, a lot of force has to be applied to hold the device. A demolition hammer has, depending on the size and design, a weight of 15 to 30kg. It is also advantageous that it is usually connected to a power supply, making it a popular DIY tool. Does the demolition hammer work with compressed air, it is often referred to as a jackhammer. These devices are usually louder and ensure that suitable safety equipment is required. But even with devices that yourself use a hearing protection essential accessories.

With a drilling machine, it can be seen that the drill rotates and can move into the wall or the floor as a result of this movement. The situation looks somewhat different from a demolition hammer. He strikes so that the material to be processed is worn down. The hammer mechanism has the task of transmitting the energy to the chisel. The chisel, in turn, transfers the energy further, causing it to wear down the material is coming.

The demolition hammer can be used with a pointed chisel. A point chisel is used for crushing and the severing of masonry or brick used. If the demolition hammer is used with a flat chisel, tiles or plaster can be broken off the walls. Another form of attachments is a rivet chisel, which is used to make screws and nails can be separated. There is also a sheet metal cutting chisel that can cut body parts and sheets in a jiffy.

Advantages and application areas of a demolition hammer

The demolition hammer is always used when it comes to demolition work. As soon as walls, walls, or a solid floor like a concrete floor are to be broken up, a demolition hammer is a useful device. Instead of working manually with a hammer and chisel, the demolition hammer does this work automatically and drills itself into the material so that it is crushed. But the removal of tiles the device can be used. The demolition work is carried out without enormous effort so that the work can be carried out faster and more effectively. The first one came Demolition Hammer in the 60s of the last century used and was mainly for road works used. It is often perceived as very loud.

What types of demolition hammer are there?

There are several options. The devices are available from a weight of 12 to 15 kg and can be used for a wide variety of demolition work. The demolition hammer can also be used for horizontal work. First of all, a distinction is made between the type of drive, which can be electricity or compressed air. There are also different systems that we will take a closer look at.

  • Hydraulic hammer
  • Rotary hammer
  • Demolition hammer with compressed air
  • Electric demolition hammer

The hydraulic hammer is always used when the surface is very hard. Concrete or hard rock is crushed with the hydraulic hammer in a short time. Mainly in quarries are hydraulic hammer before, the quick and easy demolition work can make. There are for the handyman smaller models, which the demolition of foundations, buildings, or masonry on. Homeowners can, for example, work the concrete path in the garden with a hydraulic hammer that can be quickly pried open by the device. It makes sense to attach the hydraulic hammer to another carrier device. In the quarry, it is increasingly seen that the demolition hammer has been attached to an excavator to ensure easy transport and efficient work.

This is how the demolition hammer was tested.

 We selected some models from various tests for our comparison series, so that you get a good insight into the product range. When we introduced it, we naturally looked at the price conditions. Because a demolition hammer is part of a tool, although the purchase price is not exactly reasonable, so, the prices with field tests and recommend the demolition hammer in the network to buy. We found the models there again at a lower price than in a specialist store. What seems essential when ordering online is also the fast delivery and packaging of the device – another criterion for comparison. Finally, one would like to the requested device soon use so that transport damage to loss of time could result. So the point where we evaluated delivery and packaging was as important to us as any other factor from a  test.

After the first point was able to conclude, it was essential for us to inform you of how easy the machine in operation is to be taken. The length of the power cable and how easy a chisel can be inserted into the device is also crucial in the practical test. With our comparison test winner, for example, we found that it was straightforward to use. We also paid attention to how loud the work with the demolition hammer would be.

Demolition hammers have the disadvantage that the devices have a high volume.

You will also find this point in the comparison table so that you can see, at a glance, the loudest and the quietest device from a practical test.

In the practical test, Abbruchhammer thoroughly was tested. A  demolition hammer test 2020 shows precisely what work can be done with the device. Of course, different materials were used in the analysis that the demolition hammer had to process. All models had the same requirements so that a fair comparison could be made.

When we had worked through all points of the test 2020, we were able to draw up a conclusion at the end. For each model, you will get at the end of the product report nor an outcome, so that it can identify for which work of demolition hammer for use may occur. Due to the different models, it may be that the comparison winner in 2020 for your purposes is not suitable – although the model in practical tests excellent services could achieve. For this reason, you can see from the conclusion of whether the device is ideal for you.

What should I look for when buying a demolition hammer?

With a demolition hammer, the chisel is an accessory without which the device cannot perform its work. If you use an inferior tool, the chisel may break or not be able to work adequately into the masonry. Also, the chisel may dull faster due to the material. If you use high-quality chisels, these can later be brought back into shape by forging. Therefore, you should consider buying high-quality oneway attention to the chisel, which is ultimately responsible for the quality of the demolition work. The chisel must, of course, also be compatible with the device so that the two components work together optimally. It is also crucial that high-quality equipment is purchased. The demolition hammer is available in different strengths, which can be seen as a Joule number either on the device itself or on a leaflet. It is also essential to pay attention to other factors.

So before you buy a demolition hammer, it is essential that you also look at the accessories that you will work with in the future. But even about the device itself, some considerations are necessary. The most important question can be seen in what the demolition hammer should be used for. Use the demolition hammer of frequently or want to buy it only for a job – perhaps that’s the rent of the demolition hammer more appropriate? Whether you rent or buy a demolition hammer, we will discuss it in more detail later.

Before the demolition hammer is purchased, you should use the data and facts accurately compare. Because with a demolition hammer, starch is a primary component. The weight plays an important role. Not only is the dead weight in the foreground for the demolition work, but there is also an effort that has to be mastered. If the device is too heavy, you can only work with it for a few minutes. Is the model too easy, you may not be able to do the work you want with it? You should also set a limit on the price. There are cheap, the middle class, and even more expensive devices. Therefore set yourself a deadline so that the purchase is within the available budget.

The construction should be double-walled. Because of the enormous load, substantial construction is necessary so that the device does not show cracks or damage after one use. Also, blows should not be transmitted to the human body, which a double-walled case tries to prevent. Besides, the volume is elementary. Make sure that the volume level of 110 decibels does not exceed. At this volume, the use of hearing protection enormously important, so that you should also buy the right accessories when purchasing them. Accessories such as grease and replacement carbon are required for the device itself. Make sure to compare the prices, as these accessories are parts that have to be continuously bought.

Power consumption of a demolition hammer

The right tool naturally plays a particularly important role when working in your own four walls, during significant renovations or construction. Because only with this, you have the opportunity to make excellent progress and to progress quickly with the work. In addition to the classic hammer, a screwdriver, and other small tools, which almost every handyman has in their tool case, heavy equipment and modern appliances with practical technology are always used, especially for larger projects. An excellent example of such a device, which you may have already held in your hands and used in your own home, is the demolition hammer.

Where and for what purpose a so-called demolition hammer is used is explained by the generic name. First and foremost, this is a large and bulky tool with which you can do significant and substantial work with little effort. The demolition hammer is used today both in private and, of course, in the professional area, because it is suitable for a variety of practical and essential tasks that need to be carried out during construction and renovation.

In principle, a demolition hammer is anything but cheap; this applies especially to the excellent and well-known brands if you want to buy a corresponding demolition hammer here. Accordingly, many users consider carefully whether such a stick or such a tool is worthwhile for the actual and essential work. Because with prices of several hundred euros, these are simply not a worthwhile investment for many people, and many people then really think twice about this purchase. But this problem doesn’t have to be because there is an entirely different and easy way, thanks to which you can get the performance and practical functions of a demolition hammer can use and enjoy. A demolition hammer is only worthwhile for purchase if it is used more than once, for example, in a professional environment.

The situation is different in the private sector if the hammer is only used for a one-off project. Here, the purchase is anything but worthwhile, and you should then consider carefully whether you are buying a demolition hammer in such a situation. If you already know in advance that you only want or need to use the new demolition hammer once, then you have a completely different variant here. Because here you can rent the new and practical demolition hammer directly and thus prevent the unnecessary purchase with the high costs. When renting an appropriate demolition hammer. You can enjoy the outstanding technology of the well-known brands, and you can still use the hammer according to your requirements and wishes.

But in addition to the one-off costs, whether for rent or the purchase, some users also think a lot about the running costs. Because, of course, these are also not to be neglected, this is especially the case if you want to use the new hammer regularly and also for a more extended period. This mainly relates to electricity consumption. Even if the modern tool and the practical machines and devices have got better and better in the past years, there are still some users who are concerned about the consumption of electricity when using one or the other. So that you do not have to worry about this more or less critical point in the future, we would like to offer you a suitable answer below.

Already the demolition hammer test shows very clearly that it is unfortunately not particularly easy to answer this question. After all, the differences, in general, could hardly be more significant than is the case today. On the market, you will find a variety of practical and high-quality models and variants, which also show in the demolition hammer test that there are many differences. This not only refers to the equipment or the performance but also to power consumption.

As a user, you can find general information on power consumption not only in the practical demolition hammer test, but you can also search here yourself. Among other things, a critical point is a maximum performance that the demolition hammer can achieve in regular use. Most manufacturers and suppliers give this power directly in watts; many manufacturers even present this vital information very presently, so that you can grasp it straight at first glance. Of course, the power consumption increases with the maximum power. The higher the output, the higher the power consumption during operation.

In the demolition hammer test, the different models show that it is not only the general performance that is important but also the efficient use of the performance and the technology used. Because it is like a vacuum cleaner, there are also apparent differences here, and the maximum performance does not alone say whether the corresponding demolition hammer is the right choice. For example, in the demolition hammer test, there are good models with comparatively little performance, as well as models and variants from manufacturers that offer a lot of performance at first glance, but are no longer particularly convincing in everyday life.

With some models, you can also influence the power consumption if this should be important to you. After all, there is the demolition hammer on the market with different levels, which you can set and manage yourself as a user. With some variants, this can be done quickly and easily with a solid twist grip, with just a few hand movements and little time being sufficient. At the same time, these models are from the demolition hammer are also very suitable for beginners and beginners, if you only want to approach the area using appropriate technology. At the same time, this simple and quick adjustment of the power and by setting the desired level, as already mentioned, also allows you to influence the power consumption. Because of course, it applies that the waste is significantly lower if the correspondingly low level is used for working with the demolition hammer. Of course, it is often not necessary for the demolition hammer to work at full capacity. Here you have the direct opportunity to save money through low power consumption.

By the way: If you are not quite sure with one of the models on the market how it looks in the end with the power consumption, this is usually not a problem either. In this case, you then have the opportunity to obtain the appropriate information directly from the manufacturer. A short search on the Internet may be enough to get information about power consumption quickly. Alternatively, you can also contact the manufacturer directly and personally if you cannot find the one you want here.

Who needs a demolition hammer?

Even if many people have heard of a demolition hammer, perhaps very few people can imagine something under it. So that this changes in the future, we would now like to introduce you to some essential and practical information about the demolition hammer.

Because, of course, more and more people are deciding to design essential and more significant works within their own four walls. This is not only because this gives you as a handyman the opportunity to save money, but at the same time, it is merely fun for many people. For a long time now, the work that has been carried out does explicitly not only extend to hanging pictures or painting walls. People work more diverse than ever before, and this also extends to correct structural measures, such as those required for renovation work. There are, for example, real estate and areas where a complete wall has to be removed. Also, when replacing the tiles or other correspondingly tricky tasks, the use of a demolition hammer a perfect choice. Because with such, you can accomplish these challenging tasks and work within a short time.

At the same time, a new and practical demolition hammer also offers the opportunity to use it as a beginner and to use it. Because the hammers are very easy to use, with a little practice, this is possible. Even if many people have not yet used such a tool within their own four walls, you should probably think about such a demolition hammer, because it is extremely practical. This clear impression is also conveyed by the numerous fashion styles and variants on the market in the demolition hammer test. Because here the hammers convince with excellent performance, practical functionality, as well as the fact that these can be used very well to drive work quickly and effectively within your own four walls.

Given the numerous advantages, it is, of course, no wonder that the areas of application are correspondingly large and varied. This also applies to the target group of users who decide to use a demolition hammer for their work. Because while a few years ago, it was the case that the demolition hammer was mainly used in the professional field, it looks very different today. Because the demolition hammer is no longer only used by companies that are used in construction or renovations.

In the private sector too, more and more people and more and more users are choosing to use a demolition hammer, thanks to which the work can be done particularly quickly, easily, and efficiently. The fact that not even the purchase of the corresponding models is essential for an application is convenient. Because, as already mentioned, there are other options and ideas for quickly and easily using one of the new demolition hammers for working in your own four walls. Rental service and other options are freely available here. Of course, this point certainly also makes a not insignificant contribution to the fact that more and more people are joining together. Take a closer look at the demolition hammer and then be wholly convinced of the performance and the possibilities in use.

Because of the high cost of the first purchase, it is the case that many, especially private users, are reluctant to use such a model. On the one hand, this is, of course, entirely understandable, but unfortunately suitable and, above all, reasonable alternatives to this tool are anything but rare. So that you do not have to do without the performance and functionality without completely losing sight of the costs, the short rental for the desired period of use is a much better alternative. This will save you money, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance or the numerous models before using them for the first time and compare variants on the market. The work could hardly be more comfortable and faster.

To answer the question of who needs a so-called demolition hammer, one should also look at the work that such a tool can do and which functionality plays a vital role in a corresponding model. Because this information can then be used to determine relatively quickly who the demolition hammer is ultimately suitable for. Above all, the demolition hammer is ideal for heavy demolition work. This is the case, for example, when a wall has to be torn down completely.

Difficult also for removing materials such as tiles or stone is a modern and useful Abbruchhammer very suitable, including those functions that fulfilled this name not only in the demolition hammer test entirely without problems. Both private and commercial users and users today increasingly opt for such a demolition hammer and then use it with more or less enthusiasm for the tasks involved. So, in the end, it can be said that a new and practical demolition hammer is always very suitable when heavy work with the corresponding duration is in your own four walls.

Both private users and professionals are therefore encouraged to use such a demolition hammer for more performance and best results at work, thereby making use of modern technology in everyday life.

What safety precautions need to be taken when working with a demolition hammer?

When using a demolition hammer, you should always keep in mind that this is an important tool with the appropriate performance. There are also some dangers to be feared here, which should always be avoided if possible. Because bad injuries should of course still be avoided with every application, if this is somehow possible, so that you, as in the demolition hammer test, do not have to fear any danger during the form and injuries cannot occur at all, we will now show you the best tips and tricks below, thanks to which the demolition hammer can be used particularly safely, but also quickly and at the same time can be done effectively.

You should take a particularly important step before using it for the first time so that you can use the new demolition hammer safely and effectively. This point, of course, concerns an introduction or a first familiarization, which is very important, especially with this large and heavy tool with high performance. In general, this step and this vital aspect naturally apply to every tool that is used when working in your own four walls.

However, the demolition hammer is a variant or a tool that is very rare and, accordingly, should not necessarily be known.

To ensure safe handling and to prevent injuries from occurring during use, you should, among other things, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s tips and regulations correctly. With extensive instructions and the appropriate suggestions, the manufacturers and brands provide you with precise information. These are available with every demolition hammer from every price segment and can be found here. And if you are ever unsure about the application and handling, you can, of course, also get information in other ways. Among other things, the demolition hammer test here has shown that mostly a short search for the corresponding model is already done enough on the Internet. Alternatively, you are welcome to get the desired facts and information directly from the manufacturer, especially the big and well-known brands from this area offer you as customer and user an outstanding customer service, which is available to you around the clock and also from them Problems like to help quickly.

When demolishing or doing significant work in your own four walls, but of course also in the professional field, there can always be high loads from dirt, dust, and the like. This also applies to the demolition hammer, as the demolition hammer test repeatedly shows very clearly. And as a user, you should protect yourself against these stresses and similar problems so that problems and injuries cannot occur. The appropriate protective clothing, therefore, plays a crucial role and should by no means be missing when using the demolition hammer. A mouthguard is just as important here as a dress or appropriate protective clothing. However, the critical gloves that play an essential role when using and working with the demolition hammer should never be missing.

Equally important, especially when working with stone and other heavy elements, are work shoes that offer excellent protection against injuries and other accidents. The advantage of these simple rules is the simple application because, after all, these tools can be used without any problems. Even if you are not familiar with these areas and have never used and used the appropriate protective clothing, this is not a problem either.

Most of the tools for protection when using the demolition hammer are not only available from specialist retailers or DIY stores on-site, but can also be ordered quickly and easily via the Internet. The numerous and significant online shops offer you an extensive selection, and at the same time, very low prices, so you can then access them with pleasure.

And of course, as a user of the demolition hammer, you can always do something to ensure that it can be used safely without any problems. Because like with most other tools and the issues that arise with them, a personal error is usually the reason why injuries, accidents, and, of course, problems can occur. For you, this also means that you typically have the power to avoid and directly prevent accidents and problems. For this reason, you should always work with the necessary concentration and the demolition hammer. Always use it only if you feel personally able to do it yourself. For example, if you feel sick or weak in the morning, this can, in turn, lead to problems and is also at very high risk with every application and when handling your demolition hammer.

In such a case, you should, of course, also hear yourself and your body and refrain from using it if possible. Because the demolition hammer test repeatedly shows a small but significant fact very clearly. The manufacturers put just at the good models from the field Abbruchhammer much value that they are straightforward to use and maintain, and this accordingly should be no problems. For most variants and models on the market, this is very well implemented, and with the right tips and a well-thought-out application, you should not have any problems, and you can use the demolition hammer use without risks and dangers.

However, you should, of course, always make sure that you only carry out work that you can do yourself. If this is not the case, you should instead leave the work to a real professional and thus go on the utterly safe side. In this case, you can avoid being overwhelmed, and injuries or accidents can be avoided quickly and easily.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

During a  demolition hammer test series 2020, we came across various models that are also equipped with data that differ from one another. Also, concerning quality, we have some characteristics determined. We often found quality deficiencies, particularly among unknown manufacturers, so we didn’t even include these models in our 2020 comparison. We now present some of the manufacturers who made an excellent impression with a  demolition hammer test 2020 left behind.


Einhell is a manufacturer specializing in the production of tools. He can score with a long experience. Einhell equipment ranges from manual machines to professional tools that are operated electrically or with compressed air. Einhell can also present some models from the demolition hammer category that have a robust and reliable construction: the quality is just as impressive as the secure handling of the models.


Kawasaki is not just a manufacturer that deals with the construction of vehicles. The product portfolio also includes tools that are motorized. Kawasaki also scores points in the DIY sector with a demolition hammer that is of fabulous quality.


Berlan is a manufacturer of machines and tools. The demolition hammers from Berlin have simple handling, robust construction, and materials that promise long service life. There is also an optimally regulated customer service, which is available to answer any questions you may have.


In VidaXL is all about, Consumer Appliances at a favorable price offer. The range includes DIY tools as well as equipment for the hobby area and photography. The models can be obtained directly from VidaXl in their online shop. Inexpensive devices with an excellent price-performance ratio are essential to the company.


The Scheppach company specializes in the field of woodworking machines. For over 80 years, the focus has been on high-quality tools that are continually being updated with technical innovations. In addition to the different saws, there are also demolition hammers that are suitable for both the professional sector and hobbyists.


Matrix is a company that focuses on the distribution of electrical tools. The product portfolio also includes tool tools, grinding machines, drilling machines, saws, and demolition hammers. The excellent quality of the models proves that high-quality materials were used in production. The Matrix models also have excellent properties in terms of handling.


Bosch is a broad term when it comes to tools, devices, but also other areas such as accessories for a vehicle. Bosch has been making life easier for consumers for over 100 years by constantly innovating on the market. Features of Bosch devices are elaborate artistry, high quality, and exceptionally long service life.


Hitachi hails from Japan and is also a manufacturer that focuses on the manufacture of machines and specialized equipment. Hitachi was founded in Japan in 1910, where the headquarters can still be found today. The manufacturer has more than 100 years of experience, so it is not surprising that Hitachi demolition hammers are of excellent quality and have a long service life. New technologies and secure handling can always be found in the manufacturer’s models.


The Eberth company has existed for a long time and has a broad portfolio. Among other things, there is also a demolition hammer, with low weight, robust design, and high quality are provided. The company also impresses with its excellent customer service, which is available for all questions at any time.

Internet vs. Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy my demolition hammer?

You can buy a demolition hammer anywhere. It is available in specialist shops as well as on the Internet. In our research, we found price differences of up to 40 or even 50 percent. The models were far more expensive in specialist shops than in various online shops. Through a test, we were able to find out exactly where it is better to buy a demolition hammer. We recommend buying in the network, and you can justify as follows:

The search through the product jungle

Today there is a wide range of models that do not precisely simplify the selection. They differed in performance in construction and also in price. As a hobby artisan, it is often not easy to decide on the right product. Even professionals are looking for a long time until the proper model is found. Therefore, a comparison of the models always makes sense. In specialist shops, you will encounter only one limited number of models, so that the selection is more natural, but is only occupied by a few models.

So it can quickly happen that you can not get enough information since only a minimal selection is available. If you decide to purchase the device online, you will find all the models on the market. The collection is excessively large, but also offers advantages. Because you can choose a model that works directly according to your requirements, the data of the models can be together all compare. And that Best of all, you can search for a home. You can comfortably sit down in your desk armchair and compare the models with each other.

We even introduce you to some of the models in our demolition hammer comparison 2020, so that you can also see comparison values here. In forums, it can be exchanged excellently with other consumers who have already used the model and have practically carried out a practical test.

This has the advantage that advantages and disadvantages can be better recognized.

The owners of the demolition hammer give you advice on whether the desired device also meets the requirements or whether it might make more sense to choose another method. Also, many tests on demolition hammers show what functions and what handling the machine performs. Buy Demolition Hammer in the specialized trade, and it is so that you can trust the seller, who will advise you, and believe must pay.

Good and cheap

A further factor which we identified was the price. In specialist shops, you often pay far more than in an online shop. This should also be an argument, which means that you should instead buy the device online. The high price in the specialist trade is explained by the high costs that a retail store has to bear. Only in exceptional cases can dealers give a discount that is based on a reduction in price relates. From time to time, low rates can also appear in specialist shops – however, it is usually the case that there is no current offer at the exact time when one is needed.

On the other hand, you will always find a cheap offer on the net, since the online shop can also offer stable, low sales prices due to its low costs. The demolition hammer is at an online order directly on the package path sent to you, so that there is also an advantage. Because it is not necessary for you to transport the demolition hammer home – it will be delivered to the front door.

The history of the demolition hammer

One has been used by humans since the invention of the hammer. Findings even in the Stone Age indicate that a demolition hammer was used. At that time, however, they were simple tools that could be moved manually. After the hammer and a pointed object were invented, stones could be destroyed with it, which, of course, had to be done with great force. An electrically or even with compressed air -powered models was not to think for a long time. The ancient Egyptians were also able to destroy stones or whole rocks and use them for the construction of pyramids and magnificent buildings. These were mostly constructions that worked large and with a counterweight. They form the basis for today’s models that can be found on the market.

When the engine took over the driving of machines, the hard physical work could be relieved from the people. In this way, many structures could be built more quickly and easily. When the electric current collection received, that were machines and demolition hammer with this motor-driven, resulting in the current models revealed. However, it took some time before the demolition hammer was also accessible to do-it-yourself. Only in the last century, technology was able to advance so far that the models became smaller and more manageable and were therefore no longer exclusively reserved for professionals.

Numbers, data, facts about the demolition hammer

Demolition hammers cover a wide range of applications. They make work easier during renovations or when paths have to be renewed, which seems particularly interesting for property owners. Construction companies can no longer do without the use of demolition hammers because they make work so much easier and ensure that construction work can be completed more quickly. For contractors with respect arises the acquisition, thus in no way the question of whether a device is rented or is bought.

If the device is used in private areas, i.e., if a path is to be renewed or demolition work is to be carried out in the house, it is often not necessary to purchase a demolition hammer. If, on the other hand, you are a hobby builder who would like to help your neighbors or friends, the purchase is worthwhile. The numbers speak their language due to their use. Professionals are increasingly interested in buying high-quality equipment, while at home improvement, about 50 percent of the equipment is rented. This means that hobbyists do not want to do without the advantages of a demolition hammer; in most cases, the purchase is not worth it. Homeowners, however, soften the acquisition of smaller units from which flow a small or sometimes concrete floor broken can be. Many benefits a hammer drill to the area of application of a To reduce demolition hammer.

Because of these figures can be said finally, that the demolition hammer even in the self-use is. However, in the home area no so great importance was found. Nevertheless, there is an increase in the number of devices sold, so that it can be assumed that do-it-yourself will carry out a lot of work themselves, and fewer and fewer construction companies will commission renovation work or the like.

Hydraulic or not?

There is always the question of which model to choose. We are intensely concerned with the question of whether a hydraulic demolition hammer would be more advantageous than the other models that can be found on the market. We will first explain what a hydraulic demolition hammer is.

A hydraulic hammer, as the hydraulic demolition hammer is called, is used by attaching it to an excavator. This makes it easier to edit large areas. The hydraulic hammer is therefore used in quarries and construction sites where a lot of space is to be destroyed. Professionals rely on this system because it is easy to use and takes little time. Now you want a wall in a living area departure, the use of a hydraulic hammer is not exactly recommended. Since an application does not come about due to the small space. The hydraulic hammer consists of detail of an impact mechanism, housing, and the chisel. It can only destroy and is unable to cut anything.

A further disadvantage, at least for home improvement applies, is the connection to a carrier device.

The hydraulic hammer must be supplied with hydraulic oil, which is fed to the hammer utilizing a hose connection. A hydraulic pump is therefore required to drive the hydraulic hammer.

There is no general discussion about whether it makes more sense to advertise a hydraulic hammer or to switch to a simpler model. Professionals like to use the hydraulic hammer very often for outdoor work. The hydraulic hammer can be more advantageous on construction sites or when renovating a house or property. However, when it comes to small jobs like hitting a wall or renovating the bathroom is wrong advice with a hydraulic hammer. The hydraulic hammer is generally used outdoors and for large areas. Small demolition hammers are mainly used in the DIY sector and for interior work.

Some manufacturers also have hydraulic demolition hammer, which for the interior can be used. These do not have to be connected to an excavator but a carrier device. Another disadvantage of these devices is that additional accessories such as hydraulic oil are required to use the demolition hammer.

The big advantage, however, is that these devices exert more power so that even harder rocks can be broken.

However, an electrically operated demolition hammer is sufficient for conversion work.

Rent or buy a demolition hammer?

Should a demolition hammer be bought or just rented? Many retailers offer that devices can be rented. This has the advantage that you by the use of this equipment simply back to dealers bring back .

 The price is far below the purchase price. The purchase price for a demolition hammer can be between 150 and 2000 euros, depending on which work to be done with it. For this reason, you should be the acquisition of a good superior. If you only need the demolition hammer for a single-use, it is advisable to simply rent the demolition hammer for just one or a few days. However, there are also disadvantages to consider when renting. The dealer would naturally like something on rent and earn a vermiedet loss business. If there is a defect on your part in the demolition hammer, you are contracted to bound the demolition hammer to replace. This means that if there is a defect in the device that indicates improper handling, you are responsible for the damage and must pay for it. In the worst case, it can result in you having to pay a high price so that you could have bought the demolition hammer from this money. Beyond this point, you should be aware of before and this with the rent also taken into account. Usually, there is a deposit deposited, which the dealer demands as to security.

Nevertheless, it often makes more sense to rent the demolition hammer . Especially if it is a demolition hammer that can perform many functions. Since you do not assume that a defect in the device is your fault, you only pay the rental price – which is significantly cheaper than the purchase price of the demolition hammer. If you want to use the demolition hammer more often, it is advisable to do a comparison calculation. Are the costs for a demolition hammer per day at 30 to 50 euros, it depends on the useful life? It is worth renting the demolition hammer for a day or two. If you want the demolition hammer for several days, for example, for ten days, a rental price of 50 euros can result in a total price of 500 euros. Mostly, the worth purchasing a demolition hammer so at a multi-day use or even when the demolition hammer more often to use should come.

Useful accessories

Once you with a demolition hammer, work is the use of personal protective equipment appropriate. Since the demolition hammer usually a volume of more than 85 decibels applied, it can apply for the use of hearing damage caused. Therefore, hearing protection is an essential accessory, which should be included in the purchase. Be sure you purchase hearing protection that this for the performance of the device is sufficient. The volume is usually stated on the packaging of the demolition hammer. You can compare this decibel value with the value of the hearing protection.

In addition to hearing protection, the use of gloves is advisable. You should consider when choosing the gloves, make sure that vibrations and shocks are insulated. The demolition hammer releases vibrations and shocks due to the impact movement. The manufacturers try to prevent this as far as possible through the construction. However, it cannot be completely ruled out. Therefore gloves are an additional shield core with, just as beneficial. Another factor is that the gloves protect against flying rocks that are loosened when working with the demolition hammer.

For this reason, it is recommended to wear safety glasses, which will protect the eyes. When battering from rocks or concrete, there is a dusting, the one burning in the eyes can cause. Depending on where the Location of the demolition hammer breathing mask can also be helpful in order not to have to inhale the dust and dirt.

Alternatives to the demolition hammer

In the broadest sense, a demolition hammer is a hammer that can be deposited in the rock by striking movements. The same work can be carried out with a hammer and a chisel so that an alternative to the demolition hammer is formed here. Nevertheless, the use of hammer and chisel is less recommendable, as it involves larger jobs. Small jobs can be done with a hammer and chisel cope with, for example, when it comes to removing the tiles in a living room.

Furthermore, a drill an alternative present when a wall is to be demolished. With a strong drill and a thick drill, holes can be made in the wall that leads to instability. If enough holes are made, the wall can be hammered in with a large hammer. The advantage of this is that almost every tradesman has a drill, and no expensive demolition hammer has to be purchased. However, there are serious consequence disadvantages – the high effort and the loss of time. When drilling, the holes are very much time lost. When using a demolition hammer, the wall can be torn down shortly. Using the drill and a hammer can take a few hours.

So there are alternatives that can replace the demolition hammer. However, when it comes to working effectively, it is inevitable to use the demolition hammer. Also, the demolition hammer can be used for different purposes, which in contrast to the other tools, results in advantages.

The demolition hammer also needs maintenance.

Like all work tools, the demolition hammer must be maintained and cared for. No matter which model it is, it is because of the flapping motion to friction caused by the use of a special grease that is required to support. Also, there is high wear of coal, so you should always have replacement coal. After work, the demolition hammer is as good as possible from dirt and dust to free. Use a brush and a dry cloth to do this.

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