[ 2021 Edition ] Top 5 Best Cordless Screwdriver For Home Uses

What features should the best cordless screwdriver for home use have?

Find out it in our guide and take a look  at our recommended models. The Black & Decker EGBL18K-QW has compact dimensions and its weight and price are very low. It has a long-lasting battery. The Bosch PS130-2A Ultra-Compact Hammer Drill allows the consumer to choose whether to buy the battery and charger or not. 

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5 Best Cordless Screwdriver For Home Use – Ranking In 2020

The  screwdriver proves his demand to carry out a series of small housework in a comfortable and rewarding way . Especially , the battery version ensures excellent freedom of movement and it works at the absence of the power cable.

We write up for you the reviews of the five best cordless screwdriver for home uses in 2020 and  we have also carefully analyzed their  pros and cons.

It is challenging to find a negative opinion on this best cordless screwdriver for electricians . It is sold with a comfortable case and with a lithium battery that guarantees excellent autonomy. 

Main Features


As we mentioned in our verdict that the Black & Decker screwdriver stands out above all for its extreme versatility and consider as the best cordless screwdriver drill . Its ten tightening torque settings make it usable on different materials effectively and without damaging them.

In this way, it will be possible to work on wood and tiles with extreme precision. In addition to functioning as a screwdriver, it will also be possible to use it as a drill to puncture surfaces.

You can adjust both the screwing/drilling functions to have complete control on the tool and perform as a high quality. All these options make the product ideal for professional use. Still, given the very affordable price, it can be recommended without hesitation even to hobbyists looking for a high-performance screwdriver.


DIY is not exactly the most relaxing activity for the bod and, especially for the upper limbs with which the different tools are raised and tightened.

For this, Black & Decker has equipped its cordless screwdriver with an ergonomic grip . It can be used for long work sessions without straining the wrist and hand. Comfort is further increased by the compact size and light weight of the product which allows it to work without any effort and to transport it easily. With the supplied case, you can store it comfortably in your home or your vehicle without cluttering up too much space and keeping it safe from any knocks or falls.


The lithium battery is one of its major strengths. It gives the screwdriver a truly remarkable autonomy that allows you to cover entire working days. The battery will not discharge even if the tool is not used so that you can immediately start working again without worrying about recharging it. 

The presence of the battery eliminates the use of a cable to be connected to the electrical socket which further increases the handling of the screwdriver . It also proves to be very light. Therefore it has minimal impact on the overall weight. The lithium battery is included in the package, unlike the tips that must be purchased separately.


  • The tightening torque adjustable in ten points makes this product extremely versatile. It is the ideal solution if you are looking for a screwdriver to work on different materials, such as soft ones.


  • The accessories supplied are almost non-existent; there are not even the tips that will have to be purchased separately and will add to the overall cost of the shopping.

Rank #2: TECCPO Variable Speed Variable Speed

TECCPO is one of the recommended brands for  DIY enthusiasts. In particular, this cordless impact wrench stands out for a series of technical features of a specific interest and a discreet relationship between the sales price and the quality offered. The cost certainly does not place it among the cheapest models.

Among the other aspects , there is precisely the life of the lithium battery which ensures prolonged use before it is necessary to put the tool on recharge. Furthermore, the battery and the assembly with robust as well as light materials guarantee this screwdriver a low weight and a great comfort of use.

The last important factor is the presence of three LEDs that can be used to illuminate the point where you will find yourself operating . You can work even in low light conditions.

The quality and reliability of TECCPO products are well known among amateurs and professionals. It is said as the  best cordless screwdriver 2020 .


  • Choice: It gives the consumer the possibility to choose, for the same model, whether or not to buy the battery and charger. It is a very favorable option for those who already own them at home or in the workshop and are therefore not obliged to repurchase them.
  • Quality/price: The price of the Einhell screwdriver is, however, very competitive both in the complete version and in the one without battery and charger. It is excellent news for those looking for an ultimate tool but without spending much.
  • Performance: The functional autonomy of the battery and the quality of the construction materials that are robust but, at the same time, light, all of the impact of the user comfort is striking.
  • LED: The presence of three LEDs is not an insignificant detail because it allows you to illuminate the area better to be treated, ideal for those who can carry out the work only in the evening, and in low light conditions.


  • Design: The design of the Einhell screwdriver does not seem to satisfy all users.

If you are looking for a screwdriver that combines compactness and power, the bosch cordless screwdriver model best meets these needs and is proposed as one of the best professional cordless screwdrivers for sale online. The small size makes it particularly suitable for drilling or screwing jobs in tight places. The low weight allows it to be used even over the head for prolonged periods.

The two-speed gears ensure all the power needed to perform any type of processing. At the same time, a system patented by Bosch protects the battery from the risk of overheating and overloading to the benefit of comfort and safety. Also, the lithium battery can be recharged at any time, regardless of its charge level without taking any risk of damaging it. An LED indicator indicates the charge while another LED is positioned to illuminate the work area.

Bosch is a brand that needs no introduction. Let’s review the significant pros and cons of this best light duty cordless screwdriver . By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the online store where you can buy this model at an affordable price.


  • Performance: It is a tool designed for professional use and, therefore, notably powerful and useful for all types of processing. The LED, illuminating the area to be treated, facilitates work a lot.
  • Dimensions: The compact size and low weight of the Bosch are ideal for working in tight places and for keeping it over the head even for an extended period.
  • Battery: The battery can be charged at any time regardless of its charge level but, unlike other similar ones, there is no risk of damage. Besides, a new patented safety system is provided, which protects it from overheating and overload.


Price: If you want to spend as little as possible on such a tool, you may find the Bosch not suitable for your needs.


The Stanley machine is appreciated for its compact size and a good supply of accessories starting with the beautiful case and ending with the two lithium batteries.

In particular, the duration of the charge during use was one of the most appreciated aspects by those who have already tried it. The battery has a speedy charging time (about 30 minutes) so  that it is tough to find yourself without energy.

The screwdriver functions are decidedly preferred to those of the drill and make the Stanley Cordless Impact Drill Drive a recommended product . If you plan to use it precisely for screwing rather than for drilling. The twenty points of adjustment of the tightening torque allow you to work better on various materials and with screws of different sizes. At the same time, the LED light ensures better visibility of the work area.

In our guide to choosing the best cordless screwdriver for home use, there is also a Stanley Cordless Impact Drill Drive model made by the American Stanley that is increasingly making its way into the Italian market. Below is a summary of this best electric pen screwdriver.



  • Battery recharge: The FatMax battery recharges in just 30 minutes, so the consumer will never run out of energy.
  • Performance: The 20 tightening torque adjustment points allow you to work better on the various surfaces, while the comfortable LED light ensures the best possible visibility.


  • Drill: FatMax appears more performing as a screwdriver than as a drill.
  • Accessories: The supply of included accessories is scarce.

If the selling price is a discriminating factor that has its weight on how to choose a right cordless screwdriver, this SKIL model is proposed as one of the most interesting in terms of economy. It comes with two batteries in the package. You can buy the makita cordless screwdriver and dewalt cordless screwdriver instead of this tool. 

Although its “heart” is linked to the screwdriver functions. It is still able to give excellent satisfaction even if used as a drill to pierce wood or the wall. The possibility of tightening the spindle in 22 positions and magnetic support for the screws so that they can be screwed without holding them with your hand.

The structure is light but transmits an excellent feeling of robustness . The handle is non-slip, and the battery charge indicator is LED. In short, a product that we would like to suggest as a purchase advice if you are looking for a good and cheap screwdriver.

Here, the most significant pros and cons that we found in the cordless screwdriver made by the SKIL.


  • Versatile: It is a tool that proves handy because it is also beneficial as a drill and allows the user to tighten the spindle in 22 different positions, ideal for obtaining the best results on any surface.
  • Performance: To underline the two speeds between which you can choose and better adapt the tool to your needs, and the presence of the magnetic support for the screws which, therefore, you do not have to support with your hands.
  • Ease of use: The structure of the Einhell screwdriver, while being robust, is light while the non-slip handle ensures a good seal. These are two features that translate into greater ease of use of the tool.


  • Charging: According to several consumer opinions, battery charging is too slow.
  • Tightening: Some hobbyists complain of inferior clamping force.

This BLACK+DECKER 18-Volt Drill is the best answer to the question of which cordless screwdriver to buy. It combines the functions of the screwdriver with those of the drill to allow both drilling and fixing screws on wood and metal. It also allows you to choose from ten different tightening adjustment points to guarantee you great versatility of use.

The power tool is powered by a lithium battery which gives it a long autonomy . If the screwdriver is not used even for several weeks in a row, it can retain the charge and it always ready for use.

Among the other strengths , there are the compact dimensions and low weight that allow it to be used even for prolonged periods. The excellent relationship between quality and price is the last arrow to the bow of what we believe .

Black & Decker needs no introduction, and let’s review what its main features are.


  • Versatile:

The Black & Decker is a handy tool and it also acts as a drill . It allows ten tightening torque adjustments that ensure the best performance on the various materials.

  • Battery:

The lithium battery is one of the strengths of the model because it guarantees extended battery life . It effectively conserves charge even if it is not used for weeks and always to be ready for use.

  • Dimensions:

The compact dimensions and low weight allow you to carry out the work, even if prolonged over time with greater comfort.

  • Low prices:

Are you looking for the cheapest tool on the market that is of great  quality? The Black & Decker could be a valid solution because it provides excellent performance and has a decidedly affordable price.


  • Equipment: The supply of accessories cannot be said to be particularly productive.

How to use a cordless screwdriver

If you often have to deal with screws and screwdrivers, it might be a good idea to decide to buy a cordless screwdriver. It is a very comfortable power tool that saves time and effort. For example, purchasing a piece of furniture, and it is up to you to assemble it. Nine times out of ten, the instructions are complicated. But , the use cases are varied.

Drills or simple screwdrivers?

We start from a distinction that it seems necessary to emphasize between a simple screwdriver and a drill. Intuitively , it should be understood that the first type does nothing but screw and unscrew screws while the second also works as a drill. That’s right and holes can be made.

But the screwdriver drill has limitations. For example, if you have to drill a concrete wall, forget to use the screwdriver drill (which does not have the necessary power). You need is a hammer drill in this cases.

The batteries

Never underestimate the type of battery supplied and make your choice also based on this element. The array of a screwdriver can be Lithium or Ni-Cd type. It is our opinion that lithium batteries are cheaper because they ensure a longer life. Also, consider whether the screwdriver is sold with one or two batteries, which we prefer . Because, in this way, you can immediately replace the discharged one with the other without having to wait for long charging times.


A power tool gives a sense of solidity,nad it is not necessarily a good thing. The power tool must be light and easy to handle because the work may belong. In this sense, the grip is also essential which must be ergonomic and non-slip.

The tips

One of the screwdriver’s privileges is that it usually comes with a good set of tips. This eliminates the need for screwdrivers of different sizes and both slotted and cross-shaped. Assembling a bit is extremely easy. 

You loosen the spindle by turning it and insert the most suitable bit inside the housing. At this point, you need to set the spindle in the opposite direction until the tip is locked correctly.

The quality of the vines

It is essential to use the robust and right quality screws because  the force of the screwdriver could ruin the head. However, the rule not to force always applies.

Buying guide 

There is no need to be a DIY enthusiast to need a screwdriver.  Its use is more suitable for hobby use rather than semi-professional.

We have created a purchase guide as well as reviews of the most popular models with particular attention to the battery ones To help you to choose which power tool is right for you.


On the market, it is possible to find screwdrivers with lithium batteries (the same ones that are integrated into smartphones and tablets), nickel-cadmium, or, to a lesser extent, nickel-metal.

The models at the top of the user preference ranking are those with a lithium-ion battery available . The best brands that ensure the screwdrivers that are equipped with both lightness and manageability. Above all, this type of battery  has no memory effect. 

In practice, it is the process that reduces the percentage of battery charge and it is connected to the charger before its energy is entirely exhausted. These screwdrivers can be recharged at any time that safeguard the integrity of the battery.

The nickel models are heavier and bulkier. It have a good yield and durability. Still, it is essential to let them discharge entirely .The memory effect is their Achilles’ heel.

Comfortable and versatile

A product of this type is specially designed for use on the move and to guarantee maximum freedom  in domestic work . This is why , the design and weight take on great importance.

In our opinion, a screwdriver weighs between 1.5 and 2 kilograms is the ideal solution. It allows you to perform all operations without excessively straining the arm. From this point of view , the ergonomics handle and the use of an anti-slip coating are parameters to be kept in the utmost consideration.

As for the power supplied and consequently the rotation speed, a right cordless screwdriver should ensure about a thousand revolutions per minute . It must allow you to change the direction to decide depending on the need whether to screw or unscrew.

One more chance

Comparing the prices of the various models on sale, the substantial cost difference is given by the presence of the drilling capacity of wood or metal. It is measured based on the maximum diameter of the hole. Of course, these models are priced higher so that you should consider it carefully if it’s a function you need.

Typically in the package of a cordless screwdriver, there is also a set of tips, the number, and quality of which are subordinated to the cost. In any case, our advice is to have a complete series so that you can deal with any type of processing without worries. You can also find them at particularly high prices.

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