5 Best Concrete Grinding Machines [ 2021 Edition ]

Whether you want to make a kit with tools and tools for the home or even lure in the field of construction and carpentry, a grinder can be helpful. 

We recommend you as the first option  Makita BO3710 because it is a compact device, suitable both for preliminary processing (although the power of only 190 W may not always help it), and for finishing. It has a maximum speed of 11000 rotations per minute that can be adjusted according to needs. 

The operating system is of the oscillating type, alternately.

 The product can be used together with abrasive paper with diversified granulation, of 253 × 92 cm, which will be fastened by clamps. 

The power supply is made to the mains and will allow you to work without worrying that the battery will discharge, and to maintain cleanness you can connect it to a suction system. 

If you want another product, you can also try  Festool Planex Easy LHS-E 225 .

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Key Features


Toolman Variable Speed Angle
  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

  • 5/8"-11 spindle thread

  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

Toolman 4.5'' 5.6A 11500BPM
  • High performance motor

  • 6 variable speed

  • 5.6A Angle Grinder

MANUSAGE 7-Amp Angle
  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor

  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor


DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

  • 8,000 rpm motor

  • Rear handle design

 Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5 In
  • Paddle switch 

  • CUSHIONED interior

  • Variable-speed setting - 2,800 rpm to 11,500 rpm 

Rank # 1: DEWALT Concrete Surface Grinder Kit

If you are interested in a polisher to help you finish fine work, you can choose this model from Makita. It has a power of only 190 W, but even so it will do well considering the fact that it is not a product designed to remove large irregularities.

The speed can reach up to 11000 rotations per minute, which means that it will process very well the surfaces you will use. The device is equipped with levers that allow an easy and fast change of the abrasive paper. The operation is of alternative and orbital type, facilitating the grinding on the edges with three corners.

It is a compact product, with power supply to the mains, mobile, useful both for hobby works and for finishing semi-professional DIY projects. In addition, it is equipped with a vibration reduction system and can be connected to a suction system to reduce the amount of dust and debris that appear during operation.


It has a high speed that will ensure a quality finish of the workpiece, without roughness.

It is a product powered by the electricity network, which means that you will not depend on how long a battery is charged.

It is a mobile and light product (1.6 kg), and can be taken to the customer’s home, in a tool kit.

It has an integrated system that reduces the vibrations felt by the user.


It has low power, only 190 W and may not be able to process a raw object.

Rank # 2: NEIKO 30069A Heavy Duty 7"

 Here is a grinder that can be used on various surfaces and which, due to its long neck (1.6 m), will allow you to access spaces at height or in narrower areas. It has a power of 400 W that will allow the processing of walls and ceilings, gypsum boards, the removal of paint or wallpaper residues or the polishing of wooden parts.

It can be used with 215 mm interchangeable discs or 225 mm abrasive paper. The speed varies from 400 to 920 rpm and will ensure the performance of both works on rough parts (with sharp roughness) and fineness (which must be smooth to the touch).

The product can be connected to a suction system (36/27 mm). Given the fact that the device weighs only 4 kg, you will be able to use it for a long time without getting tired. In addition, it can be taken at the client’s home, in a special case.


It has a neck that makes the whole device have a length of 1.6 m, and can also be used for processing ceilings.

It has a power of 400 W which makes it suitable both for smoothing rough roughness and for obtaining smooth surfaces.

It has a speed of 400-920 rpm, adaptable depending on the type of work performed.

The device has a low weight (4 kg) for its size, allowing the use without signs of fatigue.


It may take too long to process larger surfaces (walls) with a 215 mm diameter disc.

Rank # 3: Raizi 5inch/125mm Universal

This is a hobby class oscillating grinder, which can be used together with sandpaper with velcro fastening or with clamps. You will be able to use it for sanding wooden pieces, but also for removing paint from old furniture or even for sharpening knives.

It has an integrated suction system equipped with its own tank, which will allow you to work without making almost any dust or dirt. Power supply to the electricity grid will give you the opportunity to work as long as you want, without being limited by batteries.

The power of 240 W will be sufficient for several types of work, and the speed can be adjusted from 12000 to 26000 rpm, so you will be able to adapt depending on the type of part or abrasive paper. The dimensions of 185 × 93 mm outline a compact device, and the small weight (1.7 kg) will allow you to take it with you in the tool kit, but also to work longer without getting tired.


It has adjustable speed, and can be used at 12000 or paa at 26000 rpm, depending on the type of processing desired.

It has a good power for the class it belongs to, of 240 W, suitable both for raw parts and for smoothing.

It has a small weight (1.7 kg) that allows you to use it longer without getting tired.

The value for money is very advantageous.


It cannot be used with discs.

Rank # 4:DEWALT DW4524

If you are interested in making fine works, then you will definitely be interested in this eccentric grinder. It has a power of 200 W, enough to smooth various surfaces, but not for higher roughness that requires more force to be removed.

The speed can be adjusted, but without having steps provided for this purpose. It can go from 14000 to 28000 rpm. It can be used by both right-handers and left-handers, with one hand, being ideal for processing ceilings, walls or gypsum boards.

It has a working disc with a diameter of 125 mm and a grinding stroke of 2 mm, being ideal for obtaining smooth and perfectly finished parts, even if for those that have larger dimensions it will require more work time. The low weight (1.2 kg) will give you comfort when handling.


It is light (1.2 kg) and can be used with one hand, allowing a comfortable use.

The speed can be adjusted according to needs, this varying between 14000 and 28000 rpm.

It can be connected to a suction system to remove dust produced during use.

It is equipped with an ambidextrous handle, so it can be used by anyone.


The working disc is only 125 mm in diameter, which means that it will take more time to process medium and large surfaces.

Rank # 5: HERZO Universal Surface

Those looking for a rotary machine for grinding walls and ceilings will definitely appreciate this Matrix offer. The device is a powerful hobby grinder, developing a rated power of 1200W, which allows it to cope with occasional work and more moderate frequency.

The 3000rpm speed is optimal, especially because it also includes a speed adjustment system. The Lock On function is also very useful, guaranteeing the same settings, without accidental switching. The grinding area will have a maximum diameter of 210mm, large enough to allow the coverage of fairly large surfaces in a short time.

As a design, the device is made with ergonomic handle, shoulder strap, secondary handle, connection for connecting a suction system and collecting bag for impurities. It is delivered with 12 accessories, among which we list: 6 different discs, coal, bus, hose, etc. It weighs 3.6Kg and has 260 x 350 x 260mm.


Wall sanding machine at a good price.

Works with at least 6 discs, included in the package as accessories.

Provides sufficient grinding power with 1200W.

Rank # 6: SKIL 9295-01 6.0 Amp 4-1/2

Among the cheapest car grinders we propose this Matrix model. The part is one for hobby type works, with 1200W motor, ensuring 3000rpm speeds and moderate work performances. It will be used successfully in polishing cars and any other surfaces, as it incorporates a brush disc made of material specific to such finishes.

Given that the speed is variable, you can use it at beginner level, gradually learning how to process and finish the gloss of the car body. There is also the Lock On function, and the two handles, the main and the secondary, ensure ergonomic handling and a secure grip, through the soft grip lining.

It measures 100 x 200 x 400mm, weighs 3.5Kg and connects to the mains via a 2m long cord.


It is made and accessorized especially for car polishing.

It withstands loads of moderate complexity and has good durability, integrating a 1200W motor.

The efficiency and speed of work are demonstrated by a speed of 300rpm.

It is part of the class with grinding machines at an optimal price.


The power cord is only 2m long.

Rank # 7: Bosch CSG15 5-Inch

When looking for the ideal solution as an alternative orbital sanding machine, Makita will promptly help you with this offer. The power supply incorporates a motor that absorbs 300W. Many would say that the rated power is moderate, but, given that the device is a professional one, it can perform its tasks at exceptional speeds.

Therefore, it will sand using oscillations of 4000 – 12000 movements per minute, which means very fine and fast surface processing. Of course, the speed variator could not be missing, which allows you to personally select the optimal working speed you prefer, depending on each surface approached.

For ergonomics and reliability, the device includes a rubberized, non-slip handle, and a specific connection, where you can integrate a suction hose, promptly removing debris and dust during operation. The working dimensions correspond to a disk with a diameter of 125mm, with an active surface of 123mm. It weighs a total of 1.30 kg.


It works with good performance, having a 300W motor and being a professional electric grinder.

Perform tasks quickly, using up to 12,000 oscillations per minute.

Includes power variator, for various processing depending on the material.

It is compact and light (1.30Kg), easy to handle.


It cannot sand curved surfaces.

Rank # 8: Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2"

Here is a sander with double functionality, as a belt and disc sander. It will be useful in deburring and finishing on the surface and contour, working excellently in DIY and model making, with hardwood, plastic and even non-ferrous metals. You can use it for elongated parts, professionally.

The absorbed power is 370W, which results in 2850rpm, a good working speed. It includes a grinding table with an inclination of up to 90 degrees, a strip that can be used vertically or horizontally and a continuous polishing disc, aspects that guarantee as many ways of use as possible. The limiters ensure a high precision, allowing the proper fixing of the machined parts. The tape has dimensions of 914 x 100mm, and the disc has a diameter of 150mm.

And it is equipped with a specific mass, tilting up to 45 degrees. The quick-fix device guarantees a quick replacement of the strips, and the dust connection helps you to remove the polished fragments by attaching a vacuum cleaner. The piece will be used exclusively in the workshop, as it weighs 19Kg.


It is used multifunctionally, both with tape and disc.

It can process wood, plastic and some non-ferrous metals, with a power of 370W and 2850rpm.

As a cost-performance ratio, you can say that it is a cheap and good wood grinder.

It is equipped with special limiters and a separate table for the disc, ensuring precise processing of the parts in several positions and at an angle.


It is a table grinder, very heavy, 19Kg.

Rank # 9: Makita VC4710X1 12 gallon

Here is a machine for sanding in dry or wet environment, offered by Bernardo as a piece for polishing wood, metals and even stone. It includes two rotors for grinding stones and can accept, if necessary, a specific device for sharpening edges or straight and round blades. Therefore, it is most recommended as a grinder for reconditioning the edge of axes, cutters, lathe knives and scissors.

The piece is made of sheet steel and incorporates a 200W motor. A water tank is placed under one of the rotors, ensuring the wet processing function. The maximum speed obtained is specific to a simple grinder, approximately 90rpm being sufficient to efficiently perform the tasks.

Includes polishing stone and leather disc, certifying use for multiple types of materials. It will be used mainly in workshop work, as it requires fixing on a work table, having a weight of 19 kg.


It grinds both dry and wet, with two rotor ends that can be used preferentially.

It works with speeds of 90rpm, suitable for sharpening various useful parts in a household or in a workshop (axes, knives, blades of any kind, lathe knives, etc.).

It is a durable device, made of sheet steel.

Works with wood, metal or stone, with grinding disc and leather disc.


Mainly includes only grinder function.

How to choose a good grinder

Buyer’s guide

When you set up the set of motorized tools that you will use in the repairs and DIY made in your home, whether you intend to organize a small personal workshop, or you will work at a pre-established professional level with them, a car Electric grinding is indispensable.

What does this device do? – It allows you to sand, finish, polish and process all kinds of surfaces, whether you need rough sanding, fine sanding or polishing. You will be able to work with all kinds of materials: wood, concrete, plaster, parquet, metals, stone, etc. At the same time, the applications for which this device will be useful range from construction processes, reconditioning of tools and objects to car redecoration and polishing.

If you are interested in where to find grinding machines at a good price, many of those who are passionate about high power tools and intend to make such a purchase, we advise you to clarify at least the basic information and some criteria for choosing a device. performance. Here are these:


Depending on the conformation, there are at least 5 different models:

The belt sander is the solution you choose to process large portions of wood, mainly furniture, doors, countertops or floors, as it allows you to cover large areas in the shortest time and approaches the materials most aggressively. . You recognize it by conforming to an abrasive belt spun by rollers.

The alternative sanding machine is useful for those who want to polish paint, plaster, plaster or prepare various surfaces before varnishing them. Usually, this piece has a much finer flat surface than the previously presented sanding belts, which perform a very fast orbital motion. It can be considered an integrated alternative in the same branch as orbital disk models.

The orbital grinder allows you to grind slightly curved surfaces as well as flat ones. For this purpose, the contact area consists of several disks with orbital motion, slightly mobile relative to each other. We can say that the fine surface of the alternative parts is successfully combined with the fast movement of those with tape, thus obtaining an ideal tool for finishing on almost any type of material.

The eccentric grinder is also called a rotary vibrating grinder. It is similar, as a working technique, with the alternative ones, but it takes quite a long time until it completes its task, as it polishes the surfaces extremely fine. We recommend these models for the efficient smoothing of any type of surface and especially in works of absolute finesse.

The multifunctional grinder combines all the features of the models described above and can sometimes include an additional polishing function, where an abrasive disc rotates mounted on a work table and allows finishing or sharpening metal, polishing stone or wood parts. The mobile multifunctional, when it does not depend on a fixed, bench positioning, is useful in the processing of any type of material, regardless of whether the surface is curved or flat.


You have to decide if you use the device for routine work and simple repairs or in constructions and reconditioning, if you use it frequently or occasionally and to what type of material to adapt it.

Depending on the degree of wear to which it is suitable, you can choose between hobby grinding machines, semi-professional models and professional parts. As an occasional user, we advise you to buy a hobby product, simple, easy, very inexpensive, especially if you keep it mostly on a shelf in the workshop or closet. If you intend to make all kinds of changes, to approach the solution of repairs and DIY on your own quite frequently, it means that you need at least a semi-professional tool. This is due to the fact that these cars are more resistant to wear, do their job efficiently in moderate load conditions and cost relatively little. For daily wear and intense work, you don’t have to settle for less than one of the best professional sanders.


Divides the discussed objects into two main categories: bench or table sanders and hand-operated models. If you own a company that is involved in construction, repairs or furniture production, you can buy a larger and multifunctional bench piece. You will move it in the workshop, limiting its use in a specific space. If you want to benefit from first class portability, you will opt for a manual model, easy to handle and transport.

Power supply:

what it does electrically or by battery. The bench pieces will always be connected to a socket to work. More than two thirds of the manual ones are also powered by wire, so they have maneuverability conditioned by the length of the power cable or the use of an extension cord.

If it is important to work independently of the network, you will make an investment in a device with a battery. We recommend that you choose the 10 – 14 or 18V ones, to be interested in the autonomy period and the time during which a charge lasts. Of course, with a built-in battery, these variants are a bit heavier than manual wired parts, an idea demonstrated by other opinions about the best grinding machines.


Here we mention the most important 3 parameters: power, rotation or oscillation speed and the grinding area itself.

For the most powerful bench-mounted products, around 2000W is the rated power we advise you to look for. If you prefer a manual car, for hobby parts you can even find 200W models, which will perform their tasks without complications. You don’t necessarily have to choose a 1500W part to be sure that it is durable, but to make sure that it is fitted to professional appliances.

The working speed is quantified in rotations or oscillations and will be low for machines with grinding stone, maybe even below 100rpm, and high for those for finishing and grinding, with values between 2000 and 9000 rotations per minute. It is good to choose a device that allows you to preferentially use speed, through variable speed.

The larger the contact surface, the faster you will be able to sand large portions of material. When you have to level walls or other bulky objects, it is good to choose a disc diameter of at least 200mm. You can also find models with 120mm discs, which take longer to complete, but are just as efficient.

In the end, all that remains is a very important question to repeat to yourself, namely: “Where can I find grinding machines at good prices?” – It’s quite simple, if you inform yourself a little, because the most appreciable offers are currently found on the Internet. The prices are lower than the costs you find in stores, and the fact that you receive delivery directly to your home saves you from unnecessary trips. The following top includes a number of suggestions, among which it is very possible to find the best grinder.

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