5 Best Circular Saw [ 2021 Edition ]

Do you have cutting boards? If so, a circular saw is the optimal tool for this task. 

From this year’s offer, we have selected a series of recommendations, presented below, in which we will mention two of the most impressive such tools.

In this introduction: first of all, Bosch PTS 0 Uni , a model with mass, 1400 Watts , with 254 mm disc and a cutting depth of 75 mm – the optimal tool for a workshop. 

The second recommendation is a hand model, Bosch Professional GKS 190 , which can cut up to 70 millimeters deep, very clean and efficient, thanks to its 1400 Watt motor.

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Key Features


Metabo HPT 7-1/4
  • Item Weight:
    9.5 Pounds

  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor

  • 6000 no-load RPM 

Makita XSS02ZLithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw
  •  700 RPM for faster cutting and ripping

  •   Dimensions :
    9.65 x 14.09 x 10.98 inches

  • 50 degree maximum bevel cutting capacity

BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
  • Spindle lock 

  • Item Weight
    7 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 14 x 9.9 x 8 inches

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut  Ultra-Compact Circular Saw
  • ultra-compact circular saw

  • Pivoting metal guard

  • Dust extraction adapter 

DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
  • Speed: 5200 RPM

  • 57-Degree beveling capacity

  •  Dimensions : 16.25 x 10.13 x 10.5 i

10 Best Circular Saws-Reviews In 2020

The competition is fierce among DIY tool models, and many opinions about the best electric saws say that the choice must be made carefully and sparingly when it comes to these tools.

 Here are our opinions about the top devices on the market:

Rank # 1: Bosch PTS 0 Uni

 This tool is quite efficient: a Bosch circular saw of this type includes a table (bench), on which you will find the push rod, suction hose, parallel limiters and splitting wedge – in short, everything you need for precise work, professional level.

As a motor, it has 1400 Watts, and the blade can rotate with up to 5000 rotations per minute. The maximum cutting depth is 75 millimeters, and obliquely up to 63 millimeters (60 degree angle). The device is large, difficult to move, weighing 26 kilograms. The cutting disc measures 254 millimeters in diameter.

We can’t say that hobby users will be particularly attracted to this circular table saw, but for wood processing workshops, we can warmly recommend it. As objective disadvantages, the plastic case may discourage some more demanding buyers.


Rank # 2: Makita 2712

 We also include a model of circular table saw, from Makita, which is put into operation by an induction motor that generates a power of 2000 Watts.

 After this element only, you can realize that the tool is addressed to professional users in particular.

The disk speed of 315 millimeters at 3400 watts results in an efficient cutting of wood and plastic pieces. 

The cutting depth at 90 degrees is 85 millimeters, and at 45 degrees, it is 58 millimeters. 

Even if the whole structure, with bench, has a high weight of 54 kilograms.

You will be able to move it from place to place relatively easily, using the two wheels located near the front legs of the saw.

In the package, you will also receive the parallel stop, the table extension, the keys, the detachable handle and the canvas. 

As disadvantages, this circular saw with table takes up quite a lot of space (700 x 1670 x 810 millimeters).


Rank # 3: Bosch Professional GKS 190

 The brand effect is real, and we are convinced that we will not have to put much effort to convince you that a Bosch circular saw is one of the best options for any craftsman.

The model here has 1400 Watts and can rotate the blade with up to 5500 rotations per minute, a very high speed, which proves its capacity. 

The diameter of the compatible blades is 190 millimeters, and the maximum cutting depth will be 7 centimeters.

To mention the disadvantages of the tool, we can say that it is not delivered with a special transport bag.

 Otherwise, the price of this manual circular saw is relatively low, and if you are a hobby or professional user, you will hardly find a better competing model than this one. 

Note: you will best use it with a special table to fix large pieces of wood. Safety must prevail!


Rank # 4: Einhell TC-TS 2025 U

 This Einhell circular saw, stationary type, is addressed to users with hobby needs.

 It has adjustable height, at the bench, allows cutting at 90 and 45 degrees, and as depths, it can cut pieces of wood up to 85 millimeters, respectively 65 millimeters obliquely.

Let’s also briefly present the specifications of its motor: it has 1800 watts and can rotate the disk 25 centimeters in diameter with up to 5000 rotations per minute. 

Regarding the dimensions of the entire structure, they are 719 x 559 x 800 millimeters, and the total weight of the tool is 20 kilograms.

Overall, it is one of the best equipped circular saws for hobby works. Its engine does not allow an intense working regime, as it heats up easily. 

Being an electric saw, cheap and good, with a bench, we recommend it especially for beginners.


Rank # 5: Makita MLT100

 We will say it from the start, this Makita circular saw model is quite peppery when it comes to price.

 It also offers an efficiency that justifies this disadvantage. 

It is a stationary model, with a blade 260 millimeters in diameter.

Its motor generates 1500 watts of power, printing speeds of up to 4,300 rotations per minute of the cutting sheet. 

So far, pretty good performance for a tool for professional craftsmen. 

It also cuts at an angle, to depths of up to 63 millimeters, and perpendicularly, it can cut up to 93 millimeters deep. 

The soft start function allows the sheet to start slowly and safely, without vibrations.

If you think about how you will find a place in the workshop, here is the size of the whole bench: 726 millimeters long, 984 deep and 333 millimeters high, at a weight of 34.1 kilograms, and the mass measures 1115 x 835 millimeters.

 We can recommend it to those who work hard and for long periods, and as disadvantages, it is a circular saw with a fairly noisy mass (104 decibels empty).


Rank # 6: Bosch Professional GCM800SJ

 A circular, stationary saw with a sliding slide, such as this professional model from Bosch, will be useful for those who want a light tool, but safe and precise, which can cut both vertically and horizontally.

It has a horizontal cutting capacity of 270 millimeters, inclined at 45 degrees horizontally by 70 x 190 millimeters, and for 45 degrees in the vertical plane, by 48 x 270 millimeters. 

The electric motor of the saw has 1400 Watts and the blade speed can reach 5000 rotations per minute. 

The maximum depth of wood cutting is 55 millimeters, relatively small, but this is not the strong point of the device.

In addition, as a price, we can say that the product is quite expensive. 

These disadvantages are, however, to be overlooked, as the unique design and functionality of the model remain its strengths, in the eyes of many craftsmen who know exactly what their needs are.


Rank # 7: Bosch PKS 55

 A Bosch circular hand saw, model PKS 55 responds well to the needs of craftsmen looking for a compact tool, which does not excel in power, but which can easily cut with small discs, 160 mm in diameter, to a maximum depth of 55 millimeters.

Its motor has 1200 Watts, and the blade can rotate with up to 5600 rotations per minute, a speed suitable for small discs. 

In the delivery package, you will also receive a Speedline Wood canvas, of a very high quality, but also a parallel guide. 

This tool can also be adjusted to cut at an angle of 45 degrees, to a maximum depth of 38 millimeters.

Overall, it is a semi-professional device that supports intense uses, and as a downside, we can only give the opinion that the maximum cutting depths are small.

 Otherwise, the quality of Bosch is seen in all the functionalities of this circular hand saw.

Rank # 8: Einhell TH-CS 1200/1

 Analyzing this Einhell mobile circular saw, we can say that it fits the hobby needs, through its relatively moderate motor (1200 Watts), which prints a maximum speed of 5000 rotations per minute to the 160 mm diameter disc.

The maximum cutting depth is 55 millimeters, and the depth adjustment is easy, by lifting some obstacles, without the need to touch the keys or other tools.

 For working at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, the maximum depth will be 37 millimeters. 

Among other specifications of this circular saw model, at a good price, you will not dislike the vibration reduction system, through its ergonomic handle.

Overall, the low price it offers does not compromise on efficiency.

 Those looking for high capacity tools will want to focus on large, powerful and resistant to a harsh regime.


Rank # 9: FKS 115 Wolfcraft

 This parallel circular saw guide is for all tools that have a cutting depth of no more than 66 millimeters, with a base plate of maximum 120-200 by 260-385 millimeters, respectively. 

It is suitable for both straight and oblique cuts, and its edge is rubberized, which reduces the risk of improper tearing of the part you are working on.

The length and width of the piece are 1150 and 243 millimeters, respectively. 

It can be especially useful for professionals, but also for buyers who work in a hobby mode.

 As a minus, for a circular saw guide rail, it costs more than some saws themselves.


Rank # 10: JOKA PRO0034

 We also include a circular saw disc for all large tool models, which are compatible with 350 mm disc diameters. 

The clamping hole has a diameter of 32 millimeters, and the maximum speed at which it is recommended to be put to work is 5000 rotations per minute.

The cutting width of the blade is 2.4 millimeters, and the material from which it is made is carbon steel.

 The number of teeth is 50, and the material in which it is recommended to cut is wood. 

The manufacturer specifies that only stationary saw models are indicated for its use, given the large diameter of the disc.


Frequent questions

Is a used circular saw with table more cost effective?

Depends. More cost effective than what? Than stationary circular saw, with table, first hand?

Not so much, because a new product will always be superior to an already used one. More profitable than one without a meal?

It could, but it depends on the level of engine wear, power and other factors.

We will not discourage you from using the second-hand market, but you will have to be careful with any product found this way.

How much does a Parkside circular saw cost? Where can I find it in Romania?

We must say that this brand is quite difficult to find on the Romanian market.

Theoretically, they are present, but more on second-hand objects sites, at prices between 200 and 500 RON, indicative.

Most of them are brought from Germany and other countries, and we will definitely find them abroad.

If you are looking for the best circular saw, it is worth considering ordering a model from the outside.

What is a parallel guide to the circular saw?

This piece is a very simple structure, made of metal, over which the saw will slide (not its blade, it will continue to cut into the material).

With its help, you will be able to make cuts in parallel, without damaging the work. Note: as a rule, a stationary circular saw does not need such a thing, bought separately.

The respective accessories cost between 250 and over 700 RON, so we can say that they are quite expensive.

In any case, because we are not talking about a motorized tool, but only about a metal structure, we can guide you to the second-hand market, when it comes to buying something like that.

Safety rules in the use of circular saws

To explain, briefly and efficiently, the safety rules when using any circular saw , we will divide the discussion into two topics: accident hazards and harmful effects.

Accident hazards

In this chapter, we refer to the risk of cutting with a rotating blade and to the one of electric shock, since all the models of circular saws, cheap and good, or of high performance, use electric current.

In the first case, you will have to keep your hands on the special handles at all times and away from the blade.

In the second case, you will not have to work in humid environments, which can lead to electric shocks, but also not to cut the supply wire with the blade, or to work with a poorly insulated wire. So check the cables!

In addition, where there are power tools, there is a risk of fire, so always have a fire extinguisher in the area!

Hazards of harmful effects

Here, we are talking about incidents that can lead to damage over time, not immediately. For example, hearing loss as a result of constant, loud noise generated by the saw. We can recommend, in this case, headphones or earplugs.

Another danger is the inhalation of dust and particles resulting from cutting. Here, we advise you to wear protective masks, but also glasses, as some such particles can irritate the eyes.

To conclude, in addition to these tips, do not forget to read carefully the user manual of the model you bought, where the protection rules are specified in detail , in all work situations.

In addition, do not give the little ones access to such tools and keep them in a safe place protected from the weather and rodents!

Buying guide

Lately, the various models of circular saws have also become used by amateurs in the households where they live, for repairs, modifications and other woodwork, while professionals have always needed such a thing. Such a device allows you to cut with great precision chipboard or wood, when you need to build something or when repairing or adjusting a piece of furniture you have.

Based on your needs for this type of product, you will need to choose a suitable model, otherwise you will either spend too much on a professional circular saw that you will not need, or you will find that the device you buy does not meet your needs. which you have in the workshop.

To help you make a purchase plan, we come to your aid, offering you a guide to assist in differentiating between the many examples available. Thus, you will be able to determine where to find circular saws at a good price, based on this buying guide. We will start with the most important selection criteria, and then we will go through the list to the least essential ones:

Power supply mode :

you can find two main motor power supply systems, ie you can opt for either a battery saw or a circular saw with a battery, directly from the 220 Volt mains socket.

 We advise you the following:

if you use the tool less often and want more portability, we will guide you to a model with a portable battery. This will give you much more flexibility, but its weak part is that the engine power will be low. If you use this type of saw in light loads and for thin or medium boards, you will not need an excessively powerful motor. We consider that what is below 800 Watts is weak, while a very strong saw will generate over 2000 Watts.

Thus, for those who need to work every day on professional tasks, with fast processing of wood in relatively thick pieces, we will recommend a model with cable power, directly to the electrical network of the house. The respective models are a bit more robust, and their engine will generate more power, being resistant to overheating, if it will be operated for a long time.

Type of device :

here we have two models: stationary and manual, mobile. The features that differentiate them are related to power and portability and based on them must be adapted to the needs of the user. Based on power and capacity, we have three stages of choosing devices for a hobby-level user, either for someone who works semi-professionally or – the highest level – professionally.

If you make repairs relatively rarely, in the household, and you only know the minimum of procedures, with relatively modest equipment around the house, it means that you are a hobby user.

In this case, a low-power model that can be easily stored, most likely a portable and lightweight one, will suffice. Thus, we have here we can meet the manual saws either with wire or with battery. On this type of products, you can spend small or medium amounts, usually under 700 RON.

For users who are professional craftsmen, or who have long experience in DIY, working with high power tools in their household, we recommend mobile semi-professional parts, with a power of at least 1000 Watts.

They are users with a moderate level of experience and will do best with hand tools or a moderate power bench. In many cases, this type of users also have a small workshop where they work occasionally, when they still have a part to make or repair.

Professionals who deal with such a device every day will need models equipped with very resistant, powerful motors, so they are also the most skilled in choosing their own device.

Various models of circular bench saws are available on the market in large numbers, but you can also find mobile devices, or, if you search enough, even with a battery. In any case, we recommend the bench ones, for the heaviest professional workshop tasks.

What kind of blade does the saw use:

in this chapter, you will have to look at the dimensions of the blade (it is also called the circular saw blade), but also at the possibility of tilting, which allows cutting at an angle. Also, consider the material from which the circular blade is made.

What does a larger blade diameter mean? The larger this size, the deeper the saw will cut, when you place it in a position perpendicular to the piece of wood you want to cut.

The cutting depth varies from 30 to over 85mm and can be adjustable on saws with the possibility of inclined cutting. If you want a professional saw, choose a model that at an inclination of 0 degrees (ie perpendicular) can cut at least 80 millimeters deep, respectively between 55 and 60 mm, when operating at an inclination of 45 degrees.

In the case of hobby and semi-professional categories, you can also accept lower values than those presented above. Bench circular saw models, but also mobile ones, will allow you to change the angle at which you cut, but the depths and angles may vary between models. The blade must be selected according to the type of material you will process.

Therefore, in the case of wood and chipboard, hardened steel blades will be required, and in the case of metal cuts, it will be mandatory to use a diamond disc. Each brand will specify on their models the operating regime for which it was designed, but also what kind of blades can be attached to them, so as not to damage the engine or other elements of the installation.

Motor capacities :

as the power of the motors, you can find values between 500 and 2500W, and in the case of the speed with which the blade will rotate, you can observe values between 3 thousand and 6 thousand rotations per minute. In the case of chainsaws with their own battery, the voltage at which their motor works is 18 Volts.

They are made for occasional use, for which they reach powers of about 700 – 800W, ie quite small, for cutting wood. Medium power tools, ie around 1000 watts, are suitable for occasional use in a semi-professional work regime.

Any model of circular saw, at a good price, or more expensive, but which exceeds the value of 1200 Watts for motor power, will fit in the range of high power tools and can be used almost daily in cutting thick plates (over 8 centimeters ) or hard materials (hardwood or metal).

It is also important to say that the engine power, but also the speed, will have to be adjusted according to the cutting depth. Low speeds are recommended in tandem with a powerful motor, because it results in less vibration during work. In addition, some materials, such as plastic or ceramic tiles, will be easier and more efficiently cut at low speeds.

Various other accessories : here, we include features that vary from one offer to another, such as packages that include several cutting blades, wall brackets, gloves for handling the respective tool, or glasses for eye protection.

It is worth considering all this, especially when looking for circular saws, at good prices, hobby or semi-professional, as a professional craftsman will probably spend special time to choose each component separately, depending on his wishes and needs.

Well, we can say that here we end our shopping guide for circular saws. They are not complicated tools, so we are confident that, based on our instructions, you will make the right choice. We would also like to mention that, for beginners, we also ask some frequently asked questions in the online environment, in the section below:


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