8 Best Cheap Cordless Screwdrivers [ 2021 Edition ]

How to choose a good screwdriver drill? To answer this question and other possible doubts, we have created a guide that addresses the situation from different angles and points of view. Our editorial team has put a good number of products under the observation lens, selecting the most convincing ones with a comparison that looks on the one hand at the excellent quality/price ratio and, on the other, the reliability.

Tacklife – 12 V cordless drill is sold with two 2,000 mAh batteries, and thanks to the twelve adjustable torque levels, it allows you to better manage different surfaces, from wood to even robust metal. Makita HP457DWE – Impact drill driver is certainly not among the cheapest, but it has the reliability and performance that have made the brand great all over the world. Let’s find out more about the strengths and weaknesses of the screwdriver drills here, knowing that it is possible to follow a link on where to buy if interested in the proposal, finding some of the most exciting projects among those sold online.

8 Best Cheap Cordless Screwdrivers [2020 Review]

Rank #1: DEWALT DW920K-2 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Tacklife offers its version of cordless drill screwdriver designed for those who love low prices. Thanks to the clutch, it allows us to adequately manage the screwing, without the risk of breakage or an ineffective closure with which to tighten the screws. The charger simply connects to the power outlet, thus leaving the possibility for the user to be ready and operational in an hour.

The three LEDs then serve to give the correct indications on the state of completeness of the charge. The adjustable trigger then offers two speeds, going from 0 to 350 revolutions per minute up to a maximum of 1,500 revolutions. The relationship between expenditure and results is impressive, with excellent support even for those looking for punctures.


  • Convenience: Good performance, with a solution suitable for different types of tightening and results in line with what is promised to the user.
  • Power: The presence of nineteen levels of torque and the precise clutch is accompanied by a screwdriver capacity of excellent performance, which has satisfied many users.
  • Practicality: Grip comfortable enough, with a power regulation system that passes through a trigger sensitive to the right point.


  • Spindle: Several users have encountered problems with the correct positioning of this part, with results not always in line with expectations.

Rank #2: Makita XDT042 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit

With a battery capacity that reaches 18 V and a type of the same that is based on lithium technology, Makita offers a robust and practical object to use.

By taking advantage of the rubber handle, it is possible to have perfect ergonomics of the drill, thus allowing the user to carry out the work without overworking it. The mechanical percussion function can be activated when drilling a stone, concrete, and brick wall, while the Makita drill driver performs the task better on wood, ceramic, and plastic.

Using the automatic system, the self-locking spindle closes smoothly around the tip, with two production speeds and a motor brake, which improve the type of drilling and the duration of the support. Some users make it one of the best cordless screwdriver for home use of 2020, thanks also to the battery protection system that interrupts the passage when the drill is not in use.


  • Reliability: The Makita drill makes the most of all the mechanics and construction care to manage different types of walls and materials, with excellent results.
  • Comfort: Thanks to the rubber grip, the user works well, without the risk of fatiguing the hand once the work is finished.
  • Two are better than one: The addition of two batteries inside the package leaves a reasonable margin of autonomy during the works.


  • Spindle: Some users recommend checking the correct position of the spindle, to avoid punctures and problems during the work.

Rank #3: Makita XWT15T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless kit

Makita XWT15T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless kit has 18 V battery and a percussion system that focuses entirely on the quality and rendering of a reliable and functional object. These are the first two characteristics that emerge when analyzing the Bosch screwdriver drill. All this comes in a convenient package to carry and which protects the contents at best. The torque has from its twenty positions, with a series of variable tightenings ranging from 22 Nm for elastic screwing, passing up to 54 Nm for the hardest ones.

Two lithium-ion batteries, useful for those looking for a support that does not have the disadvantages of the memory effect and overheating. The Syneon Chip, an intelligent electronic control system owned by the German company, adapts and manages the battery power according to the operations that are taking place.


  • Style: Thanks to a system with a good grip and with everything needed to keep the user safe, the Bosch drill works safely and continuously.
  • Variety: By taking advantage of the self-locking chuck, the tip closes better around the support, without losing the grip.
  • Duration: The battery allows you to manage and practically adapt all operations, to finish the job.


  • Buttons: Some people did not like the overall quality of the tips, which they say are lower than the final cost of the product.

Rank #4: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

Supported by an 18V lithium battery, this impact drill driver moves well, managing different types of drilling. It ranges from wooden walls, with a maximum thickness of 25 mm, then passing through the management of a metal surface of 10 mm.

To illuminate the work area, an LED light is also included, so that you can operate with greater precision and have a bright look at the area on which to get to work, even if it is in a difficult point to reach.

The two mechanical speeds then find an exciting combination explicitly designed for precision work on one side and operations in which instead a power is needed to be right of the hardness of the wall.


  • Variations: The two speeds available are used to keep the point during drilling better and screwing management.
  • Sturdiness: The type of drill proposed allows you to manage better the issue of work done safely and adequately, relying on a product that does not reserve surprises.
  • Duration: Thanks to the presence of a lithium battery, you can manage the drilling with a reasonable margin of autonomy.


  • Case: The quality of the present support is not up to the drill, thus creating more than one perplexity for users.

Rank #5: Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit

Two-speed gears, with a power and work management capable of better tackling a drilling up to a power of 38 Nm and with a type of screwing up to 7 mm.

This professional screwdriver drill has a length of 169 mm, in which compactness and functionality manage to give the best contribution in narrow places and for those aspects where the question of simplicity and convenience of work plays a central role.

Belonging to the “blue” family of the German company, it is a drill that is born and manages in the best way all aspects related to drilling and screwing of what is necessary to fix and stop. The Electronic Cell Protection system secures the battery in case of overcharging or excessive overheating.


  • Design: The line designed by Bosch allows work in continuity and with maximum performance, an aspect that distinguishes the whole family of professional products.
  • Safety: At all times, the state of the battery and the ability to work without risk, protect the object, and those who use it from any inconvenience.
  • Power: The double speed improves and supports the type of work done, with a commanding torque at all times.


  • Speed: As regards the effectiveness of drilling operations, some users consider it a bit too slow.

Rank #6: DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill

If you are wondering which DeWalt drill driver to buy, the Baltimore-based brand offers a rather interesting model, which also benefits from the support of a double 18V, 1.3 Ah lithium battery. All the gears work on a metal structure, to move and better manage operations and effort.

Each regulation can be set on fifteen types of management. The soft rubber handle improves grip and processing, with an LED indicator useful for pointing and having a clean and comfortable work area to manage in all its parts.

The universal charger and the case with which to transport the drill and the various accessories close to the most exciting aspects highlighted by the DeWalt proposal.


  • Line: The compactness of the drill is also combined with a shape optimized to the best and created to last, thus adequately managing both the work and the question of ergonomics.
  • Variations: There are two speeds available to the user, with a reversibility system that also allows you to change the direction of the operation.
  • Case: The structure inside which to put everything is comfortable and straightforward to carry, using a handle to move everything around.


  • Drill function: The screwing method is highly appreciated; however, a lower quality was found on the drilling front, with some disappointment among users.

Rank #7: Skil 20V 1/2 Inch Cordless Drill Driver

The best cordless screwdriver for home use/ driver moves on the double line where, in addition to the battery, you can also connect everything to the current.

Among the offers on the market, this stands out on its excellent quality/price ratio. From this point of view, it is not necessary to continuously change between the different batteries, thus having excellent autonomy and continuous work management.

The price range places the product in the line of comfortable supports to be used for those who occasionally devote themselves to home operations. The six meters of cable offer excellent freedom of movement, while with the 12 V power of the screwdriver, you can manage a good number of supports and walls.


  • Connection: The first point that some users have bet on is all in the direction of comfortable support that can be easily connected to the electrical network.
  • Variations: Different fixing pairs, with a maximum number of positions to fix and which looks at diversification on one side, without neglecting the blocking and the precision of the drilling.
  • Convenience: Thanks to the reduced cost, the object proves to be an adequate solution for those looking for a comfortable product suitable for small jobs.


  • Storage: The lack of a suitcase or a suitable support to store it has created several discontent among the most demanding users.

Rank #8: Milwaukee 2402-22 M12 Fuel Screwdriver Kit

For those who do not pose problems related to high cost but look at a sturdy and quality object, the Milwaukee production company has created a robust and excellent performance drill. Already starting from the soft grip handle, you notice the attention for a purpose with lines that are above all comfortable and versatile. The detachment is previously perceived when checking the battery power.

If 18V is not a mystery, on the other hand, the situation becomes more interesting if you look at the 5.0 Ah, which it is equipped with. The power expressed by the Milwaukee drill driver is more significant, with 135 Nm and a speed that reaches 2,000 rpm. Then there is a metal hook, with a robustness that allows it to operate even with very frigid temperatures.


  • Power: The result is undoubted once the drill is put into operation, with many surfaces adequately tackled.
  • Grip: Once grasped, you immediately notice the study of ergonomics, with the convenience of the ideal object for those looking for a product with which to work efficiently.
  • Battery: Thanks to the 5.0 Ah available, the user works long and safely without worrying too much about autonomy.


  • Cost: The price could be the problematic point of this object, designed for those who have no expense problems and want to have the best available.

Buying guide – How to choose the best cordless screwdriver for home uses?

For those who have doubts about which is the best cordless screwdriver for home use to buy, we have created a guide that aims to provide all the appropriate tools useful for deciphering the mystery. At the end of each product reviewed, there are links on where to buy.

Wire or battery operated.

When it comes to the screwdriver drill, a central point is the simplicity or otherwise of using the object in different situations and particular conditions. Who wants maximum comfort and freedom of movement should focus on a battery model. Usually, there are one or two supports present inside, to alternate and manage the gearbox simply and functionally.

It is also good to look at the amperage and the declared power. Usually, 18V is an ideal measurement, with a minimum of 3.0 Ah as a reference value. In this regard, it is also good to check that control and monitoring systems are in place for the correct functioning of the battery. The lithium type works well and does not have the unpleasant memory effect, while some drills also mount a control system that secures if some cells are damaged, thus closing the circuit and avoiding further damage.

Those who do not want to depend on the overall battery life can point to the connection with the wire. This is an exciting solution for those who aim to fix and work by connecting the drill directly to the power cable. On the one hand, issues related to autonomy are avoided, but something is lost in terms of freedom of movement and agility.

Screwing and percussion

A good number of tools with which to better manage the tightening is that related to the type of drill you choose. Many turn to models capable of better managing this process, closing and tightening screws, and everything that can be tightened properly.

Different then is the case of those looking for a more versatile support, designed both for screwing and for drilling different elements such as a wooden wall, a metal wall, or a masonry type. In this case, the question is more complex, given that the power is diversified, with a specific measure for what concerns the screwing and one that instead adapts to the percussion.

Having an object with a dual function is a solution that we recommend to give to those who think in the future that they can manage or need both features. Otherwise, it is advisable to focus on a product that works well rather than on a drill that does not shine too much as regards the two aspects. Another aspect to consider is the quality of the spindle if self-locking is even better so that it blocks and keeps the tip in the best possible conditions.

Accessories and transportation

Then there is a whole series of additions that improve and make one drill more palatable than the other. Some elements to consider may be the presence of an LED light with which to have an important reference point for the hole to be made or the area to be screwed, especially in the presence of low light. The ergonomics of the handle and the sensitivity of the trigger allow you to vary the power at best, without straining your hand too much for those who have a long job ahead of them.

Another central aspect concerns the packaging and the box inside, which to place all the material you need. It often happens that many users complain of a good drill, which, however, lacks adequate housing.

In the case of a battery model, everything likely arrives well packaged, while the speech is not so evident for a wire drill. The presence of an adequate charger and a manual full of details and information raises several doubts about the quality and care with which a brand has created that product, thus choosing to provide the user with all the info he needs. Sometimes then, a purchase with a slightly higher than average expenditure can return over time, leaving the user more satisfied and with fewer problems to deal with.

Frequent questions

How to switch from screwdriver to striker?

The possibility of changing the type of work performed by the drill depends in part on the number of options available on the piece. In the case of a button, it is advisable to select the suitable symbology and also change the tip according to the type of wall to be worked on.

How to change the battery?

Choosing a cordless drill also brings the inevitable replacement.

The advice we can give you is about how you can unlock and detach the support. Take care to remove the block correctly, sliding the same battery out of the housing, so that you can charge it without difficulty or replace it.

How much does a screwdriver cost?

The expense required can vary a lot, leaving the user between different possibilities, from that of a product costing between 50 euros, ideal for small jobs, passing through more professional products that can even touch the 200 euros.

How does a self-locking spindle work?

It is a tool that allows you to insert the drill bit simply, without the same key that is usually used when closing. Unlike the manual model, you only need to fix the tip in the special housing, which thus tightens securely and without risk around the tip.

What is the LED light on a screwdriver for?

It is an addition on some models, mainly designed to facilitate the work of those looking for support when working on a particularly dark area or that needs more light for better precision. It is not a merely aesthetic addition but rather a practical and functional something for the purpose.

How to best use a screwdriver drill


In the case of a flush model, it is advisable to look for a point that is not at an exaggerated distance from the wall or at least able to allow the user to work comfortably and without the thought of having to necessarily switch to the battery, thus having to submit to issues mainly related to the autonomy offered. Make sure that there is nothing wet in the vicinity, always keeping all the best conditions for a job that is safe and comfortable just enough.


Once you have purchased a new drill, it is good to have a few simple points to keep it in mind and keep it in the best possible conditions. In this regard, it can be seen how the case plays a central role for those who try to keep each of the pieces that are part of this support in its place.

In case of long jobs, it is good to take breaks and let the tips cool down, so as not to excessively stress the heart of the support, risking to break it. Once the operations are finished, it is good to clean and cold remove the dust that has stopped above and around the drill to prevent it from getting dirty and, over time, can affect the result of a good job.

Choice of tips and tools

Check the qualities and the structure itself to understand what your drill can and cannot do. In this way, you will be able to make the most of its specific qualities, not expecting something that is not in the ropes or in the profile of the object you have chosen. Fortunately, if the product is well made, the maximum depth and capacity based on the material should be indicated. The opinions of different users can help you in this sense, thus finding the right compromise between the choice of drill and the type of power that can be right for you.

Use in screwdriver mode.

It is one of the two features that we often find on models of this type. Thanks to an internal motor that works in one direction or the other, you can connect a screwdriver with a variable tip, thus managing the development of different areas and points, with the screws that close or are removed very quickly, thereby optimizing the entire workflow.

Use in percussion mode.

The second option with which to move and thus have a double tool allows instead to screw to drill more or less rigid walls. They range from wood, through metal and hard plastic. In this case, it is advisable to inquire about the real power and how the drill manages this type of operation.

We speak specifically of drilling capacity and torque, with an engine at the base that delivers the right power and also allows you to manage wall work with precise and punctual processing, without the risk of putting the user in difficulty by going to create an inaccurate hole inside the wall. Being able, it would be excellent to be able to exploit a similar surface to perform a test and understand if the final result corresponds to what was expected.

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