5 Best Chainsaws For Milling [ 2021 Edition ]

When it comes to cutting trees or branches, preparing firewood, or any other category tree work, dispensing with the chainsaw is almost life insurance to end up with arm pain. Fortunately, the improved power and the adjusted prices of most of the best chainsaws for milling, we are seeing in the market make it easier for us to equip ourselves for less than you think with professional, powerful and high-level tools.

Among them, we find the Einhell GE-EC 2240 chainsaw, the most valued of the moment, a durable and high-end model that has a power of 2200 watts to make all kinds of cuts. Also highly recommended is the second chainsaw that consumers most appreciate, the Makita EA3200S35A model, which is ideal for the most complex and heavy jobs with 1350 W of power and a rugged gasoline engine.

What are the best chainsaws for milling in the market?

Whether you are a professional lumberjack and work directly in the forest or simply need a tool to cut firewood at home, you probably want to have your own chainsaw. But it happens that there are so many brands and models that it can be difficult to decide. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best chainsaw in the current market, with the aim of making your own chainsaw comparison and choosing a good and economical one.

The chainsaw is a very powerful tool that is used for pruning, cutting wood or cutting down trees. Generally, it has an engine that moves a toothed chain placed on a bar, known as a sword.

If you have already decided to buy a chainsaw, before asking how much it costs to be sure to read carefully the following features that you should take into account before making the purchase.

What are the best chainsaws for milling of 2020?

What distinguishes an intelligent buyer from a wasteful person is having the right information when choosing an item. For us it is important to always show the most competitive options; Here are some of the best chainsaws for milling of 2020.

Rank #1: Greenworks PRO 16-Inch

It is a powerful tool, which will be of great help to carry out DIY work, it also has a soft start that facilitates user handling.

Main Features Explained

Power and saber

As we mentioned earlier, this chainsaw has a power of 2200 watts, a power with which you will be able to produce different tasks, from cutting light logs, to those more robust, since it’s electric motor allows you to carry out different works both in your garden and outside of it.

On the other hand, the saber with which this chainsaw is equipped has a length of 406 millimeters, and in addition to this, it integrates cutting edge technology: “OREGON”, which gives the saber much more stability when handling the chainsaw, to proceed to make different cuts, working together with a chain made of high-quality materials that allow the cuts to be much more precise and with much cleaner finishes, characteristic that other chainsaw models do not enjoy.

Grip and start

Compared to other models of chainsaws, the Einhell GE-EC 2240 is a product that has a soft grip, and this is because it has an ergonomic grip, which allows you to handle this instrument with total comfort while performing work DIY, in addition to ensuring a much higher level of security, ensuring that you will have a safe product.

The boot of this equipment is smooth; Once you have started the machine, the operation that develops slowly begins until you reach the desired level of power.

Security and transmission

The Einhell GE-EC 2240 has the protection that prevents the recoil of the device, acting by an immediate break of the chain, effectively stopping the equipment in case of mishaps when handling it, preventing you from being exposed to hazards That put your health at risk.

The chain has a series of links that give security to it, in case it gets out.

On the other hand, the transmission of this chainsaw is made of highly resistant metal, which prevents wear and tear, providing a long-lasting product that has an optimal force to carry out different activities.


  • The most prominent advantage of this chainsaw is that it has 2200 watts of power, which makes it a really powerful machine, allowing you to make different cuts.


  • Some users point out that it can be a bit complicated to assemble the chain of this chainsaw, but once you start manipulating it, it becomes much easier.

Rank #2: Greenworks 20222 Electric Chainsaw

In order to keep the trees in your garden properly cut and trimmed, the most comfortable solution is the traditional gasoline chainsaw. A product that, despite the rise of battery models, is still present in the market both for its wide power and its ability to use and autonomy. All this without forgetting the greater resistance that these products usually have. As a sample of them, we find the model Makita EA3200S35A.

This gasoline chainsaw has an engine with an approximate power of 35 kilowatts. A power that together with the sharp design of his sword and the operation of his engine allows cutting not only branches but also all kinds of trunks and trees efficiently and effortlessly. To facilitate the work the product has a damping system that helps you avoid discomfort during cutting and makes you more productive. And so that maintenance is not a problem, the product is very easy to clean, with an easy to assemble and disassemble chain.

The same happens with the grease pump, properly automated and that helps you to run smoothly, just by filling the tank. A perfect product especially if you have a great need for cutting.


  • Cutting capacity: Thanks to its power, the product offers a wide cutting capacity, even in really hardwood such as dry olive, being an excellent and very versatile machine.
  • Chain Tensioner: The chain tensioning system is very easy to use allowing to maintain the proper tension of the chain.
  • Easy maintenance: All maintenance tasks such as filling the grease pump, changing the chain, or cleaning the product are really easy to perform.
  • Long-lasting: Its manufacturing system is highly resistant and able to withstand the pace of work imposed on it, guaranteeing long durability and operation throughout its useful life.


  • Instructions: The instructions for use can be somewhat confusing, although since the product has a simple operation you will not have too many problems in this regard.

Rank #3:Greenworks Pro 80V

From the hand of the Bosch brand, a chainsaw that promises to be one of the best of its kind arrives on the market, maintaining an affordable cost. Lightweight (4kg), ergonomic, and thanks to its 35 cm sword it is ideal for home use. With a 1,800 kW engine, it is powerful enough to perform small felling and pruning in a matter of seconds. Its steel claws achieve a firm grip, which will prevent accidents while you work.

It has the Bosch SDS system designed so that the user can tighten and change the chain without using any tools, facilitating its use. In addition, it has an integrated oil tank of 200 ml that fulfills the function of the automatic lubrication of the chain. Another of its great benefits is the Quick Stop system; an automatic blocking of the lightning action chain (less than 0.1 seconds) in case of contact.

Now, there will be those who think that Bosch is the best chainsaws for milling brand that exists in the market and so that you can judge it for yourself, we suggest you review the pros and cons of your AKE 35 model:


  • Functions: One of the advantages of this model is its integrated Quick Stop system with which you can stop and brake the chain in a matter of seconds if you wish. In addition, as in previous models, this chainsaw includes an automatic lubrication system.
  • Design: Another of its points in favor is its design, and it has an ergonomic handle that allows you to handle it comfortably and carry out both vertical and horizontal cuts without any inconvenience. Similarly, it should be noted that it is designed to perform hard tasks, its solid design is indicative of its strength and durability.
  • Weight: With a weight of 4 kilograms, this chainsaw is solid and manageable, a good option to be used for a long time without being tiresome as it would be a chainsaw of greater weight. Likewise, its compact form facilitates its transport and storage with the bag included for it.


  • Chain: The chain can be very fast when using the chainsaw for long periods, so you need to sharpen it often. Some users have chosen to acquire a second chain to sharpen them alternately.
  • Instructions: On the other hand, Internet users comment that the instructions do not include data on how to sharpen the chainsaw chain or what time it can be used before it needs a change, so it is suggested to take precautions.

Rank #4:Sun Joe 24V-X2-CS16

Whether you want to kill the brush and the branches of your trees, as if you need more serious cleaning, cutting trees, or preparing firewood for the winter, chainsaws are the perfect help so you don’t have to strain yourself with a handsaw.

A product with good power and proper operation helps a lot in this task, as does the Dolmar 701165040 PS-32C model. This saw works with a gasoline and oil system with an electronic management system, which helps you to start the product more easily, prolonging its useful life by better protecting the equipment. To be able to cut comfortably, it incorporates a 40 cm blade system with a double cutting side and a properly sharpened metal chain with which to cut branches and logs up to approximately 25 centimeters in diameter.

The lightness and comfortable touch of the grip handle help you work easily and comfortably. And if you do not want to worry about maintenance, this equipment has an automatic greasing system and largemouth tanks to facilitate loading. Something that is also simplified in the tension system that helps maintain the chain correctly by simply making a simple adjustment on the machine body.


  • Electronic control: The electronic control of the engine helps make starting easier and get just the power without excessive wear of the tool.
  • Sword Size: The saw has a sword of about 40 centimeters of the useful surface to be able to facilitate the work and the cut without too much effort.
  • Light: Even with full tanks, this product has a lighter weight than other equivalent models, making it easier for you to work.
  • Fill: The large holes facilitate the tasks of loading fuel and loading oil into the machine.


  • Heating: According to some users, it is advisable to let it rest every so often so that the system does not get too hot.
  • Capacity: It is not a product suitable for large trees, although it is versatile if its capacity is respected.

Rank #5: BLACK+DECKER 20V Max

The Stihl MS 181 has the qualities of a high-quality machine. Its power ranges from 1.5 to 2.0 kW of force, appropriate for cutting firewood or pruning in the garden. It weighs 4.3 kg so there will be no problem with loading it while doing the tasks. With a 35 cm long sword, this chainsaw works to cut trees up to 30 cm in diameter.

This Stihl chainsaw model consumes 20% less fuel and its gas emissions are 70% lower than other conventional equipment. Regarding noise, some users recommend using ear protection because it can be a little louder than normal.

A disadvantage of this equipment is its price since it is more expensive than many other chainsaws that are currently available.

If you still wonder which chainsaw to buy, then we invite you to take a look at the pros and cons that we mention below in relation to the Stihl MS 181 model:


  • Characteristics: It has a system that controls and reduces the number of vibrations allowing you to use it for gardening with greater comfort and less effort. Its weight of 4 kilos allows you to lift it without a major problem and its 9-tooth pinion nose ensures a solid grip to prune and saw trees.
  • Consumption Level: This chainsaw can reduce up to 20% fuel consumption and 50% in oil thanks to its STIHL Ematic system. In addition, it is capable of reducing up to 70% of harmful gas emissions, which constitutes considerable fuel and oil savings, also helping to protect the environment.
  • Use: This chainsaw is designed for gardening, pruning shrubs, and small trees up to 30 cm in diameter, a good option to keep at home, since it takes up little space and can be stored. Best of all, all its functions can be controlled with one hand, from its start to its braking thanks to its unified handle.


  • Power: This chainsaw can be considered as limited equipment, because it is of low power by having only 1,500 watts, not being recommended to saw very large trees or perform very heavy work.

How to use a chainsaw for milling

Before using your chainsaw, read the user manual to understand all the controls and safety features. Always follow the safety recommendations, you will also need protective clothing: safety helmet, ear protection, eye protection, long pants, work gloves, and steel toe boots.

How to turn on the chainsaw

To start a chainsaw with a cold engine, place it on flat ground and push the chain brake forward until it clicks. Electric chainsaws are turned on with the pull of a trigger, wired models require a suitable extension cable.

Pull the starter to the ON position, push the decompression valve – if it has one – and press the button approximately 6 times. Hold the front handle with your left hand and put your right foot on the rear handle. Pull the starter handle with your right hand until the saw is triggered.

Push the choke and pull again. When the saw is turned on, squeeze the throttle quickly to disengage the idle. To stop the saw, turn off the power switch.

How to make a cut

To make a cut with the chainsaw, hold the front handle with your thumb wrapped in your left hand and grab the rear handle with your right hand. Get into position – separate legs for added stability – pull back the chain brake to release it and then squeeze the throttle. The saw works best when the engine is at full speed.

Make the cuts away from the tip of the saw. Cuts made with the top of the tip can cause recoil, which can be dangerous since the chain brake can be applied. If it snaps, just pull back to unlock.

Make all cuts at waist level, never above shoulder height. Avoid cutting too close to the ground where the blade could dig and recede. You can cut down with the bottom of the saw; This is known as cutting with a traction chain since the chain pulls the saw. You can also cut up with the top of the saw, known as a cut with a push chain since the chain pushes towards you.

Security measures

When using a chainsaw, other people must be at least 4.5 meters away from you. When cutting trees, increase this distance to at least twice the height of the tree.

To use the chainsaw with maximum safety, you must perform its maintenance periodically and efficiently. In general, the manufacturer’s manual usually lists the maintenance items and tells you when to do it.

Each time you use the saw, check the chain tension and adjust it as necessary. Regularly inspect the saw and clean it. Check the air filter, clean it and replace it when necessary.

Inspect the operation of the throttle lock, the chain brake, the chain manifold, and the oiler. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix the fuel or use an appropriate premixed fuel.

Turn the saw off before performing maintenance, checks or adjustments. Disconnect the spark plug from a gas saw and disconnect an electric saw from the power source. However, to test the chain brake and chain lubrication the chainsaw must be working for these procedures.

The Most Popular Brands

The most demanding and expert customers take their time to analyze the characteristics of a product before buying it, as well as compare one brand with another to make the best decision; That is why we have made for you the selection of some of the best brands of Chainsaws most sought in the market, which are: Stihl, Husqvarna, and McCulloch.

Belonging to the gardening industry, the Stihl group is a German multinational that was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, who is recognized as the father of the chainsaw. Its headquarters are located in the city of Waiblingen, Germany. It is a company that is dedicated to the production of forestry, gardening and agricultural machinery; with a wide variety of machines that make outdoor work more bearable.

In addition, it has a safety line to complete all the equipment necessary to carry out work under standards of rescue and protection of consumers, also adding equipment for cleaning the spaces after the work is done.

In this way, the products are only distributed by the 35,000 specialized marketing networks authorized by the brand, which ensures the good condition and guarantees of the Stihl machinery. The brand has nine factories around the world, a total of 32 subsidiaries and 130 importers. These data demonstrate the reach that the Stihl brand has had in millions of consumers worldwide.

Based in Sweden, the Husqvarna group is considered a large multinational that produces agricultural, gardening and forestry machinery. Its supplies are aimed at that specialized consumer who demands high-level equipment for the fulfillment of their tasks, but does not neglect those who practice domestic tasks such as gardening, also offers products designed for safety and comfort at the time of performing those tasks.

The consumer to whom their machinery is directed has advanced or intermediate knowledge in the areas in which the use of Husqvarna products is necessary, so, if you consider yourself with a professional or semi-professional profile, these inputs are the ones indicated for your work outside.

Under the Husqvarna brand we can find the production and marketing of lawnmowers, chainsaws, blowers, cutters, brush cutters, and straighteners; With which your gardening projects will be much easier. But if you are one of those whose plans revolve around construction with Husqvarna, you can find a variety of cutting machines for natural and artificial materials, as well as demolishing machines, products that will be your allies to perform a particular gardening task.

It is a brand founded in 1943, in the state of Wisconsin, by Robert McCulloch, who founded the McCulloch Motors Corporation. Years later the headquarters are moved to the city of California where they produce their first chainsaw model 5-49, a classic of the brand, where its use requires two people to do the job.

It is until 1949 when the McCulloch company launches its 3-25 chainsaw model with a light design, revolutionizing the industry since it introduced the sole proprietorship, thus transforming the American course of tree pruning. The brand expands its product range in the mid-70s, introducing devices such as trimmers, trimmers, and blowers, expanding its borders and satisfying more customers.

Currently and since 1999 the McCulloch brand belongs to the European division of the Husqvarna company, then being part of the Husqvarna Group, which 9 years later also takes rights over the American market. Among its wide offer, McCulloch offers an extensive line of products for your garden such as chainsaws, powerful mowers, brush cutters, garden tractors, and hedge trimmers.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to sharpen a chainsaw?

First of all, it is important that you put on gloves, to protect your hands. Then, clean the chain of the lubricant and dirt you have so that the sharpening is optimal. In addition, the chain must be well adjusted, so that when sharpening it does not move.

One of the most effective ways to sharpen the chainsaw is by using lime. Of course, each file has a certain diameter, so it is best to review this aspect before buying one. Then, if you already have the correct file, start cutting the chain.

It should be noted that the direction of the file must be 25 to 30 degrees and it will be necessary to tilt the file upwards, about 10 degrees. If this process is not done properly, instead of providing the chain with an edge, you will remove it completely. Therefore, try to do this task calmly until you learn and can increase the filing speed a bit.

Q2: Why doesn’t my chainsaw start?

Sometimes it does not start because the spark plug has been damaged, these do not last long, maybe six months. It may also be that the piston is badly damaged and that prevents the engine from functioning properly.

Another possible cause is that the carburetor is very dirty, so the fuel does not function properly. However, there are times when the carburetor is out of adjustment, so we recommend taking it to a specialist in that area since it is not an easy topic to do if you have no experience in the subject.

Q3: Why does my chainsaw wet the spark plug?

Sometimes it is because the carburetor is not in good condition or needs some repair or adjustment. You can usually check this by smelling the liquid with which the spark plug is wet. If it smells like fuel, the problem comes from the carburetor. To solve this problem, it is best to buy a new carburetor or take it to technical service. Sometimes you just need cleaning and a better balance between the fuel and the oxygen that enters it.

On the other hand, if the liquid that constantly wets the spark plug smells like oil, the problem could be the engine, which is more serious, but in many models of chainsaws, this has a solution by changing or restoring it.

Q4: Which chainsaw is better, Stihl or Husqvarna?

Both brands are one of the most prominent with respect to chainsaws, so either of them would serve you. What you should know is for what type of jobs you need a saw. Some users consider that the Stihl brand is more specialized in the professional field and Husqvarna for home use. However, due to the wide variety of current models, this second brand also correctly responds to the expectations of many professional buyers.

Also, let’s say you need to cut quite robust and large wood. In that case, it is best that the chainsaw has more power, as well as a wide chain. This quality could determine which brand and model to buy.

Shopping guide

It all depends on your own needs. Just as there are some harder woods than others, there are more powerful chainsaws than others depending on the engine they have. Your choice will depend on the characteristics of the wood you are going to cut and the frequency of use that you are going to give it. The weight of the device must also be verified because this influences its ease of use.

In the current market there are three main types of chainsaws that we will describe below:


These chainsaws can reach a power of 1600 to 2200 watts but they must be connected to the electric current, which reduces autonomy so many times you will need an extension cable if this is your case make sure that the extra cable supports the watts needed by the chainsaw.

The maintenance of this type of chainsaw is carried out by filling the chain’s grease oil tank, sharpening the chain and cleaning it after each use. The most common size of chainsaws with an electric motor is 35 to 40 cm (in relation to the length of the sword), ideal for softwoods up to 20 cm in diameter.

Lithium battery

Chainsaws that use a lithium battery to operate have a power of 18 to 36 volts and require the same type of maintenance as the previous ones. They are simple to handle and offer maximum autonomy because they do not need to be connected to the electric current. However, your batteries usually run out in a matter of minutes, so it is recommended to always have at least 2 batteries. Being the smallest, they are suitable for cutting softwoods up to 15 cm in diameter.

With the petrol engine

These chainsaws have engines that range from 33 to 50 cm3, which means that they offer much more cutting power than an electric or battery, but also require superior maintenance than others because you have to clean the spark plugs, mix the oil, etc. They use gasoline mixed with oil as fuel for their operation and because they are the most powerful they are ideal for cutting all types of wood. These are usually those used by professional woodcutters to cut down trees in the forest.

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