5 Best Bosch Drill [ 2021 Edition ]

Choosing the right drill can make a person’s job a lot easier. That is why we try to present the best options in this guide. But we know that there are people who do not have time to read shopping guides, so we have prepared two quick recommendations for them. We start with Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE , professional rotary hammer, with depth limiter, chiselling function and vario-lock. It is powered from the mains and can be used for wooden, metal or concrete surfaces. The second recommendation is Bosch GDX 180-LI , also a professional drilling machine, but this time with a battery. It has a maximum torque of 180Nm and a maximum speed of 2800rpm.


The Best Bosch Drills: 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for a good Bosch drill? Maybe the selection of the most popular such power tools, made by us, based on user reviews in the online environment, can help you.


Rank # 1: Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE

 The Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE drill has a power of 800W and a percussion energy of 2.7J, a maximum speed of 900rpm and can reach a number of 4000 percussions per minute. All these values are generated by a tool that weighs just over 2.5 kg. The manufacturer recommends it for drilling in multiple work surfaces, the perforation diameter depending on their hardness. It also has a chiselling function.

Both the main and the additional handle allow a firm and comfortable grip, which translates into easy maneuverability and high comfort throughout the work. The Vario-Lock function also supports the user, allowing him to adjust the chiselling tip of the drill, in no less than 36 positions.

The power supply is made from the mains, which means that the 220 V voltage can support the 800W motor brilliantly, but also that the drill is dependent on a socket. Therefore, make sure that the work area is supplied with electricity. Otherwise, this Bosch professional percussion drill has no notable shortcomings.


Rank # 2: Bosch Easy Impact 550

 This is a hobby Bosch percussion drill, designed to meet the basic needs of a household. It weighs only 1.5Kg and has an ergonomic and compact design, which makes it easy to use even by people who have never used such a tool before. The drill has three functions, namely normal drilling, percussion drilling and screwdriving, quickly interchangeable via a switch.

The power supply is made from the mains, and the car has a 550W motor and 11Nm of torque. It is capable of a maximum speed of 3000rpm. It can be adapted to a wide range of work surfaces (wood, concrete, metal), thanks to the electronic speed adjustment system. Thus, it can be maintained at a reduced speed for harder surfaces or it can be accelerated to a higher speed for less resistant surfaces.

The drill comes with a depth limiter, a carrying and storage case and an additional handle for a more comfortable grip. The cable through which the power supply is made has 2.5m, therefore, in certain situations, it may be necessary to use an extension cord. Overall, it is a possible solution for those looking for a Bosch drill, at a good price.


Rank # 3: Bosch GDX 180-LI

 Professionals who are faced with the most diverse situations, being forced to work without a power source, can use a Bosch battery drill. This model is powered by an 18V Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3.0Ah. The double support for the screwdriver heads, transforms it into a very multifunctional tool, being capable of screwing, drilling and fixing with bolts.

This professional Bosch drill has a strong torque of 180Nm, which combined with a maximum speed of 2800rpm and a maximum of 3600 percussions per minute, shortens and streamlines the work process. LED light is a real help in workspaces with poor light, and the ergonomic design makes its use not tiring.

At this Bosch percussion drill we find a motor with charcoal brushes, and for an optimal operation of the power tool, it is necessary to replace these brushes, at various time intervals, which will generate additional costs.


Rank # 4: Bosch EasyDrill 1200

 There are also solutions for occasional users who do not want to complicate the laying of cables. Although the battery of the 12V Bosch drill may seem small, at first glance, it generates enough power to perform efficient tasks at home. In addition, the battery has no memory effect and does not self-discharge when it is at rest.

The low weight of the drill, of only one kilogram, ensures an efficient maneuverability, and the technical characteristics are also notable. The tool has a maximum torque of 20Nm, adjustable on 16 levels, and reaches a speed of 1650 rotations per minute. Power is efficiently channeled through Syneon Chip technology for better efficiency and increased strength.

This Bosch cordless drill allows you to adjust the speed by means of a switch, for a correct adaptation to the work surface, whether it is made of wood or metal. The diameter of drilling in metal is 6mm, and that of drilling in wood is 20mm. All these aspects include this power tool in the category of Bosch drills, cheap and good.


Rank # 5: Bosch GBM 32

 This is a professional, high-power Bosch drill with a 1500W motor, which places it among the most capable power tools in Bosch’s portfolio. As expected, it is powered from the mains, because it takes a very high voltage to power such a motor.

The power tool has a maximum speed of 740 revolutions per minute and a maximum torque of 220Nm, with a four-speed gear. It is intended for use on hard metal surfaces, such as steel, where it has a perforation capacity of 32mm. However, it can also be adapted to less hard materials such as wood, ceramics or plastic.

Being a tool designed for difficult working conditions and its weight is appropriate, weighing 7.3 kg. To facilitate maneuverability, it comes with an additional handle, which also generates a more comfortable working position. Given its characteristics, it is clear that we can not fit it even in the category of Bosch drills, at good prices. However, it easily falls into the category of the most powerful drills available.


Rank # 6: Bosch PBD 40

 Because we think about the most diverse and demanding needs of users, we will also discuss a vertical drilling station. This Bosch drill is intended for mounting on a workbench. It is powered by the mains, has a power of 710W and a maximum speed of 2500 rotations per minute.

The functions with which it is equipped are easy to use and have the role of facilitating, as much as possible, the user’s work. Let’s take as an example the electronic display on the digital display. Through it, the speed can be adjusted and adapted, depending on the material processed at a given time. The manufacturer recommends the use of drills for wooden surfaces (drilling diameter 40mm) and metal (drilling diameter 13mm)

For extra brightness in the work area you can use the built-in LED lighting, and for more precision when drilling you can use the integrated laser. The keyless chuck automatically secures the working tip, which will be protected by the safety ring, reducing the risk of detachment. This model is one of the best Bosch drills in the category of workbenches.


Rank # 7: Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus

 This drill, with battery, Bosch 18v has a 13mm chuck, with clamping system, for the most commonly used tips. It can be used for drilling, but also for screwing / unscrewing, due to the right / left operation. It is designed to ensure an easy and comfortable use for both professionals and amateurs. It weighs 1.1Kg, but can generate a maximum torque of 63Nm, and the rotation can be adjusted in two steps, depending on needs (working in metal, masonry or wood).

The battery, with a capacity of 2.0Ah, is protected against overload, overheating and deep discharge, through Bosch Electronic Cell Protection technology. Bosch engineers have thought not only about the safety of the battery, but also about that of the motor, which is overloaded by the Electronic Motor Protection function.

The drill comes with two 18V batteries, therefore you will have a spare one for emergencies. Moreover, you will receive with this drill a pair of special glasses and a protective mask. In the comments sections, on various sites, where users write opinions about the best Bosch drills, the good price-performance ratio of this model is often invoked.


Rank # 8: Bosch GBM 16-2 RE

 This model of Bosch drill of 1000W is recommended, especially, to the professionals who execute formwork works. This tool is efficient in making formwork holes, and the right / left operation allows the detachment of the drills very well fixed. Moreover, it can be used for mixing and homogenizing the different materials used in masonry.

Bosch engineers managed to incorporate the power of 1000W in a case of only 3.7Kg. The speed of the power tool is adjustable, in two stages (0-600rpm; 0-1450rmp), for an optimal adaptation to the structure of the working material. The power supply is made from the mains, and the switch is operated very easily, even with one finger.

The fact that it is assembled from resistant and high-performance materials, such as the roller bearing gear, ensures a long service life, even if it is subjected daily to harsh conditions on a construction site. Therefore, it can prove to be the best Bosch drill for a professional.


Rank # 9: Bosch BAT043

 For those who will choose a Bosch drill, with battery, it is necessary to recommend an alternative solution to the battery with which the power tool comes equipped. An extra battery never breaks, because there is always the risk that the one in the drill will break down or discharge during a long work.

Most of the time, a drill comes equipped with a Li-Ion battery, but you should know that there are other types of batteries. The model proposed by us is a NiMH type, with a capacity of 3.0Ah and a supply voltage of 12V. A NiMH battery does not discharge much and, as you can see, can generate enough high currents to ensure the optimal operation of a drill, in the category of semi-professional or hobby.

To ensure that our recommendation matches your drill, it is necessary to carefully consult the list of compatible models in the product description.


Frequent questions:

Can I find spare parts for a Bosch drill?

The easiest way to find original and suitable spare parts, suitable for your Bosch drill, is to go to the official website, bosch-professional.com, in the service section. Here you will find both parts and repair and support services.




Can I buy Bosch drill rotor online?

Of course, this part can be bought online, but you have to make sure, when ordering, that the rotor placed in the basket corresponds to your drill model.


Can I buy any Bosch drill battery separately?

Whether you want to replace your drill battery with a new one or you want a spare version, you can find, online, all three types of batteries (Li-Ion, NiCd, NiMH) of different capacities and voltages, from the battery 9.6V Bosch drill, 36V batteries. All you have to do is make sure they are compatible with your model.




Safe use of a Bosch drill


Using a drill, no matter how small its power, is not a game. That is why you must take into account certain aspects for the work to take place in complete safety.




Safe use of a cable drill

The tool plug must fit the outlet from which it will be powered. It is not recommended, in any form, to make improvisations at the plug or socket. Otherwise, you increase the risk of electric shock, for you and the people around you. It also increases the chances that the drill will be short-circuited.

The cable must be used exclusively to power the drill, so it is not advisable to use it to transport or suspend the tool. It is also vital to keep it away from heat, wet or sharp surfaces. By subjecting the cable to the above actions, you increase the risk of it being damaged or damaged. Moreover, the risk of electric shock increases.

Always draw attention to the cable of people entering the room where they are working with the drill. This reduces the occurrence of unpleasant accidents.


Safety rules valid for the use of any type of drill

It is important to wear appropriate equipment when working with a drill. The equipment must include goggles, dust mask, special gloves, non-slip shoes and even earplugs, if you work with a noisy drill. Be careful what time you work, though, because not all neighbors have earplugs.

Avoid wearing loose clothing, jewelry and tighten your hair, if necessary. All the mentioned elements are prone to the risk of being caught by the moving parts of the drill, generating accidents.

The drill should only be used for the purposes recommended by the manufacturer. It is not recommended to force or overload the tool, using it on other work surfaces, which it cannot cope with. Also, even the use on materials for which it is recommended must contain breaks for cooling the power tool.


Buying guide:

Whether you like to undertake projects, on your own, in and around the house, or you are a professional worker, a drill is a tool that should not be missing from your tool workshop. Bosch is one of the recognized and appreciated manufacturers for these devices and has produced drills for all categories of users, so our guide below is aimed at both amateurs, who must learn to identify the tool that best meets their needs, but and professionals who need a new power tool and need to be informed about new technologies.





In this step we will quickly explain the main factors that influence the performance of a drill.

The power generated by the drill motor dictates the surface in which it can be used, and, more importantly, the maximum perforation diameter of the respective material. Let’s take as an example a hobby type drill (eg Bosch Easy Impact 550) with a power of 550W and a professional drill (eg Bosch GBM 16-2 RE), with an almost double power, respectively 1000W. Although the first can be used for drilling steel, the maximum drilling diameter will be 8mm, while the second can drill the same material with a diameter of 16mm.

The speed (number of rotations per minute) also influences the efficiency of a drill and must also be related to the material in which it will work, because each material responds differently to the drilling process. Therefore, you must choose a model with two adjustment stages (eg Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus, Bosch EasyDrill 1200), in order to be able to be used both on hard surfaces (with a low speed) and on higher surfaces. soft (with a high speed).

Percussion (or the number of percussions per minute) is a function that can be found in both professional and household appliances, but the efficiency is significantly different, the balance clearly tilting in favor of the first category. Professional drills use a piston cylinder, capable of generating very high power, to accomplish this action. Instead, the hobby type uses a much simpler system, based on cams, the percussion power being much lower.


Recommended work surfaces:

You must know very well, even before buying a drill, what kind of surfaces you will work on. It is not a solution to buy a drill to use on surfaces not recommended by the manufacturer, because you risk damaging it.

If you use the drill for minor things, such as fixing furniture, most hobby models can cope with this minor challenge. But if you are going to drill concrete surfaces, it is recommended to orient yourself, from the beginning, towards a more versatile semi-professional power tool.


Power supply:

Drills can be powered in two ways:

directly from the mains or through batteries, which in turn are divided into three categories.

The drills fed from the network are intended, in particular, for professionals or those who have to carry out larger projects within the household. The 220V supply voltage can brilliantly power larger motors, capable of better performance.

Battery-powered drills are recommended for those who do not want to complicate the laying of cables or professionals who work in areas without power. If you opt for such a model, you must consider the voltage, capacity and type of battery.

The supply voltage has an influence on the power, so if you want a more powerful car, for home use, you must choose one with a 12V to 18V battery. Those that exceed this number of volts, also exceed the limits of domestic use. The capacity of a battery refers to the amount of energy that can be stored by the battery. For a hobby type power tool, a capacity of 2.0Ah is sufficient, while a professional one must have around 5.0Ah.

Batteries can be divided into three categories, as I mentioned earlier: Li-Ion, NiCd and NiMH. Li-Ion batteries are the only ones that do not have a memory effect, more precisely the capacity of the battery is not affected if it is put or removed from the charger at any time, without the discharge or charging processes being complete. Moreover, this type of battery does not self-discharge during long periods of rest and has a very long lifespan.

NiCd batteries also withstand rest periods without self-discharge and generally have a lower cost than Li-Ion ones. Instead, cadmium, a chemical element that is part of it, is harmful to the environment. The negative aspects do not stop here, the battery withstands a smaller number of charging-discharging cycles, and the batteries do not behave very well at high temperatures.

NiMH batteries are also immune to self-discharge and can be used as a backup solution for a drill that uses a battery with a capacity of up to 3.0Ah.





Usually drills that weigh a lot gain points in terms of power and performance, but make major concessions to maneuverability and ergonomics. Usually, the ones fed from the socket are very heavy, because they have a bigger motor inside. Thus, these models are clearly the solution for construction sites, where brute force is needed to perform tasks, both on the part of the workers and on the part of the devices.

For home use, cordless drills are recommended, because they have a high degree of portability and most have a compact and ergonomic design, which allow a comfortable use even for an amateur. Moreover, due to the shape, they can be used in confined spaces, without this action diminishing the degree of comfort.

We hope that the information in our guide has helped you get an idea of the drill model that will be a place of honor in your workshop. We must also let you know that you can find a cheap and good Bosch drill, suitable for your needs and in the online environment. The courier will bring it to your door, with the same warranty period that you benefit from in physical stores.


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