10 Best Belt Sanders [ 2021 Edition ]

The belt sander is the perfect companion to finish your carpentry or even welding work to prepare surfaces for painting. 

To achieve these optimal results, it is necessary to bet on a product that has sufficient quality and with a power and dimensions appropriate to the type of work you plan to perform. 

The model preferred by consumers of the moment is the SKIL 7500 6 Amp Belt Sander which offers a power of 650 watts with which you can play all kinds of work.

Besides, its dimensions offer a large work area but with a portable design that makes it easy to carry and store.

 We also have the Tacklife PSFS1A which has the fastening system . 

It will allow you to make the change of bands without the need to use a tool as usual with other sanders

Similarly, it should be noted that this machine comes with 13 grains of sand of different thickness bands that you can use whenever you want.

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Key Features


Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw
  • 13, 000 orbits per minute

  • Powerful–  2.8 amp motor 

  • Low vibration

 Bosch Power Tools - GET75-6N - Electric Orbital Sander
  • no load speed: 290 to 640 RPM

  • Provides 2 sanding modes,

  • Turbo mode – has direct-drive rotation 

Bosch orbital sander
  • Powerful 2.5 AMP motor

  • A micro filter system

  • Easy Disc attachmen

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander
  • Heavy Duty Motor 

  • Hook and loop system 

  • Dust sealed switch

TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander
  • 12 Pcs Sandpaper

  • Rubberized palm grip design

  • 6 Adjustable speed dial

10 Best Belt Sanders- Reviews In 2020

There is a wide variety of designs and style.  All sanders share the same objective to achieve a sanding that smooths and equalizes the surface without damaging it. 

Here are some models of the best cheap belt sanders that have been recommended by users according to their quality and performance.

Rank #1: SKIL 7500 6 Amp Belt Sander

The SKIL 7500 6 Amp 3-Inch Belt Sander is an ideal choice for carpentry, masonry, or DIY enthusiasts since the result of their work is professional and allows you to perform your work in less time due to its power and stability of the belt.

Main Features

Power and adjustment

One of the principal outstanding features is that this model has an ability of 650W to work quickly and easily . In addition, on different types of wood and surfaces without the most significant effort.

The speed of its band is quite good so that you can perform work on large work surfaces . It has an innovative system called ABC which allows the sandpaper not to be misaligned from the machine guaranteeing you a clean job and with professional finishes.

It also has a straightforward sandpaper replacement system and you only have to press a button so that the band is removed from the tool. It is easy to change it.


Its compact design and its low weight of only 2.8 kilograms allows manipulating . It is not a complicated task and will allow you to load it without problems if you wish.

The best thing is that this belt sander does not take up much space like others on the market. Its dimensions are 35 x 18.5 x 17.3 centimeters. The band size in millimeters is 76 by 457 and will allow you to work on surfaces of 76 x 130 mm.

Its materials are highly resistant so that despite the work you do. You are confident that you will have a durable tool. Also, the quality of your body allows it to be resistant to minor shocks and scratches.

Therefore, the manufacturers of the Skil 1210AA placed a soft and non-slip material so that when you do the DIY. 

Dust bag

Another feature that most highlight its buyers is the practical dust bag and will allow the work area to be kept clean and free of waste . This is only possible because it has a novel suction system so that it does not you have to worry about dirt and concentrate only on the work to be done.


  • When we talk about belt sanders, it is important to take into account the working power and their size. That is why the Skil 1210AA is considered by its buyers ideal for DIY work as a professional if you are only an amateur. It has 650W of power, and the movement of its band reaches 300 m / m, which gives you a guarantee of fast work and great results.


  • Some buyers of the product consider it as a disadvantage that this belt sander does not support powerful work to be done, such as door pickling. However, this may be an isolated opinion of a customer because most buyers attest to the optimal work you can do, including large areas.    

Rank #2: TACKLIFE Belt Sander

This product comes with two clamps to fix it in horizontal or vertical direction tables. It will work as a bench sander, and you can easily sand small parts.

Also, we can mention that it has a power of 600 W. . You can do your DIY work at home faster than using other tools.

In addition, this sander comes with 13 different thickness bands which you can use according to the material you are sanding. In this way, you will save money since you will not have to purchase these accessories separately.

On the other hand, the package includes two adapters and you can connect the machine to a vacuum cleaner and clean the debris while you are sanding which prevents dust from accumulating on the table that keeping the work area comfortable. 

When doing so, we recommend you to wear glasses or a mask to protect your respiratory tract from future diseases.

It is one of the most economical belt sanders on the market. Knowing its pros and cons could help you choose an optimal product. Here are some of them.



It has a plan that allows it to be used quickly and safely. However, we recommend using safety accessories such as hand gloves and glasses.


It has a dust collector, which will help you keep the surface clean where you are sanding.


This tool has several speed levels, so you can use the one that best suits the work you are doing.



The sander does not come with caps, so you must purchase them separately.


It is a tool that is mainly used to do DIY work in your home or little demanding professional tasks.

Rank #3: WEN 6515 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander

One of the best Belt Sanders in 2020 is this versatile model of the German brand WEN . 

It works with 600 W of power and variable speed which opens up a range of possibilities in terms of the materials that can be removed and the quality . 

It can be obtained as in the grade and type of sanding belt that can be used.

It is also perfectly adaptable to work with mobile and fixed applications because it can easily be attached to any worktable.

It has a blocking function shown through an LED indicator for jobs that need continuous operation . It facilitates its handling.

 It also has a firm box-type device for collecting the resulting dust and a soft handle for a safe and confident grip of the tool.

While it is one of the cheapest belt sanders on the market, we recommend that you review the pros and cons that we describe below for more information before proceeding with your purchase.


  • It has a power of 600 watts, with which you can eliminate or sand any type of waste or material of the area that is of your interest, especially taking into account that it has dimensions of 47.2 x 17 x 14.8 centimeters and a weight of only 3.1 kilograms.
Adjustable Speed:
  • It is possible to regulate its speed in up to 6 levels, being able to go between its minimum of 170 m / min to 250 m / min.
  • You can give this model two principal utilities, one as portable equipment and another as fixed equipment. As a compact model, you can sand any wall, door, floor or whatever you want, while setting the sander to a table or surface, you will have the possibility of sanding knives, axes or other tools.


  • Users have let us know that this model produces excessive noise, so they even suggest hearing protection when using it.
Location of the speeds:
  • A disadvantage that the team has is the location of the wheel where the speeds are changed, the speed change becomes difficult, sometimes having to remove the fixation for Be able to make a change.

Rank #4: SKIL 3376-01 4-Inch x 36-Inch Belt Sander

The 1210 AA model from Skil is a tool designed for broad sand areas. Due to its high operating speed

It is equipped with the “ABC” (“automatic band centering”) system. You will be guaranteed a perfect sanding.

You can change the band without tools which gives you convenient handling and just open the system lever, insert the group, and then close the bar again. 

In addition, this model of the best Belt Sander has a dust extraction system integrated so that the dust you generate when sanding does not end up scattered throughout your work area, but in a tank.

It works at a speed of 300 m / min with a power of 600 W and has soft ergonomic handles to guarantee a perfect grip and total control with both hands.

Now, if you are interested in knowing a little more about what is known by users as the best belt sander of the moment .

We invite you to review the pros and cons that we list below about the Skil 1210 AA.



One of its points in favor is that it has measures of 35 x 18.5 x 17.3 centimeters, and a weight of 2.9 kilograms, is completely portable and easy to take anywhere.


It has a power of 650 watts, with which you can operate the equipment and sand anything, from knives to tables and walls.

Click System:

It has a straightforward system designed for the quick and easy change of the band, you just have to open the lever and take out the band, then introduce another and close the bar. As simple as a click!

“ABC” System:

Another of its advantages is that it includes an automatic centering of the band, thanks to which it will not move from its site until you decide to remove it under the Click system, being able to avoid accidents or occasional inconveniences.

Dust suction:

This model has the possibility of vacuuming all the dust that arises during the use of the equipment so that your work area does not end up full of dust, so in conjunction with its many benefits it is not a surprise That is also the best belt sander for 50 euros.


  • Speed: Its only point against it is that although it performs under a speed of 300 m / min, it cannot be regulated by the user.

Rank #5: POWERTEC BD4600 Belt Disc Sander

The best quality-price belt sander on the market is this compact and high-quality tool that combines high performance with maximum functionality. 

800 W of power and 380 m / min of speed always provide sufficient strength to obtain an optimal finish on the most diverse surfaces.

It has a large and stable additional handle, which allows you to hold it comfortably and safely. 

It is equipped with an integrated dust extraction mechanism in a durable bag for as much cleaning as possible in the workplace.

You can change the sandpaper bands quickly and easily with a single lever movement. 

It allows a subtle adjustment in the band bearing for a more precise finish and has a ceramic protector to protect the tool in case of an incorrect alignment.

This best brand of belt sanders will depend on the tastes of users, the POWERTEC has worldwide recognition. 

It would not be a bad idea to give it a try.

 We invite you to review the pros and cons that We list below about your TH BS 8038 model.



One of its advantages is that it has a power of 800 watts, with which it is possible to reach a speed of 380 m / min, being the highest among the products previously described.

Aspiration of dust:

Similarly, as in previous models, this equipment is capable of sucking the earth that is produced during use, is stored in a mixed bag. This way, there will be less chance of long-term respiratory problems.


This sander includes two handles, one large and one additional, to facilitate its grip and thereby prevent accidents during use. In addition, it consists of a band adjustment system. It is well located, and if it is not, it protects the tool to start.


  • Users have let this model know that it produces excessive noise, so it is suggested to take this into consideration.
  • On the other hand, mention that its speed is not adjustable; that is, it only has one for its use.

How to use a belt sander

When we do a job, we always want to get the best results. This is no different when it comes to wood, metal, or other material . It can be sanded to look for an excellent finish. Belt sanders have arrived to facilitate the job of obtaining a perfect finish on different surfaces quickly and easily.

Consider the power

The motor power of a belt sander is the element that will determine the capacity of the work you can do with it. A low power sander will allow you to work mainly on wood and polish some metals. The high power equipment will provide you with the possibility of working with almost any material you need. But this is a matter of necessity as you may only need to work on wood or other easy-to-polish surfaces.

Follow the instructions for use

It is essential that you follow the instructions for use indicated in the manual that includes the manufacturer of the machine. This will help you to know its functionality and ability to work on each material. Belt sanders require changing the sandpaper which can be a simple task if you follow the instructions, or complicated if you risk doing so only by following the knowledge you have about this type of equipment.

Another essential aspect when following the instructions for use is that they teach you how to perform the maintenance of the machine and how often it should be done.

Pay attention to safety

When using a machine of this type, it is imperative to follow some safety rules so that there are no problems that put your physical integrity at risk when you are using them.

In principle, you should use some safety implements, such as anti-cut gloves which will prevent your hands from getting burnt or cuts while you are sanding. Safety glasses protect the eyes from debris generated during sanding.

The mask also protects the respiratory tract from these residues that can affect health. The earmuffs are another safety implement. These are usually used when the noise level of the machine is very high. You should also consider checking the electrical connection and the engine before turning it on.

How to sand

Although using a sander may seem easy, for those who have no experience in it, it can be a complicated task. When you are going to sand any surface, especially wood. You have to prepare it. It is about making sure that it is well fixed so that it cannot jump when you make contact with the sander.

The belt sander has a handle that allows you to have greater control when using it. This helps the posture, which is usually firm and with the legs slightly apart to facilitate movement of the upper body. Place the machine on the surface and  holding it firmly and start making slow round-trip movements that are smooth and similar on the surface. This will allow you to get a uniform finish.

The most popular brands

When it comes to sanding without getting tired, there is nothing better than equipping yourself with a good belt sander. 

These tools allow sanding in an automated way, offering adequate control over the process so that you can obtain the desired result quickly. 

Whether you are new with this type of tool or if you are thinking of updating your sander.

 We offer you the information of three of the leading manufacturers in the market for this type of product. Surely it will be instrumental.

To talk about power tools is to talk about Bosch. This German manufacturer, which has now diversified into all kinds of products and services, had power tools as its first product.

 It currently offers a complete range of power tools of all kinds that are highly appreciated by users for their manufacturing quality and for the results they offer, even at a professional level. 

It is not strange since the company has been manufacturing this type of tool in 1889 and adapting them to the specific needs of its users.

An experience that has been reflected in products such as the first light plastic tool design dating from 1956. Among its offers are tools such as drills, saws, and the belt mentioned above sander. 

These sanders offer variable widths according to your needs, adjustable speeds and very easy to use belt loading systems so that even a newcomer can use them without problems.

As with Bosch, Makita is another company that has a long history. He begins in 1915 in the city of Nagoya, where Makita starts as a workshop for the sale and repair of electric motors and transformers. 

As they progressed in their operations and offering new products, the company moved its factory in the 1940s. 

It would be in 1958 when the company would begin to specialize in power tools with the launch of its first brush being pioneers in This type of device.

Later, other novelties would arrive, such as the primary battery drill manufactured in 1969. 

From this year on, the company would begin to expand its operations in Europe and Canada while launching news such as the first pneumatic tools presented in 1981.

Apart from this year, the company would continue to have its operations all over the world and expand its product range according to the new times, betting on electrical products with battery and without cable. 

This range is its belt sanders, which offer simple results with little effort for all types of users.

Among the most traditional American manufacturers in terms of machinery and motorized tools for construction and carpentry, we find Dewalt. 

This company was founded in 1924 by the inventor of the radial arm saw.

 This great invention allowed the company to multiply, offering other products such as traditional saws.

The company has gone through several hands since its founding, and although it became part of the Black and Decker group, it was sold in 1989 is currently independent.

 It was Dewalt herself who has gone shopping in 1994 to acquire the German manufacturer of ELU tools.

Now, the company manufactures more than 200 hand tools of mechanical and electrical type and around 800 accessories for this machinery. 

Among that offer, we find its belt sanders, which offer excellent results and professional level adapted to the needs of the home user.

Shopping Guide


As with all electrical machinery, the engine power of your future electric sander will establish what it is capable of. 

The higher the power, the greater the size of the sanding belt will be and therefore the speed of work. 

This power also shows what is the level of sanding available, depending on the different rates and materials on which you can work. 

It is not the same to make a fine sanding on a piece of wood that a thorough sanding on a piece of metal.

As a general, it is always better than if you have doubts among several powers in relation to the work you are going to do. Always choose the superior model, in order to have a higher work versatility. 

Do not also forget that the greater power of the engine will guarantee you a higher capacity for work and for a longer time so that the durability will be much more exceptional than that of a machine of lower cost and power.

Ease of assembly

One of the main elements of a belt sander is the sanding belt. These bands are already directly mounted so that we just have to introduce them into the machine and start working. 

In high-quality tools while in the belt sanders of lower prices, the process can be more difficult.

 Considering the importance of the sander being correctly located and the cost of it is essential that at the time of purchase . 

You opt for those that simplify the assembly process as much as possible.

This is usually done by tensioners that keep the band in place, but can sometimes be complicated to use. 

Therefore it is critical that the belt sander you choose has an adequate way to mount the belt which does not pose a significant problem itself.

Working speed

He thinks that given the high sanding capacity of a belt sander if it does not have different speeds.

 It is a problem to be able to use it properly.

 A rate more or less establishes the difference between doing a job at the right pace while, if not, you can sand more.

Therefore, when considering whether a belt sander is excellent and economical, you should look for one that has at least five speeds. 

The highest level belt sanders can have up to ten different speed levels.

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