10 Best Battery Grinder [ 2021 Edition ]

A grinder is a tool that everyone who is dedicated to DIY knows, but if you are a newcomer to the world of fudge, you may not know what this versatile tool is and what it is for. The best battery grinder is a fundamental machine in our workshops and houses. Its versatility lies in the wide variety of discs and accessories that you can exchange to expand its functions and perform various tasks such as sharpening tools, cutting materials and/or stripping surfaces.

Grinders, also called molars, are DIY machines equipped with a motor and gears, which rotate a piece of round shape at high speed, to which different accessories can be coupled and converted into a milling machine, wood router or sander. With it, you can do a lot of work with wood and other materials (stone, granite, metal, ceramics, etc.), since this useful tool can cut, polish and grind.

Investing in a grinder is an excellent purchase decision. It will help you simplify the work, that if you didn’t have it, you would have to do it manually. This tool allows you to cut, polish and sand faster, cleaner and more effectively. But there are so many brands and models that the market can offer you, it is difficult to choose which one will be the most appropriate for us. The idea is that you make a comparison and select the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

If you need a simple and small grinder for occasional work, you do not need to make an excessive expense. But if you are a professional and you have a workshop, it is worth the investment in a powerful grinder, of great capacity and adequate size to meet the demands of the job.

For its excellent trajectory of more than 125 years and its contribution to facilitating the lives of people, we have chosen the renowned Bosch brand. It was founded by Robert Bosch a German businessman with a vision of the future. In 2010, it reported sales of € 47.5 billion and in 2011, 300,000 employees worldwide and 264 production centers were registered.

Its varied product line includes the automobile industry, the recharging system in electric vehicles, consumer goods (home and industry), the construction industry, safety engineering, packaging technology, etc. Here is an excellent battery grinder machine, pay attention to its details, it could be a great investment.


Our Editor Choice's



Key Features


Toolman Variable Speed Angle
  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

  • 5/8"-11 spindle thread

  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

Toolman 4.5'' 5.6A 11500BPM
  • High performance motor

  • 6 variable speed

  • 5.6A Angle Grinder

MANUSAGE 7-Amp Angle
  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor

  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor


DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

  • 8,000 rpm motor

  • Rear handle design

 Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5 In
  • Paddle switch 

  • CUSHIONED interior

  • Variable-speed setting - 2,800 rpm to 11,500 rpm 

What is the best battery grinder of 2020?

Rank # 1: Bosch GWS18125VLiN

It offers a powerful 4-pole motor, which allows you to polish, sand or cut with a speed of 10,000 rpm, to perform better quality jobs in less time.

Main Features Explained

Power and capacity

The cordless grinder from Bosch features a robust, high-performance, 4-pole motor; This guarantees durability, high load capacity, and machine power. It generates a speed of 10,000 RPM, which allows you to perform jobs efficiently and with little effort.

It has the ability to work with cutting discs with a diameter of 125 mm, which facilitates work with various materials and various surfaces, eliminating material at high speed. This is one of the battery grinders with the best DIY results.

Portable design

Wireless technology is increasingly advancing in the field of tools, which is why today we have this great battery grinder Bosch brand. Its portability allows you to use it anywhere without the need for a power outlet, or annoying cables that limit your maneuverability.

This model of battery grinder has a design in blue and silver colors. It is a thin, compact and lightweight tool, which makes it easy for you to do it in hard to reach places. It weighs 2.3 kilograms and measures 4.6 x 3.6 x 1.5 cm. It is easy to handle and move. You will not have problems to store this grinder, you can easily store it on any shelf in your workshop or garage. In addition, its lightweight allows you to work without feeling exhaustion or extreme tiredness.

It has a rubberized grip and an additional handle that you can place on the right or left, depending on your needs. This facilitates better ergonomic handling and more precision in the work. It has an indicator of the state of charge of the battery that allows you constant monitoring of the energy reserves available to the grinder.


The Bosch GWS18125VLiN battery grinder is ideal for sanding, polishing, cutting or polishing. It is a versatile tool, just by changing the disc and mounting another accessory, you will have a perfect machine for any type of work, be it DIY or professional.

CoolPack batteries

The Bosch brand has designed the innovative lithium-ion batteries, CoolPack. Designed especially for this type of wireless tools. They guarantee a thermal dissipation and extend the life of the grinder up to 100%. They also have Bosch ECP, a battery protection system against any overload, total discharge, and heating. All in order to prolong the durability of the grinder.

Another important aspect of the battery is that it has no memory effect. That is, it can always be recharged without causing damage to the tool elements and the voltage is 18 volts.


  • Bosch GmbH is currently one of the leading companies in power tools not only in the European continent but also around the world. This model of grinder Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI Professional has as the main advantage of its magnificent value for money. Many users consider it the best cordless grinder of 2020.


  • We do not have records of any report that refers to failures in its operation. However, some demanding users miss, because it is a wireless grinder, that does not come with its corresponding battery included. However, its power and good price greatly compensate for this paste. It also has a good internet score.

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