Top 8 Best Band Saws For Resawing [ 2021 Edition ]

If you are looking for a band saw, whether for professional or only hobby use, in our buying guide, you will find everything you need to know so as not to risk finding yourself with a tool that is inappropriate for your needs.

You will also find the review of the best band saws for resawing most requested by consumers, starting with the Hemsaw 782XLH Band Saw, appreciated above all by professionals thanks to its excellent value for money, and the DEWALT Portable Band Saw, a model for hobbyists far cheaper.

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The 8 Best Band Saws For Resawing– Reviews In 2020

The Hemsaw 782XLH Band Saw is produced by the Italian firm Hemsaw, which specializes in the production of high-quality power tools intended mainly for professional use, in particular sawing machines, grinders, cleaners, drills, vacuums, and related accessories.


According to the opinions of buyers, professional and otherwise, among all the models currently sold online, the Hemsaw is one of the best band saws for resawing of 2020; in addition to a robust and resistant cast iron structure, in fact, it is driven by an induction motor that does not require any type of maintenance and is at the top of its performance for intensive work. The engine is controlled by an inverter card and is available in two different speeds.

It works with a voltage of 230V and absorbs a power of 2,000 Watts, is capable of cutting wood, metal profiles, and even thin sheets, using a suitable blade. The only limitation is represented by the considerable cost.


  • Professional: It is a professional band saw in all aspects because it is explicitly designed to withstand an intensive, albeit sporadic, workload.
  • Induction motor: NEBES uses cutting-edge technology, and the TM195 has a zero maintenance induction motor, controlled by an inverter card that modulates its speed.
  • Reduced consumption: The further advantage of the inverter induction motor is that it offers the performance of a standard 2,000 Watt electric motor, as indicated in the specifications, with a real consumption of half: only 1,000 Watts.


  • Price: The cost is decidedly high, but so are its performance and structural quality: it is the top of the band saws that we have compared, but it is the exclusive preserve of professional craftsmen.

Rank #2: DEWALT Portable Band Saw

The DEWALT wood band saw, on the other hand, has neither the new induction motor nor the power of the model examined previously, but on the other hand, it is characterized by a decidedly competitive price. The ease of use and performance offered by this band saw also makes it ideal for hobbyists and woodworking enthusiasts who enjoy doing small jobs in their free time or on weekends.

It is driven by a 120 volt single-phase motor. Therefore it consumes relatively little and generates a fixed cutting speed of 13.3 meters per second; the work surface measures 290 x 290 millimeters and can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees, while the cutting capacity is 190 x 85 millimeters, respectively in length and height. The quality of materials and finishes is just enough; however, also adjusting the flywheels is somewhat complicated.


  • Economic: The Fervi 350 band saw is one of the best-selling models above all thanks to its affordable price, but of course, the performance is sized for amateur users.
  • Sturdy: Although the manufacturing materials are of medium quality, the structure of the Fervi band saw is characterized by a slightly higher strength and solidity than the models sold at low prices.
  • Ideal for carpentry: The Fervi band saw is designed especially for cutting wood, and in fact, buyers report that it deals with any type of wood without problems: olive, walnut, mahogany, oak, and other varieties.


  • Manual and adjustments: The instructions are superficial and extremely lacking, therefore adjusting the machine to make it precise in the cuts is a long and complicated operation, especially for inexperienced hobbyists.

Rank #3: Laguna 220v Bandsaw

If you are interested in where to buy a band saw at a meager price, then you should take a close look at the model produced by the German company Einhell, whose distinctive feature is that it is the cheapest of all those examined in our guide.

It has a power of just 2.5 HP, but still ensures a working speed of 1,400 revolutions per minute, can perform straight, curved, oblique or transverse cuts and, depending on which blade is mounted, it can cut both wood and plastic and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum for example.

The cutting height can be adjusted up to a maximum of 80 millimeters, 45 for oblique cuts, it is equipped with parallel guides and is also designed to be connected to a dust suction system, through a 36 mm diameter nozzle mm.


  • Cost: It will be challenging to find a band saw that charges less and is able to offer the same build quality; despite being a well-known brand of the economic segment, in fact, Einhell is highly appreciated for the excellent quality level of its products.
  • Solid: The Einhell band saw is made of steel, so it is reliable and robust enough, which is not so evident among the power tools belonging to the range of low-cost products.
  • Versatile: Although it is intended only for occasional and non-intensive use by beginner hobbyists, it is versatile enough to allow both cutting of wood and laminates and plastic profiles.


  • Coarse finishes: The flaw of Einhell products in general, unfortunately, is given by the lack of attention to the finishes, so the assembly is mediocre and affects the precision of the cuts.

The Valex band saw is also designed for a primary hobby use, but it is characterized by a higher quality level than the economic saws examined previously.

It has a power of 400 watts, in fact, and a worktop measuring 340 x 340 millimeters, which is therefore significant and can also be tilted up to 45 degrees, in order to perform oblique cuts. Among the other positive aspects, which make the Valex band saw more versatile and playing, there is the cutting height that reaches 100 millimeters, unlike the economic models that stop at 80-85 millimeters, and even greater cutting depth, well 245 mm.

Shoppers reported that Valex also has far better than average cutting precision; the only flaw is represented by the price, which despite being well proportioned to the quality of the machine, is in the medium-high range and is less accessible.


  • Cutting performance: The height and depth of cut are 100 and 245mm, respectively, so the working space is significantly higher than that of cheap band saws.
  • Precise: The protractor is not only not a dancer like in economic models, but buyers also report that it is smooth and almost entirely free of play, which makes the cuts extremely precise.
  • Support: The Valex also comes complete with a support pedestal which is reliable and perfectly stable.


  • Medium-high range: As you could easily guess from its characteristics, the Valex is a medium-high range power tool. Consequently, it is more expensive than those examined previously.

Rank #5: WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

The FEMI 782XL band saw is another professional model designed for more experienced hobbyists and craftsmen who use it intensively but occasionally, based on the commissions received.

The buyers appreciated it above all for its robustness and power; thanks to its 950 Watts, in fact, the 782XL is able to cut without lubrication metal bars with a round, square and rectangular section up to a maximum height of 105 mm for perpendicular cuts and 65 mm for those inclined at 45 degrees.

It has two switchable speeds, heating sensor, and safety protection, a support surface with a vice for locking the pieces to be cut and prismatic guides for making precision cuts. The only flaw is represented by the support surface of the fastener, which stops at a distance, such as to make the blade impossible to cut small pieces.


  • Ideal for metals: FEMI band saws are especially appreciated for their efficiency in cutting non-ferrous metals with thicknesses up to 100 millimeters. First, however, it is advisable to break in the blade by cutting with light cuts, applying little pressure.
  • Compact and precise: The dimensions are such as to allow it to be transported quickly enough so that it can also be used outdoors when necessary, even the prismatic guides make it extremely precise.
  • Without lubrication: The 782XL has a 8/12 teeth per inch bimetallic cobalt blade, capable of cutting metal without the use of any type of lubricant.


  • Choices: The vice is designed in such a way as to stop at a certain distance from the blade; this makes it impossible to use it to cut small pieces.

Rank #6: Jet 714400K Bandsaw

With the Jet 714400K Bandsaw, we return for a moment to the economic range models; the VSN-350, in fact, is a bench band saw intended for beginners and for occasional and low-intensity use in general.

It is a compact and relatively light model, which can be transported if necessary without too many problems; it has a power of 350 watts and can perform cuts up to a maximum height of 80 millimeters and a width of 190 millimeters. The worktop measures 290 x 290 millimeters and can be freely adjusted in an arc from 0 to 45 degrees.

The Vigor band saw is compatible only with 1425 mm blades, the 1,400 mm blades are not suitable, moreover, according to the buyers, its power is scarce and makes it ideal for wood, since with the hardest varieties already begins to show visible signs of fatigue when cutting.


  • For advanced hobbyists: The buyers appreciated it because if it is used within its design limits, the Vigor band saw is excellent for expert hobbyists specialized in woodworking.
  • Sturdy and reliable: From a structural point of view, it is well made, entirely made of metal, therefore robust and dependable; the power slightly higher than that of the models belonging to the same price range also makes it more reliable.
  • Economic: The quality-price ratio is decidedly favorable, and the financial cost makes it easily accessible for anyone.


  • Performance: Performance is obviously modest, apart from the impossibility of cutting other materials with the exception of wood. Moreover, even with the latter, one must be careful of the degree of hardness.

Rank #7: Metabo - 18V 2.5" Portable Metal Bandsaw

The Metabo band saw is also characterized by a modest power, but all in all superior to that possessed by the economic Entry Level models, given that it has an absorption of 400 Watts.

However, its structural characteristics, the manufacturing materials, the assembly, and the care in the finishes are characteristics of an equipment which, although intended for hobby use, is characterized by an above-average level. The German brand Metabo is, in fact, known above all for the quality and reliability of its products, as the technical characteristics of this band saw demonstrate amply.

The BAS 261 is capable of cutting wood, plastic, and metal with extreme precision, is equipped with a universal blade, guides for precision cuts, also parallel, LED light to illuminate the work surface, silent and maintenance-free induction motor, in addition, it is also protected against accidental starting. The only limitation is the price, above 450 euros.


  • German quality and reliability: The Metabo brand is known for the high quality of its production processes and the materials used, which ensure a professional level of performance.
  • Versatile : With the BAS 261 band saw, you could cut everything because it is equipped with a universal blade capable of cutting wood, plastic, and metal.
  • High comfort of use: Unlike other models, it is designed to offer maximum ease of use; in fact, it is equipped with LED light to illuminate the cutting line and is intended for connection to an aspirator.


  • Cost: This is an expensive band saw, designed mainly for particularly demanding private users, or for craftsmen who work on a small scale.

Rank #8: Wotefusi Band Saw

According to the buyers, the FEMI 748XL is the best band saws for resawing among all those examined in terms of yield, efficiency, and precision in metal cutting, with performances significantly higher than the previously studied 782XL, always produced by the company FEMI.

To the reliable and robust structure shared with the 782XL model, in fact, the 784XL adds 1,200 watts of power and an electronic potentiometer that allows you to adjust the cutting speed optimally, depending on the size of the piece to be cut.

For the rest, it has the same excellent characteristics as the 782XL, including the stable vice obtained from a single piece of die-cast steel, the guides to increase cutting precision, and the work surface that can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees. The only limitations of the 784XL, according to the buyers, are given by the impossibility of cutting small pieces and by the cost, which exceeds 500 euros.


  • The top for hobbyists: DIY enthusiasts and small craftsmen will not be able to find a band saw with better performance than this, designed to offer the best performance in metal cutting, at a hobby level.
  • Powerful and precise: It has the remarkable power of 1,200 watts and cuts metals effortlessly and incredibly precisely, thanks to the trustworthy cutting guides.
  • Versatile: The dimensions allow it to stand comfortably on a bench of any type with the smallest footprint, and to quickly load it on a vehicle to be transported when needed, and used for outdoor work.


  • Cost: Again, we are faced with an excellent band saw, but the high price of which limits access to only the most demanding hobbyists and craftsmen.

Buying guide – How to choose the best band saws for resawing?

The professional band saws

Do you want to know how to choose a good band saw? Nothing could be simpler, first of all, ask yourself what you need, how often you intend to use it, and what is the amount of work to which you will subject the machine. The most crucial aspect to consider, in order to understand which band saw to buy, is whether the tool should be used in a professional environment, such as a large workshop or laboratory, or in an artisan and hobbyist one.

It is superfluous to underline how the amateur level user sector is the largest not only when it comes to power tools, but also as regards the most demanding and complex work machines, embracing two market segments: the economic and the mediocre ones. In the higher end, however, there are high-quality and performance machines, designed specifically for professional use.

If you have come across this article because you are looking for such equipment to buy online, to save something on spending, you are already perfectly aware that the amount to spend is over 1,000 euros and is variable based on the size and characteristics of the model. For the professionals who follow us, in fact, we have reported a high-end example, the NEBES band saw, on which you can further deepen in the related review.

Economic models

The considerable price of professional band saws must absolutely not act as a deterrent; not only are the machine’s performance and structural quality superior, the technology they employ is also superior. In fact, all high-end models are equipped with new electromagnetic induction motors, which for the same power output, consume half the electricity and offer the additional advantage of not requiring any type of maintenance or periodic replacement of parts.

For a pure DIY enthusiast, however, such equipment is disproportionate in all aspects, starting with the purchase expense. If the needs are exclusively of the hobby type, therefore, the market offers a wide choice of models in the cheaper range, the cost of which can range from around 100 to 200 euros depending on the model.

As you can see the expense for a tight band saw is easily accessible for anyone, but the models belonging to this range suffer almost all from poor attention and quality as regards the assembly and finishes of the various components, depending on the model, therefore, you may come across rather dangerous and imprecise cutting guides, or in the lack of clear instructions on how to adjust the machine or even in second choice manufacturing materials, not very resistant and more subject to oxidation and wear.

With a view to occasional and non-intensive use of the tool, however, the economic band saws offer an excellent level of performance overall, especially if you do not have significant needs.

The mid-range band saws for expert craftsmen and hobbyists

For the more experienced hobbyists and artisans who have managed to create a small market for their creations, however, we strongly recommend moving towards the intermediate price range. The expense to be incurred for a medium level band saw goes from 250 to 500-600 euros, so it is still quite demanding, on the other hand; however, the machine is characterized by an assembly and a higher quality. Consequently, the precision and performance offers are of a good standard and further improve as you reach the top of the range.

The further advantage offered by the models of the medium segment is their specificity of use, which helps to contain the tool costs; some are particularly suitable for cutting metal, in fact, while others are suitable for wood and plastic; in some cases, moreover, it is not uncommon to have the opportunity to find a mid-range saw equipped with an induction motor like the high-end professional ones, such as the Metabo we have previously examined.

The mid-range band saws, therefore, are optimized to offer maximum performance even with an intensive workload but are naturally limited in terms of frequency of use, since they cannot cope with an intense work rate with regular frequency, like the professional models used in the industrial sector.

Frequent questions

What is the band saw for?

The band saw is a tool designed initially for woodworking, especially for cutting large logs in order to obtain beams, boards, and pieces of various sizes intended for further processing or for use in the construction field.

Today’s band saws are more advanced than the first specimens introduced on the market; the advances in technology, energy, and materials, in fact, have greatly expanded the versatility of use of these machine tools, and are able to cut not only wood but also other materials such as plastics and metals.

The applications of the band saw are therefore manifold, and if to cut an article or the other, it is enough to simply change the blade mounted by the machine. Its dimensions instead limit its intended use.

In the workshops where the processing is carried out before the logs, for example, which despite being previously sawn in sections still retain a considerable footprint and weight, special band saws mounted on motorized frames are used, with the blade frame positioned horizontally. This type of band saw is therefore made to slide on rails and move as the blade sinks into the trunk, while the latter remains motionless on the support.

In the carpentry and carpentry workshops, instead, fixed band saws with vertical frames are used, where the only mobile element is the work surface.

If in the industrial band saw it is the latter that moves and leans thanks to the electronically controlled servomotors, then, in the workshop band saws the exact opposite occurs: the machine is fixed, and it is the operator who has to move, tilt and push the piece to be cut towards the moving blade.

In the small artisan workshops of carpentry and cabinet-making, and in those of DIY hobbyists, however, bench band saws are widely used; these represent the cheapest and most popular category, given the high catchment area which is made up of both private hobbyists and small professional craftsmen.

How to use a band saw

How to build a Band saw

To construct a band saw from scratch, there are two possible alternatives: the first consists in following a well-defined project on paper, using primary choice materials and equipment purchased individually for the purpose; the second, however, involves the use of recycled materials, in order to save as much as possible on the overall expenditure, adapting them as needed.

The first alternative is costly, and, from any point you want to consider, it is inconvenient compared to the purchase of a band saw ready to be adjusted and used. The same argument, in reality, also applies to the second alternative, that is, the one that involves the use of recycled materials, since what is saved in money is lost in the time required to build the tool, which increases more or more. Less considerably based on the work to be done on the recovered materials.

Just to give a practical example: if you have decided to save at all costs and want to build a band saw using recycled material, first of all, you will need to get everything you need from one or more scrap dealers.

You will, therefore, have to start early with an electric motor complete with condenser, perhaps that of an old washing machine, then flanges, pulleys, bolts, nuts, and other small parts to create the flywheel system on which the blade will be mounted. Both the flywheels and the mainframe of the band saw, to further save, can be obtained from chipboard, multilayer, or MDF panels; they will, therefore, have to undergo further processing.

The wooden panels can also be used safely to make the body that will cover the engine and all mechanical parts once assembled, with the option of making it in a single shape or secured in such a way that it can be easily opened if necessary, to perform periodic maintenance on the mechanics.

As you can see only from the list of materials, therefore, the extent of the work to be carried out is considerable, it requires the use of specific equipment and, above all, all the time necessary to dedicate to the construction. Considering that there are band saws available on the market that cost just over 100 euros, you can easily understand that it is absolutely not worth embarking on the construction of an electric tool of this type, not even starting from recycled materials, even more so if the equipment is only for hobby use.

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