[ 2021 Edition ] Best Air Impact Wrenches With Buying Guide

Although they are not common among our tools, the best air impact wrenches have become an interesting piece for those who do DIY or mechanical maintenance. It is a product with which to tighten or loosen nuts easily, just having an air compressor or an electric motor to work. These impact wrenches must be powerful, comfortable and light so that any task is much easier, although it is true that, by size and size, they can be adjusted to different activities.

Among this offer, we find products such as the Einhell TE-CI 18 Li power supply wrench, which has a lightweight and good ergonomics to work without any complications. Another good proposal is the KS Tools 515.1210 Monster-Edition, manufactured with the aluminum body, with adequate efficiency and a compact and lightweight size, designed for demanding jobs.

Best Air Impact Wrenches- Reviews In 2020

An impact wrench is a powerful tool that is very effective as an additional force when carrying out heavy tightening or loosening jobs that would normally be very difficult to handle. If you are interested in acquiring a quality tool at a low cost, keep an eye on these recommended models.

 Although we usually see them in a mechanical workshop, impact wrenches are versatile tools that are increasingly used in DIY, mechanics and many others. To know more about these products and to know if they can be useful, check the tips of our guide to buy the best impact wrench and find out everything you need regarding these tools.

Rank #1: DEWALT DCF899B 20v MAX XR

Among the best air impact wrenches of 2019, we have the 120100230 model of the Chinese brand Matrix. This model is an electric impact wrench that works with a current of 230 V and has a power of 1,010 W to develop speed, without screw, of 2,200 rpm that provides a maximum torque of 450 Nm and 4,400 impacts per minute.

The Matrix 120100230 impact wrench is a tool powerful enough to perform loosening and tightening without difficulty but its almost 4 kg of weight makes it very heavy to perform its functions comfortably.

It has a protective plastic ring at the base of the shaft and includes 4 caps for nuts of size 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm and a very practical plastic case for storage or transfer.

There are many models capable of earning the position of the best air impact wrench for 75 euros or less but one of the most prominent is the 120100230 Matrix since its advantages and disadvantages make it possible:


Revolutions: This model of impact wrench is capable of reaching up to 2200 RPM, so it will be very simple and fast to screw nuts, bolts, bolts, etc.

Cable: in addition, its 3-meter long cable will give you freedom of movement and ease of use so you can move wherever you need.

Briefcase: and so that you can take the impact wrench with you wherever it is, it includes a practical carrying case.


Domestic: Some clients consider that the most advisable thing is to keep this model for housework, so you cannot use it in workshops or in a professional way.

Embellisher: In addition, they also indicated that the included bezel may fall, which they solved simply by removing it.

Rank #2:Avid Power 20V MAX Cordless

If you have to do work in which the screwdrivers and conventional tools fall short, the Einhell TE-CI 18 Li model offers you a powerful pair of battery-powered operation with which you can develop any work you need without leaving you hands or patience waiting for the product to do what it should.

Main Features Explained

Impact capacity

In order to offer better performance, the Einhell TE-CI 18 Li model incorporates the exclusive Triathlon engine that is based on three key elements: on the one hand, it is a powerful motor, capable of being able to move all kinds of parts (nuts, bolts, etc) in which other products are not able to obtain adequate results. The second element is the speed, which is especially appreciated in its operation so that the engine maintains power and reduces the time spent working with the tool.

Both elements result in the third element, efficiency.  It is all this in a system capable of developing 140 Nm of capacity, with a high level of torque so that nothing resists you.

Comfort of use

So that you can maintain adequate comfort of use, the product has a very comfortable ergonomic design both to hold and to support it and to work comfortably. So that you can do all kinds of work, they also have an electronic control system that allows you to adjust the degree of impact depending on the work to be done.

And so you do not lose sight of what matters, this model incorporates three LED lights in the front area that always keep the work area illuminated so that you have the complete security of seeing what you do.  It is a short constructive design so you can work with maximum comfort both occasionally or in longer uses.


Compared to other impact wrenches, whose quality and construction is not in accordance with the requirement, this product has a solid and robust construction that allows you to obtain the best performance.

For this, it has a housing made of highly resistant aluminum that protects the inner motor and at the same time lightens the weight of the product.  It is a weight that is barely around the kilo and that helps facilitate its use while maintaining the appropriate resistance. It also has strategically placed rubber protections so that the corners and other elements do not suffer during use. To be able to handle it easily, it also includes a special clip that allows you to hang the product to the belt so you can wear it better.

The same thing happens with its practical case included, very resistant and that allows you to store your impact wrench so that it does not deteriorate or get stained when you store or transport it.


The capacity of this impact wrench is far superior to that of other products on the market so that you will be able to move those nuts and bolts that normal screwdrivers are not able to manage.


In front of other impact wrenches that are sold complete, in this case, it is necessary that you buy separately both the charger and the battery that feeds the product since they are not included in it.

Rank #3: PORTER-CABLE Impact Wrench

When we ask ourselves what is the best impact wrench, the 515.1210 Monster-Edition model of the German brand KS Tools emerges as a first choice thanks to the impressive quality, excellent comfort and control, and the highly qualified and competitive price.

This powerful pneumatic impact wrench with ½ ”axle offers you maximum torque by loosening 1,690 Nm and a maximum of 510 Nm tightening, factors that make it the best quality-price impact wrench in our selection. It also has a soft non-slip handle, ultra-light aluminum housing and low weight of 2.15 Kg to operate comfortably and easily with a pressure of 6.3 bar, low vibration of 2.69 m / sec² and torque regulation in 3 stages.

It also has a double hammer mechanism for high performance that also gives it long service life. It includes a ¼ ”coupling connector and plastic box, extra robust, for proper storage.

If you are fond of DIY or repair of artifacts, having the best impact wrench of the moment should be a priority for you. Know here the details regarding this model of KS Tools:


  • Weight: One of the most appreciated aspects of the KS Tools 515.1210 Monster Edition impact wrench is its weight. This option has a weight of just 2.15 kilograms thanks to its rugged aluminum housing which makes it quite light and easy to handle.
  • Dimensions: in addition to its weight, the dimensions of this impact wrench also help because they allow practical user-friendliness of the tool and if you consider other models, this is one of the most compacts.
  • Ergonomic: following the positive line of design and appearance, we also want to mention that this key has an ergonomically approved design. This means that it has the appropriate shape and materials to offer you comfortable handling and safety such as a handle coated with non-slip rubber.
  • Torsion: one of the characteristics that most interest you maybe its performance type, therefore we want to indicate that the KS Tools 515.1210 Monster Edition impact wrench is capable of applying a maximum torque of 1,690 Nm removing and 510 Nm tightening, so you can do any type of work quickly.
  • Case: on the other hand, as an extra bonus, this model includes a practical case so you can keep it in order and carry it comfortably wherever you want.


Rank #4: DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless

Another sample of the best impact wrench is the BT-HS 12 model of the German company Einhell. This tool works with a power of 4.3 W and a current of 12 V, to develop a moment of maximum force, forward and backward, of 260 Nm.

The Einhell BT-HS 12 was specially designed to effortlessly tighten and loosen the nuts of the tires, either at the end of their useful life or because of a breakdown on the road, for which it includes a 3.5 adapter cable m in length that allows direct connection to the cigarette lighter of the car.

It has a ½ ”size mounting shaft and includes a set of 4 couplings for 12, 19, 21 and 23 mm nuts. It accepts a maximum thread size M-14 and is tolerably comfortable with its 1.7 Kg weight.

If you are tired of seeing catalogs and still do not know which impact wrench to buy, what Einhell BT – HS 12 offers you may be able to answer your questions:


Adapter: so that you can always get out of some trouble on the road, the Einhell BT – HS 12 impact wrench includes a practical adapter cable to connect it to the car’s 12 V current.

Cable: In addition, its 3.5-meter cable will allow you freedom of movement if you need to change a flat tire.

Briefcase: and thanks to the carrying case, you can always keep the key in order for when you need it.


Strength: some consumers indicated that this impact wrench is for simple tasks since mechanical use as such requires more strength.

Limitation: In addition, it should be noted that this model does not include a standard plug because it is designed to be used with the car cigarette lighter.

Rank #5:AIRCAT 1150 "Killer Torque"

 The Silverline 719770 tool is, among the pneumatic models, one of the best cheap impacts wrenches on the market. It has a low power at a no-load speed of 7,000 rpm to develop a modest torque of 312 Nm which is ideal for tightening and loosening of nuts or bolts, which do not require much stamina.

This pneumatic impact wrench has 4 adjustable torque positions, from 1 as a minimum adjustment to a maximum of 4, through the oscillation bolt that regulates the airflow.

It has a ½ ”square stem with a depth of 170 mm and includes two ¼” male connectors for the United Kingdom (EN-6) and Europe (EQ-4). The tool must be connected to a clean and dry air supply with a lubricator and water separator for proper operation.

If you do not intend to spend too much, buying one of the cheapest ones may be the solution for you. The specifications of this model make it a good option for savers:


Weight: this impact wrench weighs just 1.1 kilograms, making it one of the lightest models on our list thus facilitating its sustainability.

Stages: it has four different torsion stages for you to apply the one that best suits what you are loosening or tightening.

Resistance: it has manufactured with robust and resistant finishes that make it seem quite durable.


Use: Internet users indicated in their reviews that Silverline’s 719770 impact wrench is mostly for home use because it does not have the strength of a professional wrench.

Ergonomics: In addition, its metalized full-body finishes can make it a bit awkward to use.

Rank #6: Ingersoll Rand 2235QTiMAX

This model is an option for the best electric impact wrench, so it has the advantage that no compressor is needed and can be used wherever there is the availability of electric power.

The Ribitech 2091 has the backing of the Italian brand Ribitech and works with a power of 1050 W that develops a vacuum speed of 2,200 rpm in two firing positions, offering a maximum torque of 350 Nm in the forward position and 500 Nm as torque maximum in reverse position.

The tightening torque can be electronically adjusted between 150 Nm and 500 Nm, with a variation of 10 in 10. The tool has an LCD screen where the amount of the torque being worked on is displayed. It has a ½ ”cylinder and includes 4 socket wrenches to fit the dimensions of 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm.

It is not possible to know what the best brand of impact wrenches is only by letting ourselves be carried away by the external appearance, therefore, here we have the essential characteristics of this option:


  • Power: First of all, in the advantages of the Ribitech 045000516 impact wrench we must highlight its power. This works with a power of 1050 watts, so it is powerful enough to facilitate the work of DIY, repair, mechanics and more.
  • Dimensions: it has dimensions of 37.2 x 30.8 x 11.8 centimeters and although it is a bit larger and more robust than the previous model, it is still very easy to handle and customers indicate that it feels stable.
  • Handle: it has a special ergonomic handle designed to offer you maximum comfort while using it with a non-slip rubber coating that will allow you to hold it firmly and securely.
  • Cable: also, its cable has an anti-tangle system that will prevent cable pulls while you have it in use by being able to turn the cable according to the movement of your hand on the computer.


  • Weight: it is twice as heavy as the first option that we recommend when you have 5.3 kilograms of weight, so it requires more effort when using it.

How To Use The Air Impact Wrenches

In the world of construction and DIY there are many tools that can solve certain situations that arise, such as loosening or tightening nuts or bolts. Such is the case of impact wrenches that allow you to perform special work, in addition to saving time. Now that you have just purchased your work tool, I will explain how you should use your impact wrench correctly to make the most of it.

Review the user guide

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with your tool because the impact wrenches are of various types and models, for example, some are wireless and others are electric, so their power supply is variable.

Connect the impact wrench to the power source

In the case of wireless impact wrenches, connect the battery to the charger and wait for the battery to be fully charged. In the case of electric impact wrenches, locate an outlet close to the work to be performed and connect the impact wrench to that outlet. Locate the on / off switch of your impact wrench, although some models have this automatic function, once it is connected to the power outlet or when connected to the battery, either wireless or electric.

Select the appropriate head

Depending on the size of the nut or bolt you wish to loosen or tighten, locate the correct size head since a different head can damage the socket of the impact wrench. Once the correct head is located, press firmly on the square socket of the key. In case your tool is connected, disconnect it to make the required change.

Proceed to loosen the nuts

Hold the key with both hands. Operate the rocker switch and place the key socket on the nut. Hold the key firmly with your finger on the trigger while loosening the nut. Release the trigger finger once the nut has been released. If your workpiece has several nuts, proceed to loosen one by one as explained above.

Proceed to tighten the nuts

Now, if you want to use the impact wrench to tighten nuts, do the following. Place the nut with your hands where you want to tighten and make sure it has not been screwed in before. Set the key switch to the forward position. Hold the key firmly and gently pull the trigger. Place the tip of the wrench over the head of the nut. Adjust the spindle speed by gently manipulating the finger with the trigger. Hold the action until the nut stops rotating. Do not tighten the nut completely. Proceed to work on other nuts similarly if necessary.

Tighten the first nut again and place the socket on the nut head. Pull the trigger completely. At least 3 impacts will be sufficient to tighten the nut. Do not overtighten the nuts, as this could damage the workpiece.

 Turn off the impact wrench

Once you have finished tightening or loosening the necessary nuts, proceed to turn off the tool. Unplug the power cord or place the key in the battery base, as the case may be. Store your key and power cords properly.

Final considerations

Do the work with your impact wrench away from pets and children, as they can distract you, causing a serious accident. Do not use your impact wrench when it is raining or there are strong storms; In humid conditions, electric shocks may occur. As long as you need to change the head or make other adjustments, disconnect your impact wrench from the power outlet to avoid accidentally operating the tool.

The Most Popular Brands Of The Best Air Impact Wrench

In the opinion of the customers, the DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee brands offer the best performance when using an impact wrench; hence we invite you to learn about them to help you in the process of choice.

It is a world-renowned brand of tools for the construction and carpentry industries. The company was launched by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1924, who is credited with the invention of the radial arm saw with which the company quickly grew, and by 1947 the company is reorganized by manufacturing other machines for stationary carpentry.

DeWalt markets more than 200 mechanoelectrical hand tools and 800 types of accessories. This brand acquires the high-tech tools for ELU carpentry because it was able to expand the variety of its equipment, giving it that innovative and better quality sense with the revolutionary brand it acquired.

Currently, it has different items that work on battery power with the impact key, offering better transfer to the place where any work is being done, you just have to let it charge a couple of hours and it does not download quickly. For being such a recognized brand was the sponsor of the pilot Matt Kenseth in the NASCAR Cup from 1999 to 2009 and currently sponsors Marcos Ambrose in that category.

It is a brand founded in March 1915, by Mosaburo Makita, with the initial name of Makita Electric Works, in the city of Nagoya, a company specialized in the sale and repair of electric motors and transformers. Nowadays it is a global brand in more than 40 countries of the world, promoting in this way the unparalleled quality of its products since it has won the trust of the customers.

Makita offers the high power, durability, and performance of its products, becoming increasingly demanding in the manufacture of its tools. Its equipment is quite compact avoiding certain vibrations when using them, which allows users to feel good and comfortable at the same time, so they have become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electro-portable tools.

The company offers products that are used with batteries such as impact wrenches, impact guns, with designs that are used for perfect automotive mechanics, for utilities, for confined spaces, and for large mechanics, it also has with different powers and a wide range of accessories that can be purchased in the market, and they are also very compact and ergonomic models.

It is the leading manufacturer and trader of electro-portable tools and heavy-duty accessories for professional customers worldwide. Since it was founded in 1924, it focused on the idea of manufacturing the best tools, today it represents the best professional tools of the highest quality, durable and reliable that can be acquired, according to the opinion of its customers.

The company continues its reputation in the manufacture of drills with the innovative angular design and in a very compact way, as well as the famous saber saw, which is an ideal alternative for professional users, although there are several models, in which the Super Sawzall saw with the only feature in the market of 1000 W 0 – 2,800 CPM.

Although it continues to innovate with the Lok-Tor series, which is the widest line in the market because it features 18 volt batteries that are also interchangeable. All these commercial merits have had a positive impact on customer opinions, in addition to the CAD design, durability and reliability tests performed at the factory, as well as the development of prototypes and field tests that are performed before the launch of each product

As customers mention that this brand does develop appropriate models for what is an impact wrench, and how it should have.

Shopping Guide Of The Best Air Impact Wrench

Electric or manual?

If we take a look at any comparison of impact keys that we see in the market, we will find two large groups of keys: the pneumatic impact keys, which work with air, and the electric impact keys that can operate autonomously.

Starting with pneumatic wrenches, these are usually cheaper than electric ones and offer greater strength, in general. However, they have the disadvantage of requiring a powerful air compressor to provide compressed air that acts as the driving force when driving the tool. They are generally used in mechanical work and other tasks where the greater workforce is required, not being suitable for small pins or other delicate objects because they can break, decapitate or tear them.

Precisely for these smaller works, we have the electric impact wrenches, recommended for use on small screws, and in general for smaller-scale works. In this case, we have wired keys, which are the most powerful in the electric, as well as wireless or battery, which provides total freedom when working but offers less power. In any case, your choice will depend on the use that you are going to give the key, being necessary to adjust it to what you are going to do.

Operating power

As we said before, in addition to influencing how much it costs, the type of key we are evaluating also influences its power. However, although we have said that the electric keys have a tighter power, depending on their applications; these powers can also be notable.

In the case of the most powerful pneumatic models, the power is defined both in relation to the working pressure and the level of torque they can achieve. The larger they are both, the more powerful the key we are evaluating, with respect to the nut diameter with which it can work. In this case, do not forget to buy or dispose of the compressor, with which you must supply enough air to the gun.

.  It is a problem that does not exist in electric models, where it is enough to have a plug nearby, or a good battery, to use the product. In this case, the power is measured according to any power tool, depending on the watts it has. A power that, again, we must compare in terms of similar products with respect to the nut size they support. In this case, the most powerful products can reach 1,000 watts of power, offering remarkable strength to move everything.

Comfort of use

One aspect that we cannot forget when looking for a good and economical impact wrench is the comfort of using it. Among other things, because no matter how much power the key has, if we cannot hold it comfortably or it is too heavy, it surely will not be very useful.

Therefore, the first element to assess an impact wrench is its weight. Since we are talking about hand tools, it is convenient that this weight is as tight as possible, so that working with the key does not involve a more gym session.  It is all this always considering that the comparison should be made between similar products, since it is not the same to compare a small key with a small diameter than an impact wrench for trucks, for example.


A simple cordless impact wrench is often not enough for some DIY and construction work. Therefore, our team has examined countless cordless impact wrench tests, comparison tables and studies on the Internet to create a leaderboard. In addition to the different types, this also contains maximum performance ranges, data and much more

Cordless impact wrench leaderboard 2020 – the best cordless impact wrench in the test & comparison



What is a cordless impact wrench?

A cordless impact wrench is useful for screwing in and loosening screws and nuts.

 At first glance, it looks like a drill, but has an additional impact function. That increases its performance. This means that a craftsman has more power available when drilling holes or tightening screws.

The impact wrenches are also very useful when loosening screw connections or nuts . According to the cordless impact wrench, the relatively handy devices are used on comparison portals for various construction work. The cordless impact wrench always cuts a fine figure in accordance with the user when it comes to repairs of furniture or screwing on car parts!

Diagram of the price / performance ratio of cordless impact wrenches

Split diagram

How does a cordless impact wrench work?

The inexpensive products with batteries from the best list of the online cordless impact wrench test 2020  work with a rechargeable memory after inspection by external experts. The integrated battery motor starts the work spindle. A mechanical hammer mechanism is responsible for this. Thanks to the battery, you can use the impact wrench or impact drill screwdriver anywhere and do not rely on an external power source.


The additional impact on the robust metal head means that the maximum power of the cordless screwdriver is significantly stronger than that of a cordless screwdriver. The torque of the comparison winner is correspondingly high, so that you do not have to hold it against the tool or the screw. In contrast to the manual and electronic impact wrench, the cordless impact wrench works with an integrated accumulator. This supports the striking function. In addition, this ensures that the screw heads turn correctly even when the slot or cross recess is no longer optimally graspable. Another important feature of the cordless impact wrenchis the internal thread. This receives the inclined plane or snail through a powerful rotary movement.

“Well-known cordless impact wrench brands: Makita, Bosch and Einhell.”


Grandpa Knox – our expert in crafts

about our experts

Advantages & application areas

According to the cordless impact wrench tests, analyzes and product tests, anyone who has a cordless impact wrench benefits from the speed and power of these devices. They can be used to tighten and loosen nuts and screws in different sizes. In the DIY sector, the cordless impact wrench comparison winners prove to be very versatile in various cordless impact wrench test reports and test results. The advantage over the electrical devices is shown in the better flexibility. Especially when you tinker in the outdoor area or on the car, you are much more independent thanks to the battery operation . Nevertheless, you do not have to accept any loss in performance.

Compared to an impact drill from Makita and Bosch, the impact wrenches work with a pulse-like movement according to various cordless impact wrenches tests and controls. This enables an increased torque and thus reduces the personal effort of the handyman. For screwdriving, this means that you can tighten the connections more firmly. At the same time, it is possible for you to loosen very tight screws more easily. Simply test and compare the leaderboards, test results and test reports yourself in the cordless impact wrench tests on the Internet!

Unlike an impact drill, the impact wrench with battery is not congruently equipped with a keyless chuck. Instead, it has a square drive that holds the required socket wrench. It was tested that the best advantages relate primarily to the comfortable handling . The cordless impact wrenches from the external product comparison are relatively compact and easy to hold. A compressed air hose is not required. According to an aptitude test, the cordless impact wrenches fitnot only for professionals, but also for hobbyists. In the case of fine work, it can be clearly seen that craftsmen can screw very sensitively with this device. This has a positive effect on the recycling of the screws.

With the impulse-like rotary movements and the relatively small return torque, you won’t lose a secure hold in a screw. Not even then, it was tested if it was very tight. That is why the cordless impact wrench can be used, among other things, to loosen the wheel nuts on the car.

Here, the cordless tools are significantly faster than a mechanical torque wrench . Uncomplicated and powerful, yet very handy: these are the great advantages of the online cordless impact wrench comparison winners from numerous external cordless impact wrench tests, surveys, investigations and comparison tables.

“With a cordless impact wrench, you can screw in screws and drill them into wood or metal.”


Grandpa Knox – our expert in crafts

about our experts

As high as the torque is: According to the external evaluation of a test, as a user you will not feel this. The hands are well protected when holding the impact screwdriver with the battery. You don’t have to do anything against it. This means that the hands and wrists cannot be stressed too much at work.


Cordless impact wrench – for which works and walls?

As the name suggests, the cordless impact wrench is primarily a screwdriver . If you live in an apartment with plasterboard walls or with “soft” masonry , a good cordless impact wrench like the models you see in our comparison table is a good all-rounder . Thin holes in soft materials can be easily drilled with it , but if you want to attach a shelf to a stone wall, you will notice that the cordless impact wrench has reached its limits . The cordless hammer drill or hammer is suitable for this.

However, the cordless impact wrench is the first choice for sensitive screwdriving , especially when it comes to the following tasks:

– assembly of furniture

– Screwing wood and transport boxes together

– Attaching cabinet doors etc.

– Small screw work z. B. on the sewing box

– tire change

– Loosening wheel nuts

– Change of dampers on the car

The devices from our cordless impact wrench test can easily cope with very long and very large screws . If you e.g. For example , if you want to take apart a complete kitchen for a move , the cordless impact wrench won’t let you down. However, if you want to drill holes for the kitchen wall units in hard walls in the new apartment, you will need a drill.

What types of cordless impact wrenches are there?

The online cordless impact wrenches from Test 2020  can be divided into several quality categories. The basic construction and functionality are specified. Thus, only slight differences can be seen. Some of the impact wrenches can be used for special applications. For example for the assembly and disassembly of car tires. Multifunction devices that you can use for all projects on and in the house are also practical . Below you will get an insight into the world of the best cordless impact wrenches for professional and private use. The devices are listed separately and in a comparison table to illustrate the most important differences.

“These days, cordless impact wrenches are almost equal to impact wrenches with a power supply.”


Grandpa Knox – our expert in crafts

about our experts

The professional cordless impact wrench , you can use especially in construction and in the garage. You score with the following advantages:

  • Powerful engine, where the torque is usually over 400 Nm,
  • suitable for loosening tire nuts,
  • Gearbox has several power levels,
  • good battery capacity (3 to 4 Ah).

The disadvantages of the professional battery:

  • Relatively high weight,
  • expensive purchase price.

The cordless impact wrenches for craftsmen and hobbyists are devices with slightly lower performance. These can also have their advantages :

  • Lower price,
  • suitable for screwing with metal and wood, but also concrete,
  • lower weight due to small format, therefore can also be used for overhead work,
  • work faster than with mechanical tools.

The disadvantages of smaller cordless impact wrenches:

  • Not strong enough for wheel nuts,
  • comparatively low battery capacity of often only 1.5 Ah.

These test criteria are important for the cordless impact wrench test

The external test of the cordless impact wrench, as well as experiments, suitability tests and examinations deal, among other things, with the power consumption and the torque applied. This can be seen on the Nm label. The activities for which the various impact wrenches are suitable depend on their performance data and the tool holder. As standard, many devices have a 1/2 inch mount. The criteria described in more detail below tell buyers what to consider when deciding on a model.

The performance data

The standard devices usually have a battery voltage of 18 volts. Depending on the applications for which you need the cordless impact wrench, a torque of over 400 Nm can be useful. The external test of the cordless impact wrench shows that these devices often have an idle speed between 1,500 and 3,000 revolutions per minute . If you take a closer look at the data, you will also learn something about the number of idle strokes. For online comparison winners, for example, this is 3,200 revolutions per minute. The stronger the impact wrenchthe better he can do his job in a professional environment. Start a purchase yourself after weighing it up and in accordance with your wishes!

The battery

The battery impact wrenches the type of batteries play a major role. The modern tools are typically equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery .

In general, these batteries have less loss than conventional batteries. You can save a lot of energy. In addition, they deliver first-class performance over a sufficiently long period of time . This is a very important plus point for continuous work with the impact wrench.

The performance regulation

Typically, the performance of the cordless impact wrench can be adapted to the job at hand. The speed can be regulated in several stages or continuously depending on the device. If you use the device for many different jobs, you should pay attention to the widest possible bandwidth with this variable setting. For hobbyists, however, a cordless impact wrench with three stages is sufficient.

The weight

The weight of the cordless impact wrench affects ease of use. Light devices, for example, weigh 800 grams. The heavier models can offer a weight of up to 2 kg . The weight usually increases with the power. Here you have to ask yourself what is more important to you: the easy handling or the greater capacity.

What should I watch out for when buying a cordless impact wrench?

Depending on the area of application, it is worth choosing a particularly powerful cordless impact wrench. Make sure that the device torque significantly exceeds 400 Nm. After a test, such a device loosens even wheel nuts with little effort. The battery tool can be set for different work projects through several power levels. Simply start a test run yourself and order your test winner on the Internet in congruence and consideration with your needs!

“When buying a cordless impact wrench, I pay attention to the torque, the screw mount and the weight.”



According to product tests and practical tests, the battery plays a very important role, ideally delivering the necessary power over several hours . However, such cordless tools usually cost a little more than the simple DIY impact wrench. In addition, according to an external survey , the functional online comparison winner of the cordless impact wrench may put more weight on the scales than the simple variants. According to an external sample, this can be a problem if you work overhead or plan relatively lengthy projects.

If you want to use your cordless impact wrench for car wheel changes, you definitely need good performance . However, if the screwdriver is mainly used for small jobs with wood, steel and concrete , a smaller model is sufficient. This proves to be a very handy device. According to an external experiment, there are no problems if you have overhead work or other difficult repair and construction projects . Light models with less powerful batteries or heavy and powerful devices: There are numerous cordless impact wrenches to choose from for different requirements .

Cordless Impact Driver News

Hitachi and Metabo cordless impact wrenches are now called HiKOKI

 Hitachi and Metabo cordless impact wrenches are very well known in Germany and also have a good reputation for power tools. It is all the more unusual that the American financial investor KKR , which bought the Japanese company Hitachi in 2017, no longer wants to sell it under the name Hitachi , but – as the Handwerksblatt reports – only under the new brand HiKOKI (pronounced Haikoki). HiKOKI was founded in October 2018 as a new global brand and is now with its own cordless impact wrenches such as the cordless impact wrench HiKOKIWR36DBW2Z(36 volts),   HiKOKI WR18DSDLW4 (18 volt) impact driver and the HiKOKI WR18DBDL2W4 (18 volt) impact driver .

In addition, a new lithium-ion battery, the HiKOKI Multi Volt lithium-ion battery, was launched .

Cordless impact wrenches such as the Hitachi dv18dbf12 / JM have thus become a phase-out model.

The German brand Metabo is also affected by the takeover , since Metabo had been part of Hitatchi since 2016 and is now part of KKR. Therefore, cordless impact wrenches like the Metabo SB 18 Li 18 V will no longer exist in Germany. The name Metabo should only remain in the USA, where the German name is very popular.

New cordless impact wrench from Kunzer

The manufacturer Kunzer has developed a new cordless impact wrench with 26 volts. The model is called cordless impact wrench Kunzer 7ASS05 and weighs 2.3 kilograms. To illuminate the work area, it has a practical LED light.

Brief information on the 7 leading manufacturers

The online cordless impact wrenches from the test come from proven manufacturers. The companies assert themselves on the German and often also on the international market. The following list of the most important brands could be continued. We limit ourselves here to only seven companies that are among the leading producers of cordless and electrical devices for household and commercial use.

  • Metabo

Metabowerke GmbH in Baden-Württemberg is one of the well-known German manufacturers of electrical and cordless tools . Metabo stands for the term metal drill driver. The brand has been around since the 1920s.

  • Hilti
  • Hilti is a company that originally started in the mechanical engineering industry. The Hilti brothers made it one of the most important international partners for construction projects.
  • Bosch
  • The long-established company Bosch presents numerous tools for home and garden: for private consumers and professionals. The cordless impact wrenches from Bosch score with sophisticated extras. They can be operated easily, even if the user does not have as much experience. Customer-oriented solutions and a strong self-confidence make Bosch tools classics in the construction sector and in other areas of application.
  • Einhell
  • When Einhell Germany AG is an important tool making company in Bavaria. The Einhell brand screwdrivers convince with their functional design and their versatile application options
  • Makita
  • Makita is a company from Japan that is known worldwide for power tools. It has manufacturing facilities in many countries, including Germany and the United States.
  • Black & Decker
  • Black &Decker , a US company, was founded in the early 20th century. In addition to power tools, the company also manufactures garden and household appliances here.
  • Festool
  • Festool is a German company for power tools and related accessories. In addition to cordless impact wrenches, the company also produces saws and other equipment here.


Internet vs. Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy my cordless impact wrench?

Hobby and professional craftsmen often buy their tools compared to the general public in the hardware store. According to a juxtaposition with online shops like Amazon , the range of impact wrenches and other devices is not as large as it seems at first glance. The hardware stores are often limited to just a few brands and price ranges. In the specialty shop it looks similar after evaluation. However, you will often receive specific advice here, which is not always the case in the hardware store.

The range of cordless impact wrenches and other tools in the online shops is particularly extensive . Here it is easier to compare the different models for similarities and differences and to get a broad overview. Based on the exact descriptions, you can compare all important special features of the cordless impact wrench . In addition, you create a basis for a purposeful purchase decision. In spite of the detailed descriptions, some ambiguities remain unanswered, although you do not have direct advice as in specialist retailers: the service of the online retailer is at your disposal. As a result, existing questions can be answered directly.

The filters and grades that  help you when searching the Internet for the external cordless impact wrench from Test 2020 are particularly practical . By clicking on the desired price category, certain features and the performance class, only the devices that are suitable for you can be displayed. You can click directly on torque and data with functional similarities. This allows the initially large selection to be narrowed down gradually. Finally, choose a sort. As a result, you can have the impact wrench displayed according to price, novelty or popularity.

The online order can be completed in a short time. When you have decided on a device, place it in the virtual shopping cart. Carry out the further ordering steps. Then decide on a secure payment method and confirm the purchase.

If the construction project starts in the same week, an express delivery can be useful. The cordless impact wrench often arrives within two or three days even with a standard delivery.

If something is broken or if you are dissatisfied with the quality compared to it, you do not have to bother with sellers for long. Not even if you ordered the cordless impact wrench online . Contacting the online retailer is sufficient to claim the warranty. So you can also request an exchange. In general, the internet shops are relatively accommodating and endeavor to get any problems out of the way as quickly as possible.

If there is an exchange in the shop, you have to go there a second time. Complaints on the Internet are much more convenient. You save time and a lot of nerves.

Interesting facts & advice

If you are planning to buy a cordless impact wrench , you should know the work for which this device is required. In order to get the best performance , you should separate the areas of home improvement, commercial handicrafts and hammer drilling . How to find the right tool for furniture construction or tire mounting. Depending on whether you want to use the device more or less, it should be more robust or lightweight . So there are no difficulties when screwing and dismantling.

As with all cordless tools, you can use the impact screwdriver’s battery for another tool if necessary. However, the battery must then also be compatible with other tools . Hobby and professional craftsmen often make sure to buy their tools from the same brand. This means that craftsmen can be sure that the batteries can really be replaced in an emergency and fit perfectly.

The following chapters are followed by interesting tips and a look at historical developments. The focus is on the availability of full batteries. We also have tips for the perfect care of the cordless impact wrench ready for you.

The history of the cordless impact wrench

Manufacturers developed the first power tools around the 1860s. In 1867 the Fein brothers set up their “workshop for electrical and physical apparatus” . The company C. & E. Fein was founded. A few years later, Robert Bosch laid the foundation stone for the AEG company , which in 1883 was still known as the “German Edison Society for Applied Electricity . 1894The newly named AllgemeineElektricitäts-Gesellschaft launched the first mobile electric drilling machines on the market. During the further development in the following years, the machine received a protective housing made of metal.

In 1908 , AEG introduced its first drill with the typical pistol grip. However, the patent applied for Black & Decker in 1917 . The Office also registered this application. This was followed by other manufacturers and tools that ran on electricity. All of these achievements revolutionized the work of artisans. Among others, companies presented an angle grinder in 1929. The Dremel was also created in 1932: a popular multifunction tool.


Before the power tools were invented, experts carried out initial tests with accumulators. Early battery components were made as early as 1803. The lead accumulator was developed in the mid-19th century. Wilhelm Josef Sinsteden, doctor and physicist, developed this type of battery. In 1859 Gaston Planté further refined this invention. Planté arranged the lead plates in a spiral shape, which had a positive influence on the function.

Around 1900 , wood now included lead batteries. This served to feed the electric drive of early automobiles. Battery technology developed steadily over the course of the 20th century . This was evident, among other things, from the changed tool types.

The drilling machines, which were increasingly found in private households in the second half of the 20th century , initially had the shape of pins. With their rather slim dimensions, they were particularly suitable for small assembly work. The T-shape soon became established with these tools. This shape supported the somewhat more robust handling. The pistol grip also found many followers. Since about the 1980s , the handles of the screwing tools have matured more and more. They adapted to the anatomy and should prevent early fatigue at work.

The cordless impact wrench soon seemed indispensable in many areas. In addition, according to controls and inspections on Amazon and test portals, more and more private individuals became enthusiastic about DIY. As a result, they wanted to upgrade their workshop. That is why the cordless impact wrench has become indispensable not only in the construction industry and in auto mechanics. They are still well received in the hobby area.

The innovations of the last few years can be seen, for example, in the spotlight, which can be used with the external comparison winners of the cordless impact wrench with the test grade “very good”. This light is there to illuminate the work surface.

There have also been some changes in battery technology.

The models with NiCd and NiMH battery cells are partly out of date due to a test run, but are still doing their job. Occasionally, the NiMH batteries can also be found in relatively new devices. However, due to the energy density that was not previously favorable, the cordless devices with NiCd have a higher weight. This fact influences the comfortable handling. In contrast, the NiMH cells are significantly more powerful. At the moment, however, the Li-Ion batteries are the best variant. They double the energy density of the NiMH cells again. The modern lithium-ion batteries therefore have a particularly good power-to-weight ratio. You also benefit fromvery short charging times and reduced self-discharge.

Numbers, data and facts about the cordless impact wrench

 If you are interested in cordless impact wrenches , you should check exactly how powerful the online cordless impact wrenches are. Find out more about the simpler model variants. The product data provide information about the areas for which you can use the respective devices. The question about the power leads you to the voltage specification.

This refers to the voltage of the device battery. If you need the online cordless impact wrench from the test for semi-professional work, you should select a device that has at least 14.4 volts . In addition to this voltage, the torque must be high enough .

You measure this in Newton meters, abbreviated Nm. It refers to the power of the tool. Manufacturers use two numbers to identify the strength of the cordless impact wrench based on the product data. This can represent 24/48 Nm , for example . The first value applies to rather soft building materials such as wood. The second torque value refers to hard building material like metal.

When deciding on a cordless impact wrench , you should pay attention to the exact performance data as well as the individual functions and suitability. Typically, the devices are often equipped with a catch mechanism in addition to the torque clutch . With such a model, you have access to four different settings: You can drill with or without a hammer and you can screw with or without a torque coupling.

These individual options cover a large part of the DIY and professional work projects . Because the cordless impact wrenches combine the clutch and the striking mechanism, they have to lift a higher overall weight. For this, these two important functions can help with numerous work assignments. The somewhat more difficult handling only plays a minor role in this context.

The battery impact wrench from the online product comparison , you can adjust as needed. This helps with various projects. You can e.g. B. drill a hole in a wall or gently drill into wood. The screw function without torque coupling supports you when carefully screwing in furniture screws. The screws with torque helps you in difficult work such as loosening the lug nuts on the car on.

The high-class online cordless impact wrench comparison winners often have a control display. This allows the battery capacity to be checked. You can tell when the charge level is dropping. Accordingly, you can charge the battery in good time.

Prepare the cordless impact wrench correctly in 6 steps

With a cordless impact wrench , craftsmen can carry out many screwdriving tasks. To ensure that the tool works smoothly, you should use it correctly. Problems may arise if the handles are incorrect. The impact wrench is supposed to work better than conventional hand tools. The perfect rotation requires a certain amount of preparation. We explain these points in this section. Even if difficult work is pending, these preparatory measures should not take much time.

Step 1: adjusting the torque

The torque you need to adjust to the needs. If you set it too high, you can destroy screws in this way. This happens when you overtighten the screws. That is why you should orient yourself on the recommended values. The torque number has a significant influence on the performance of the device.

Step 2: Procedure for the non-adjustable torque

If the torque of the cordless impact wrench cannot be changed or limited, you can only determine it by the effective time in which the striking mechanism turns the screw. For this, you need a certain tact.

Step 3: Use the correct inserts and screws

To prevent you from overloading or even destroying the screws, you must adjust the cordless impact wrench to the appropriate size. There are special uses for this. These are suitable for the perfect transition between impact wrench and screw.

You shouldn’t cheat when choosing the right bits. Always use the correct transition pieces for the 1/2 inch outer square. Otherwise there is a risk of material breakage.


Step 4: If necessary, attach a screw nut

If you use the online cordless impact wrench from the test to loosen a wheel bolt, it may be necessary to attach a nut. Often, the impact wrenches have a tool holder of 1/2 inch outer square. A standard nut usually fits exactly here. Accordingly, no further use is necessary.

Step 5: Use the speed advantage

It is best to process relatively small wood screws. With the ideal speed of the cordless impact wrench you can achieve a speed advantage. However, the force of the device is often so strong that it activates the rotary hammer mechanism. As a result, the benefit may be lost. With sensitive handling you can feel exactly at what speed the screwdriver works best.

Step 6: Center the bit on the screw head

If you loosen Phillips screws with the cordless impact screwdriver, the screwdriver bit can jump out of the Phillips. The bit finds its way back to the central position by a slight rotary impact pulse . Ergo he can’t jump out. How to exclude the come-out effect.


10 tips for care

If the cordless impact wrench no longer seems to work properly, it is best to have it checked by a specialist company. Because as soon as you assemble the device yourself, the manufacturer’s guarantee no longer applies.

However, thorough cleaning and care of the device helps to prevent any malfunctions. The tips mentioned here show how you should proceed when cleaning.

If the impact wrench is handled with care , the device will last for many years and will not indicate any malfunctions.

Tip 1:

The motor of the online cordless impact wrench from the test , like the striking mechanism, occasionally needs some lubricating oil. Regular use of some lubricant ensures that the functionality of the tool is maintained . This is a very important indicator for the long shelf life. There are oils specially developed for this purpose, which help you with targeted care.

Tip 2:

Before you start oiling or other maintenance work, you should make sure that the tool is not activated. The best way to do this is to remove the battery. So there can be no serious accident during cleaning. Injuries can also be avoided.

Tip 3:

After using the cordless impact wrench , you should always clean it. At least you have to wipe the surface. In this way you remove dust and chips from the screwdriver . Otherwise it can lead to more difficult soiling. The ventilation slots in particular must be checked and cleaned. If these are clogged, the cordless impact wrench no longer gets the necessary cooling. Heat builds up inside the device, which can lead to engine damage.

Tip 4:

A dry cloth is usually sufficient for quick cleaning of the impact wrench . This should be as soft as possible so that the surface is not scratched.

Tip 5:

If there are stubborn residues on the housing, the dry rag is of little help: Then you need a slightly moistened cleaning rag. If necessary, a little washing-up liquid is useful, which detaches dirt particles more easily than clear water. Wet cleaning requires careful handling and special attention. It must not enter the liquid inside the unit. If moisture gets into the electronics, it may create a short circuit. This could cause damage that cannot be undone.

Tip 6:

Aggressive utensils and cleaning agents are taboo for cleaning the cordless impact wrench. Use plastic or metal bristles to scratch the housing. Such traces not only attack the surface, but also permanently damage the controls. Acidic liquids are also a danger to the sensitive parts of the impact wrench.

Tip 7:

When caring for the impact wrench , cleaning gasoline, thinner and alcohol should be avoided. Crack formation can be triggered by these means. The material can discolor and even deform.

Tip 8:

The correct mounting of the battery impact wrench protects the tool against dirt and other external influences. It is best to keep the impact wrench in the accompanying case . This is not just for transportation. It is also the perfect place for storage. In the tailor-made case, the device is well protected from the weather and other hardships .

Tip 9:

If it is an impact wrench with carbon brushes, these should be replaced occasionally.

If there is a certain degree of wear, replace all brushes at the same time. It is important to use only identical replacement brushes . Follow the instructions exactly to avoid incorrect assembly.

Tip 10:

You should also store the battery and the corresponding charger correctly. These parts do not tolerate moisture. It is also advisable not to expose them to sunlight. Excessive heat can damage batteries and receptacles. Therefore, do not store these elements directly on the heating. It is also important to keep the insertion areas on the battery and on the cordless impact wrench clean. Check the contacts regularly so that there are no problems with power consumption.


Useful accessories

 There are extensive accessories and spare parts for the online cordless impact wrenches from Test 2020 . The manufacturers present a large range of identical replacement batteries and other replacement parts. You can easily replace them yourself if necessary.

“The best thing to do is buy it right away: a powerful replacement battery or a quick charger.”


Grandpa Knox – our expert in crafts

about our experts

For the reliable and undisturbed work with the impact wrenches you need various plug-on attachments. These are adapted to the respective projects and building materials.

These attachments are not just adapters for screws. There are also drills, bits and breakthrough crowns. These are suitable, among other things, for drilling into masonry or concrete. In addition to the push-on attachments, the craftsmen also need suitable screws, nuts and other small parts.

It may be necessary to buy additional attachments for certain screws. This ensures the perfect transition from tool to screw.

The need-based tools are indispensable for effective and goal-oriented work. Usually the cordless impact wrench alone is not enough. Basic equipment for the private workshop helps to prepare for the various projects. This means that if a repair is due, you don’t have to rush to the next store because a device is missing. If you are equipped with all important electrical and cordless tools in your own workshop , you will also be in a good position in emergencies.


Do-it-yourselfers who do many projects themselves need a little more tools than those who, in case of doubt, prefer to call a handyman. For the interior or for repairs to the house, not only should a small tool case with a cordless impact wrench be available. In such cases, it is worth setting up a larger workshop. It is not wrong to buy a powerful cordless impact wrench. In addition to this professional device, the small parts should not be missing. Combination wrenches, combination wrenches and combination wrenches are the ideal helpers for certain jobs and are quickly at hand.

A charger is indispensable as a direct accessory for the cordless impact wrench. Also, spare batteries can be useful. They make it possible to continue working even when the inexpensive original batteries are empty. A rechargeable battery can be recharged again and again and is very long-lasting with good treatment. This “good treatment” does not only refer to careful storage. It also speaks for a successful selection of the charger. The affordable battery chargers that you get on the market work with different techniques. Some of the batteries can be influenced by the way the chargers work. Only if the charger fits the batteries and this is not overused, good life expectancy can be achieved.

Experts therefore recommend choosing reliable charger quality. Some of these devices are considered to be particularly intelligent: However, you should not permanently charge the batteries with the same power output. Do not wait for the device to turn off. With innovative chargers, orient yourself on the performance and charge status of the batteries.

An integrated processor ensures that the charging process is deactivated when the full battery charge is reached. By switching to trickle charging, you can ensure that the batteries do not discharge. In this way, the energy storage devices maintain their full performance level.

Such intelligent chargers can also recognize the important properties of the batteries. You adjust to it without further operation. This protects the batteries and ensures a long service life.

Alternatives to the cordless impact wrench

There are some alternative tools to the online cordless impact wrenches from the test , but they differ in certain functions. In a typical cordless screwdriver, e.g. B. the percussion drilling function that characterizes the cordless impact wrench . This means that the simple cordless screwdrivers are not as flexible to use. You lack the dosing of the torque.

Instead of a cordless impact wrench , you can use an electric impact wrench . This provides similar performance and is even stronger in some cases. However, you are dependent on the power grid here. The electrical appliance will not run without a connection cable. So you need an outlet nearby . If necessary, you will need to use an extension cord.

Manual screwdriver requires a lot of physical strength when planning large projects. You ca n’t do the work of the cordless impact wrench in the same amount of time. This leads to signs of fatigue after a while.

The pneumatic impact wrench is one of the special types of impact wrenches. This is mainly used in larger workshops. Thanks to the connection to the compressed air system, screw connections can be carried out particularly quickly. No wonder that garages and tire dealers rely on these practical devices . These impact wrenches are often equipped with a vibration-damping impact mechanism. On the one hand, this ensures high performance. On the other hand, the operator isolates the force effect. A strong double hammer striking mechanism runs in both directions , just like with the modern cordless impact wrench.The device can be set to several levels. Since the compressed air is very cold, these shielding devices are provided with cold insulation. The exhaust air can typically be directed downwards. The user does not get the drafts directly. Compared to the cordless impact wrench, the compressed air devices are usually somewhat heavier. In addition, they only work with the corresponding compressed air system. They are therefore not a suitable alternative for private use.

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Which are the best-known manufacturers of cordless impact wrenches?

There are now countless manufacturers in the field of impact wrenches that have made a good name for themselves. These include DeWalt, Metabo, Hazet, Makita, Bosch, Powermaxx, Varo, AGT Professional, Einhell and also Trotec.

What is the price range of the models of the individual manufacturers?

The most expensive cordless impact wrench costs around 590 euros, for the cheapest cordless impact wrench only around 60 euros have to be included. It depends on the brand and the equipment.

What are customers still looking for cordless impact wrenches for?

The most searched alternative term for cordless impact wrench is cordless impact wrench, followed by synonyms such as cordless impact wrench and Makita cordless impact wrench.

Torn screw head – and now?

Tearing off the screw head is actually the worst thing that can happen. In such a case, it makes sense to use a left-hand ejector. With this tool, the screw can be processed sufficiently to be able to remove it even without a cordless hammer drill.

Have cordless impact drivers been compared on other portals?

So far, no known portal has dared to tackle the topic of cordless impact wrenches. However, there are a lot of comparisons and advice on this topic impact wrench on the Internet. Many of the tips and tricks mentioned there can also be applied to cordless impact wrenches.

Tire change: what torque must be maintained?

When changing tires, high precision is required when tightening the individual wheel nuts. If they are too loose, they can come loose completely, if they are too tight, this can damage the thread. Ideally, all the important information is in the instructions for the vehicle.



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