The Basic Tools Of Your Garage To A Mechanical Workshop

Garage, storage room, workshop, your DIY room, are multipurpose spaces that you use to develop your favorite hobby, to fine-tune your bicycle or, simply, to have the DIY tools organized and organized.


There are a number of tools that can not be missing in the garage of your house to carry out the minimum maintenance of your vehicles:

– Cleaning, good cleaning prevents breakdowns, being able to more easily detect leaks of liquids or parts with breakage, making the use of its mobile components (levers, levers or the accelerator itself) more enjoyable.

– Assembly tools, we are interested in complete sets of tools, whether fixed, combined or automatic (ratchets, etc.).

– Fixed and Allen wrenches, are also available in ratchet (eye with the efforts, since its task, is to offer the comfort of using them without removing them from the manipulated screw when loosening or tightening, but subject to great efforts, the mechanism suffers a lot).

– Hand tools, tool kits, service kits, maintenance kits, electrician kits, technical assistance kits, socket wrenches, technician kits, workshop kits, chests, toolboxes, carts with drawers, modular trays, screwdrivers, pliers, jaws, torque wrenches, etc.


The basic tools of a mechanical workshop can be classified into four different groups:

– Cutting tools, which are used to work materials that are not harder than normal untempered steel. Hardened materials cannot be worked with the manual cutting tools (hand saw, file, drill, tap, reamer, tap, scissors, chiller, burial, chisel, shear, pliers).

– Tools used to hold parts or screw pieces (wrench, pliers, screwdriver, vise, riveter, sergeant).

– Tools of diverse functions that can be cataloged in a chapter of several (Hammer, granite, mechanical extractor, numbers, and letters to record, cylindrical punch, hoist, grail, plotting point, compass, hydraulic jack, hydraulic lifting table).


How do you keep, organize and keep all the tools tidy?

There are multiple elements that can make your life easier. An organized workshop: it enlivens the work, favors cleaning, easily finds the tools, invites you to continue with your hobby, etc. You must reflect on the space you have and the areas that you are going to differentiate.

Use recycled containers, boxes and jars to corner small items such as pieces of wire, cords, loose parts, cans of spray paint, plumbing parts and the like.

Designate the space for each category: a wall for hand tools and power tools, a corner for paint supplies, a closet for garden equipment, a shelf for hardware, a shelf for manuals and books.

Use all available space in your organization. For example, you can hang pipes and long pieces of wood from brackets installed high on the walls or ceiling beams. Think from one corner to another and from floor to ceiling.

Tag everything. Once you have your tools and equipment in place, use a label machine or make homemade labels to designate where things are going. That way you will remember and know when something is out of place, and if someone uses your tools, they can put them correctly.

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