Are Cordless Cross-Cut Saws Recommended?

This saw is a battery-operated panel saw. The same special saw allows a different setting of the cutting angle.

The search for a power source at the work station is relieved by the battery operation. In addition to the saw motor, the battery also determines performance and condition. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to this when selecting the device.

Thanks to the existing battery, you can also use the saw in places where there is no socket . As with classic panel saws, you can use the devices with rechargeable batteries for precise cuts and exact cutting edges. The device table and the various setting options ensure miter and inclination .

Minimal battens, beams, bars and tubes are particularly suitable for this battery-powered saw. You can only cut boards with it to a limited extent; success is also determined by the diameter of the saw blade . You can determine the maximum cutting width approximately from the size of the saw blade. For more detailed information, you should look at the technical data of the saw.

The voltage specification for the battery and its meaning

Most of the time, the batteries of these saws work between 12 volts and 24 volts . The corresponding voltage of the machine does not provide a clear statement for the performance. On the other hand, you can estimate the number of volts by the volume and the weight of the batteries. The battery pack contains information about the number of energy cells used. For example, an 18-volt battery has 15 individual cells . Each cell has 1.2 volts . The higher the number of cells in the battery, the more voluminous and heavy it becomes.

Energy density and handling of the cordless crosscut saw

The energy density of batteries is very different. A current lithium-ion battery achieves the best value here. It has twice the energy density of a nickel-metal hybrid battery and a four times higher density than a nickel-cadmium battery.


The lithium-ion battery has advantages in terms of weight and service life. At the same voltage, it is lighter than nickel batteries and you can charge the batteries at any time without damaging the memory.

Resilient and powerful

cordless cross-cut saw is characterized by its robustness and power. Innovation is also progressing in this area . Craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers achieve greater flexibility and high resilience wherever they use these machines. An exact sawing performance with a large cutting depth is included.

For example, the European market leader Metabo uses Ultra-M technology . The necessary energy source is formed by battery packs with 5.2 amp hours and implements the performance of the cordless tools. By eliminating the cable connection, you also benefit in the semi-stationary area.

Same performance without cables

Compared to wired models, there is no need to cut back on performance parameters. A cordless cross-cut saw with 4,200 revolutions per minute is very powerful with a quick cut.

You can make up to 200 cuts in 60 x 60 millimeter softwood or 400 cuts in laminate without interruption . In contrast to other producers, double the number of cuts is possible with a Metabo cross-cut saw with battery operation.

Tips for selecting the chop saw with battery

  • If you are working on long workpieces, a cordless cross-cut saw with an adjustable table extension isNo tools are necessary with a user-friendly design.
  • Take into account the maximum adjustable angle. These determine the flexibility and diversity during processing and processing.
  • Give preference to cordless tools with short charging times. In contrast to the recommendations of the time, fast, high-tech charging is justified today. The lifespan of the battery is longer due to the gentle and computer-controlled process.

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