Accessories To Give Different Uses To The Drill

If you are an enthusiast of the activities associated with construction, masonry, and carpentry, you surely understand the importance of the hammer drill in your home. This tool is known for its function of drilling different materials, such as wood, plastic and even concrete, however, it serves for much more than opening holes. 

Even if you acquire the best hammer drill, the main key is knowing how to choose the right elements, since in this way you can grind, mix, polish and even mill with your usual drill. There is an accessory for every need and you can take advantage of the different speeds of the device depending on the task you want to perform. The good news is that you don’t have to make a big expense since these additional products usually have affordable prices. In addition, they are easy to install, since you just have to place them in the chuck. 


Abrasive wheels

There are abrasive heads that allow you to polish and file different materials, such as metal, ceramic plastic, and glass. Some can be used with an extension to adapt them to the drill, while others are shaped like a drill, you can also choose between different sizes and shapes, depending on your needs; there are cylindrical, conical, flat and spherical wheels. They are very useful when you have to rectify an angle or improve a cut, as well as to adjust the dimensions of a piece. 

You can get abrasive wheels made of stone, but also rotating steel files, which are used mostly to process hard materials. The latter is recommended for beveling, rounding and engraving on metal parts.



The brushes have multiple uses, depending on the material with which they are made, for example, those of metal is very abrasive, so they serve to prepare metal parts if you are going to weld, as well as to strip and clean hard materials before painting them. However, when you need to work on fragile surfaces, such as wood, you should use brushes with nylon threads.

You can also use the drill to remove mold and dirt that accumulates between the bathroom tiles, as well as for all types of floors and walls, the wheels of the car and even the carpets. They are usually made of sturdy plastic, which supports the detergents commonly used in the home.



The discs practically make it possible to turn the drill into a grinder, to polish, cut and sand all kinds of materials, depending on the power of the device and the quality of the blade you choose. There are some felt or wool that is soft and serves to give a brighter finish on metal surfaces, in addition, you can use some wax to facilitate the task.

On the other hand, there are abrasive discs that have teeth on the edge and serve to make cuts in hard materials, as if it were a circular saw. In this case, it is very important to properly adjust the adapter to the chuck to avoid accidents.


Mixing rod

It is a metal element that is shaped like a long drill with a propeller at the tip. This accessory is used to mix paint and other more or less viscous liquids, to prepare the substances before being used in different jobs. In general, it is very easy to use, since you just have to place the rod directly on the chuck and adjust it.

The most powerful drills are capable of mixing small portions of plaster, cement and other materials with water, to reduce the physical effort involved in doing the work manually. For this, a sufficiently long galvanized rod is recommended. Its use is very similar to the electric hand blender that you have in the kitchen since it is about introducing the rod into the container with the materials and operating the drill


Flexible shafts

These are hoses that allow extending the drilling axis, so you can perform precision work, almost as if it were a pen, but with all the power of the device. They are also useful for making engravings on wood, ceramics, glass, among other materials. However, it is important that you have good support to hold the drill to a fixed surface so that you can work safely.

This is possible with any drill, the only essential function is that it has a button to leave it on permanently, in addition, if it has a speed regulator it can give you greater benefits. On the other hand, its use is very simple, you just have to connect one end of the flexible shaft to the chuck. Some have the piece that looks like a pen already connected, in other cases you will have to put it under pressure, taking care that it is well held. 


Drill saws

Also called in some areas are a crown or cup saws. It is an accessory widely used by people who work wood, but it can also be used to cut plaster, plastic, fiberglass, MDF, ceramics, tiles, marble, granite, glass and even for metallic materials, depending on the power of the drill and the quality of the saw.

It is a cylindrical piece of metal with a crown-shaped serrated edge, which, when attached to the drill, allows circumferences to be cut. For example, if you need a hole to insert a tube into the washbasin cabinet, this will be the right accessory. These saws come in different sizes and for different applications, so you must choose the right part according to your needs. You can also find kits with several measures that are cheaper and provide more possibilities for use.


Precautions when using drill accessories

The drill is among the most dangerous tools that exist in homes and workshops, so the manufacturing companies have incorporated safety systems that prevent accidents, however, when using accessories it is good to increase the precaution to perform the work with less stress.

It is worth noting the importance of correctly fixing the element to the chuck before activating the device since the accessory could be fired and become a lethal weapon. In addition, it is necessary to wear glasses and gloves to protect the eyes and hands, as well as earplugs if your workday is long. It is worth remembering that it is important to keep these tools out of the reach of children.

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