6 Tips For Safe Handling Of The Chop Saw

Accidents often occur when dealing with electrical devices. Whether at home, in the kitchen, at work, in the workshop, on the construction site, etc. – a moment of inattention and it can happen. Above all, the combination of high speed and a sharp saw blade are not without danger for the user and can have serious consequences if certain safety criteria are not observed.


6 tips for safe handling of the chop saw

On the other hand, if you pay attention to a few things when using the chop saw , you will avoid the greatest accident risks.

No gloves when sawing

  1. Probably the most common misconception when dealing with motorized saws is that you should wear gloves to protect yourself from the saw blade. But this is exactly wrong and increases the risk of injury many times over. Work gloves are usually much larger than the actual hand. There is therefore a risk of getting into the running saw blade faster (with the glove). This is now gripped by the saw teeth and there is a risk that the complete hand / arm will be pulled towards the saw blade due to the high speeds. So: No gloves when sawing.

Tight-fitting clothes The

  1. same applies to clothing. Ideally, this should be close to the body when handling circular saws, so that the saw blade has no chance of gripping a piece of clothing and “pulling it in”.

Wear a hat or tie up your hair if you have

  1. long hair. Users with longer hair should also be warned. Just like the glove or clothing in general, longer hair can be caught by the saw blade.

No changes to the cross-cut saw

  1. In addition, no changes or manipulations should be made to the cross-cut saw. A protective hood, a double-locked switch-on lock and a saw blade lock make sense. In addition, even with the slightest manipulation on the saw, the warranty claim expires.

Protect your hearing

  1. Whoever works with the chop saw a lot should always wear hearing protection. With wood saws in particular, they say so nicely: “They have their own key,” which means that they usually sound quite loud and aggressive. Hearing protection is a great remedy here. Of course, an external extraction system also makes sense for frequent sawing.

Be careful when

  1. changing the saw blade Modern chop saws today often have a kind of “saw blade change mode”. This means that in this “mode” the saw blade is locked (fixed) and the saw cannot be switched on at all. If you want to be on the safe side, pull the mains plug when changing the saw blade and nothing can happen.


The combination of high speeds and a sharp saw blade does not make handling the crosscut saw (and all other motorized circular saws) harmless. However, if you observe the above points and adhere to the most important security measures, you are fundamentally on the safe side. In addition, you should never deal with an electrical device quickly, hectically and thoughtlessly.


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