5 Best MIG MAG Welding Machine [ 2021 Edition ]

If you are one of the potential buyers interested in purchasing a welding machine in MIG / MAG system.

 You have reached the right place, because we can make recommendations on the most advantageous offers in terms of performance-price ratio, but we also offer you a complete guide to help you identify the model you need.

 If you are on the run and do not have time for a thorough documentation, you can go to the first product in our list Intensive multiprocess MIG / MMA 200 .

You can use it for welding in a protective environment (MIG-MAG), for gasless welding, in open spaces, using flux cored wire, for TIG welding (with filler metal: stainless steel, carbon, copper) or you can use the MMA function, for welding with coated electrodes (rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron).

 The maximum allowable current is 200A, offers numerous settings and is accessorized with a variety of useful tools.

 If you are interested in a model of industrial capabilities, you will find the product Jasic MIG-MAG / MMA 53028 more suitable .


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Key Features


LOTOS - 1H-4HPT-NF6E   welding machine
  • 15-200AMP DC Stick/MMA Electric Current Output

  • HF start hand torch control 

  • -200A AC Square-wave inverter 

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Welder
  • Weldpro's flagship 200 amp MIG welder

  •   MIG / Flux Core welding machine

  • VRD high temp and overload protection

SereneLife Inverter MIG Welding Machine
  • Weldpro's flagship 200 amp MIG welder 

  • 0.063-0.157 acid electrode


LOTOS - 04-ZVGR-0O8D Welder
  • 10-50AMP Plasma Cutter Current Output

  • HF arc start hand torch control 

  • Acid or Basic Electrode

HITBOX New Arrival Mig Welder 


  • VRD high temp and overload protection

5 Best Welding Machines [ 2021 Reviews]

Rank # 1: LOTOS - 1H-4HPT-NF6E welding machine

 Here is a MIG MAG welding machine, intended for professional use!

 It is a model with inverter, aspect that represents major advantages in terms of device portability and electricity consumption, and which, although mainly intended for the process of working with inert and active gas, can achieve without problems and MMA soldering with electrodes of any type (basic, rutile, cast iron or stainless steel).

The amperage range of 10 – 200 A is recommended for repair works.

 In construction sites, in general production workshops and even in agriculture, the device being unbeatable when it comes to welding steel or aluminum in several positions (wire diameter – 0.6 – 1.2 mm).

If you doubt the environment in which you can use it, find out that the product is rated with a safety factor IP23.

 In addition, it allows the change of polarity (FCAW), which means that you can use it with flux cored wire. 

The package also contains: IGRIP gun, table tongs and electrode holder, gas hose.


It can be used in garages and workshops where all kinds of car repairs are performed, being a professional model (10 – 200 A).

It can be used for all types of electrodes, the product can use two different working methods (MIG MAG and MMA) depending on the activity performed.

Welds a diverse range of materials (alloy and non-alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum), efficiently performing various works.

It can be easily transported on site, due to its small size (580 x 250 x 440 mm).


The price is commensurate with the features offered.

LOTOS - 1H-4HPT-NF6E   welding machine

Rank # 2: Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Welder

 Among the best MIG MAG welding machines is the Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Welder , a model specially designed for continuous or spot wire bonding in a protective gas environment.

 It allows the regulation of the current in 6 steps (35 – 260 A), which recommends it to any type of application and which places it in the range of professional products.

Also, due to the stability of the welding current, the equipment can be used successfully for gluing steel, stainless steel and aluminum, a big plus being, without a doubt, the fact that it is provided with fan cooling and overload protection with thermostat, thus proving high productivity and reliability alike.

 That is why it is also recommended for car repair shops.

Being a heavy model, it is equipped with a pair of wheels, for easy transport from one side to the other.

 The product has a fairly high price, but includes accessories such as: earthing cable and welding gun.


It is a professional model, which welds a wide range of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), and can be used for all maintenance and repair work.

It has a robust structure, so it resists well to harsh working conditions.

Forced ventilation and overload protection extend product life.

Although it is bulky, it moves easily, due to the wheels provided.


The price does not fit in the pocket of all buyers.

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Welder

Rank # 3: LOTOS - 04-ZVGR-0O8D Welder

 Velt MIG MMA 180 is a welding inverter that allows quality gluing, with low heat affected area, without the possibility of material damage.

 It is recommended for joining alloy steels, aluminum and their alloys, both by using the shielding gas (with solid or tubular wire) and by melting the coated electrodes (rutile, basic, cast iron, steel, etc.).

The oversized MIG MAG welding torch and the maximum amperage of 180 A guarantee that the device will prove high efficiency and will withstand long-term use, even if it is used for simple applications, for domestic use, or in those on shipyards and constructions.

It is also worth mentioning that the product benefits from forced cooling, very useful in overheating protection.

 Last but not least, the welding machine is easy to use, as it has a complex front panel, equipped with electronic displays that indicate precisely the working parameters.


It can be used for light maintenance and industrial works alike, being a professional model.

Withstands intensive work well, thanks to the oversized MIG MAG welding torch.

Includes fan for forced cooling, which increases its reliability.

It is suitable for the activity you want to carry out, offering the possibility to work in MIG MAG and MMA mode alike.


A potentiometer is required to adjust the intensity of the electric current.

LOTOS - 04-ZVGR-0O8D Welder

Rank # 4: SereneLife Inverter MIG Welding Machine

SereneLife Inverter MIG Welding Machine is what users usually call a welding machine, cheap and good, and the truth seems to be on their side since this inverter is ultra-portable and able to attach any type of material (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) in a protective environment.

 The device covers an adjustment range of 40 – 180 A, being part of the range of hobby products and being recommended for use in tinsmithing and the field of light metal constructions.

In terms of operational safety, the welding machine benefits from thermal protection with thermostat and No Gas technology, which allows it to work with self-shielded wire (open spaces), so that the risk of accidents is low.

The really good news, however, is that the product comes with a starter kit: MIG MAG 2 m pistol, pliers + table cable, slag hammer, hand mask, 0.8 mm wire, for the test, and wheels, to You can easily transport it.


It is delivered together with a starter kit, presenting an excellent quality-price ratio.

It is a robust and compact device, being easy to transport from one work point to another.

It guarantees a reliable operation, due to the thermal protection with thermostat and the No Gas technology.

Being an inverter type device, it consumes little electricity.


It is recommended only for light applications, the maximum welding current being 180 A.

SereneLife Inverter MIG Welding Machine

Rank # 5: HITBOX New Arrival Mig

 For those looking for a MIG MAG welding machine, at a good price, Deca STARTWIN 135EVO proves to be a convenient solution.

 According to household use, it comes powered by a 230 V socket and allows amperage adjustment in the range of 30 – 120 A, the entire system guaranteeing a high solder penetration. 

That is why it can be used for outdoor work (minimum 1.3 mm thick).

It can be used together with steel wire, stainless steel and even aluminum, up to a maximum diameter of 0.8 mm, which means that it allows welding of metals in several positions (4), but the major advantage of this device is that it is provided with a self-shielded cable, which offers you the possibility to make repairs in the household, without the need for any gas protection.

It is, therefore, a reliable and robust device, features enhanced by overload protection and the power cord that has the Schucko plug.


It is a product oriented on reliability, because it benefits from overload protection and self-shielded cable (No Gas).

It is distinguished by a high welding penetration, as a result of which it can be used in windy conditions or light air currents.

It can be used for gluing more types of metals, thanks to the wires provided.

It comes with a welding torch and clamp, so you won’t have to buy them separately.


The small adjustment range (30 – 120 A) is recommended only for light metal constructions.

HITBOX New Arrival Mig Welder 

Popular brands:

We do not encounter situations in which we have to weld, but such a device is good in homes where there is furniture made of various metals or in sectors of activity such as: industry, automotive, construction sites, shipyards, etc.

When you want to buy such a device, choose carefully the brand from which you make the purchase.

 Telwin, Velt and Deca, for example, are reliable companies and we will talk about them in the following.

The cornerstone of this company was laid in 1963 in Italy.

 Today, this brand is a world leader in the production of welding machines, cutting systems and loaders.

Telwin is divided into four major divisions: automotive (products needed to repair and maintain vehicles), industrial (classic welding machines, spot welding machines and plasma cutting machines), professional (products dedicated to those working in the field of engineering, maintenance and light industry) and consumers (DIY and household products).

To make its customers happy, this company offers advanced and technologically innovative solutions, designed to improve the level of productivity, reduce the working time offered for certain tasks and minimize operational costs.

 The products sold guarantee a high level of performance, regardless of the working conditions.

In total, the company has over 300 employees.

 The relationship with the clients is a very good one, because, from the beginning, a relationship based on trust has been promoted. 

Telwin’s mission is to provide excellent products, certified support, quick responses and concrete information.

Velt is a Romanian brand of professional devices, for industrial and domestic use, appeared on the market in 2015.

 The devices sold by this brand are made with the help of components from imports, from countries such as: United States, Japan, China , etc.

The products from this brand are divided into several categories: MMA welding (with electrodes), TIG / WIG welding (to work the devices use argon or combination of argon with helium; used in services), MIG / MAG welding (devices uses argon-based welding procedures, can weld aluminum and steel, respectively (restricted work surface), plasma cutting, robots / rectifiers and welding accessories.

Velt welding inverters are made based on the latest technology (IGTB), which helps reduce the size of the device, without losing efficiency.

The products from this brand are delivered with a 12 or 24 month warranty (12 for individuals, 24 for legal entities). Shipping is free, including from customer to service and back to customer, throughout the warranty period.

 Overall, the Velt product range is reliable, so you can buy with confidence.

Deca is an Italian company that appeared on the market more than 40 years ago, in 1972. 

Since then, it has continued to develop, and today, it is one of the largest companies producing welding machines.

 She deals with the design, production, assembly and distribution of products.

The director of this company is De Biagi Maurizio, and the company’s mission is to offer customers welding techniques that meet their requirements, through the best equipment in the field.

 Deca appliances can be used both in households and in small businesses or industrial projects, they cope successfully in any environment.

In addition to welding machines (MMA, TIG, MIG / MAG, PAC and SPOT), this company also manufactures battery chargers (electronic and traditional).

 At the same time, it offers support for the care of the equipment, during their entire period of operation.

With the help of distributors, this brand is present in over 100 countries, Deca products being known worldwide. 

They meet the highest standards and are very well controlled in terms of quality.


How to choose a good MIG MAG welding machine

Buyer’s guide

The welding machine is indispensable in most industries, as you will find it in the workshop or in the yard of any person who is used to making repairs in the household.

 And because the choice of the tool is made according to the activity you will carry out, you probably already know that it is suitable for tinsmithing works, metal constructions and even garage applications (car exhausts), the working method it involves being an extremely attractive one from a financial point of view, considering that it ensures a welding that takes place at a higher speed than in the case of other processes and which results in very little smoke and slag, the material consumption being also lower .

However, in order to have the guarantee of a reliable and long-lasting equipment, while also proving a high efficiency in the production of complex parts, we recommend you to read this guide to know what criteria you must follow when you want to buy the best MIG MAG welding machine.

Typology:  Depending on this parameter, the parts can be classified into two main categories: transformer or inverter.

The first consists of an iron core and two coils, thus explaining the high degree of reliability and high durability over time that characterizes it.

 At the same time, this equipment is among the cheapest on the market, but it is good to know that it shows limited welding behavior, meaning you can only work with steel, ordinary iron or aluminum, because special wires for alloy steels need of direct current, which the device in question cannot provide (uses alternating current), and that has a high weight, so its transport will be difficult.

 That is why it is ideal for home repairs.

Things are different in the case of a welding inverter.

 It is small, compact and can be transported anywhere (it is about 10 times lighter than a transformer), which gives you great flexibility during working hours.

 It behaves pleasantly when welding, thanks to the reverse reaction and the possibility to bend on any applied, giving you the possibility to glue alloy steel, stainless steel and even cast iron, without encountering any problems.

 It is also worth mentioning that it has a low power consumption (it can be plugged into a normal 110 W socket), the benefit of using less power implying, implicitly, low costs on bills.

Last but not least, the inverter accepts (when needed) better impure power from generators than traditional models.

 However, if you have decided to buy such equipment, be prepared to take more money out of your pocket, including for maintenance, because its construction is fragile compared to that of a transformer and, therefore, it breaks down faster.

Type of gas used:  It is another aspect worth considering, because it comes chosen depending on the material you want to weld.

 Although both procedures are based on argon, the MIG (inert metal gas / pure gas) technique is recommended if you want to glue metals or alloys such as aluminum, copper or magnesium, while the MAG procedure (active gas metal, is added and CO2) is ideal for welding steel, being well known that the reactions caused by each material are usually different.

But if you want a much more productive and efficient technological tool, many opinions about the best MIG MAG welding machines recommend a model that can use both types of gas (MIG MAG Tandem), because, thanks to the two synchronized soldering sources electronically, it offers a high deposition efficiency and allows to increase the working speed several times, regardless of whether we are talking about welding thin, medium or thick sheets.

Electric current intensity:  First of all, we would like to specify that MIG MAG welding usually uses only direct current sources, generally with reverse polarity (the “+” pole at the wire), considering that a penetration is made.


It is recommended that the recently purchased equipment allows the gradual adjustment of the electricity intensity, in order to obtain a set of optimal parameters for the entire field of work.

 If the power supply is an inverter, the power can be adjusted continuously using a potentiometer.

Secondly, you should know that depending on the setting range, welding machines can be divided into: hobby models (20 – 120 A), recommended for domestic applications, and professional devices (over 180 – 200 A), which can be used both in the home and garden, as well as in industrial sectors.

Welding wire and wire feed device:  Given that these two aspects greatly influence the stability of the welding process, we would like to mention, first of all, that the surface of the wire must be clean, ie not to show traces of rust. or fats.

 MIG MAG devices use two major types of such accessories: solid (drawn carbon steel wire, low alloy, high alloy, etc.) and tubular (metal sheath melts, then deposits).

In turn, the latter are divided into several variants: with flux, which can be rutile (contain elements that facilitate ionization, namely titanium oxide / TiO2 and silicon / SiO2, ensuring a stable arc, a fine transfer of drops and welding in all positions) and basic (include calcium fluoride / CaF2, calcium carbonate / CaCo2 and magnesium oxide / MgO, in this case the transfer is globular and the slag melting point low, hence the difficult agglutination of materials in position); tubular wires with metallic powders (iron, ferro-silicon, ferro-manganese), with the help of which high deposition rates can be obtained, thanks to the large amount of metallic elements present in the powder.

If you are not a craftsman and this is the first time you get your hands on such a device, don’t be scared! You will know how to choose the right accessory for your device, because the chemical composition of the electrode wire depends on that of the base material to be welded and its mechanical characteristics, as well as the type of gas used.

For example, if for the MIG working process, it will have to have a composition similar to that of the surface on which you are going to work, in case of MAG welding, the wire should be additionally allied with deoxidizing elements (Mn, Si, Ti). .

 At the same time, the diameter of the accessories is chosen depending on the thickness of the sheet and the welding position (ds = Ø 0.8; Ø 1; Ø 1.2 mm – in any position; ds = Ø 1.6; Ø 2; Ø 2.4 mm – only horizontally).

Regarding the wire feed speed, for a quality welding process, it is recommended that it be adjustable between 1 – 22 m / min.

 However, for the MAG working procedure, in the case of professional devices, a possible speed of 30 m / min is preferable.

Safety in use:  Before I tell you where to find MIG MAG welding machines, at good prices, the other households will make one more clarification: a reliable device will benefit from forced ventilation, for optimal maintenance of the device and to reduces the risk of damage to the work, but also protection against short circuit and overload, so that you can avoid possible accidents in time.

Also, to prevent even the slightest incident, try to wear protective equipment every time and make sure that in the place where you are going to perform the work there are no flammable materials, and combustible constructions (beams and wooden floors). are properly covered.

If you have reached the end with the reading, it means that now you are ready to buy the technological tool suitable for your needs, so we can tell you where to find the MIG MAG welding machine, at a good price, the other users: online.

 Basically, with a single click, you will have access to a wide range of products and you will be able to benefit from the best discounts and promotions, the ordered good being delivered directly to your home.


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