5 Best Drilling Machines [ 2021 Edition ]

Whether you need it at work or at home, a drilling machine helps you perform various operations (drilling, threading, etc.), quickly and safely.

 For light hobby work, you can confidently head to the first model we presented, namely: Bosch EasyDrill 1200.

 It is suitable for steel and wood works, and has a maximum speed of 1650 rpm.

 It is based on intelligent systems to help you, such as: Syneon Chip – offers maximum resistance and optimal power; Bosch electronic system – for speed adjustment, which allows the transition from 0 to maximum by accessing a button located at hand on the handle; PowerLigh – an integrated diode that illuminates the workspace; planetary gear with two power stages; 1.5 Ah Li-Ion battery.

 Comes with a special bag for storage and transport.

 Another variant is the Makita DF457DWE , light but strong.


Recommended models in 2020

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Rank # 1: BLACK+DECKER 20V

 For buyers who would like to own a drilling and screwdriving machine with a battery at a good price, we can recommend this part manufactured in Makita workshops.

 The smaller and lighter it is, the more useful and powerful it will be.

 It is powered by a sufficiently powerful 18V battery, whose capacity of 1.3Ah is sufficient for hobby and semi-professional work.

It works with variable speed and with 16 + 1 clutch gears, offering up to 1400rpm when idling.

 The accessories that will be attached to it change very quickly, through a chuck with a maximum opening of 1.5 -13mm.

 For optimal and safe operation, the device integrates electric brake, reverser and a metal gear whose durability is evaluated at high levels.

 It grips very comfortably, thanks to the comfortable soft rubber handle, which promises a secure grip.

With only 1.7Kg and its own transport case, this offer will not be ignored by self-respecting households, nor by professionals who travel a lot for field work.


It offers full portability, because the power supply is battery-based

Get good performance, the battery providing a voltage of 18V and propulsion up to 1400 rpm

Includes quick chuck that allows you to attach drills of different sizes – for wood or steel

It is small, light, ergonomic and offers variable speed, so it is suitable for any type of work


Maybe some users would have wanted more power for a device that can be operated in professional work


Rank # 2: Drill & Home Tool Kit,

If you want to find the best column drill, you should definitely consider this model from Einhell.

 Unlike the usual variants, the column drilling machine is intended for drilling, deepening, reaming and threading works.

 Normally, the drill is only used for screwing and drilling.

This model has many advantages.

 One of them is the existence of high quality rubber handles, which avoid unnecessary user fatigue and slipping of wet hands.

 The variety of dimensions of the processed products is ensured by the possibility of moving vertically the table on which the raw material is placed.

 The foot is stable and has a motherboard.

 To become more compact when not in use, the device benefits from a foldable chip protection.

 The accessories can be attached with a chuck with actuating crown.

 The on / off switch switches off at zero voltage.

 This is a very important safety measure in terms of fire protection and electric shock.

The products processed with this drilling machine will have a high quality, because there is an adjustable depth indicator for precise drilling.

 Another factor that contributes to the increase of quality is the folding and pivoting table.

 The speeds are grouped in five steps, with variations from 580 to 2650 rotations per minute.

 With a power of 350 W and a supply voltage of 230 V / 50Hz, the car is ideal to be used easily in the household and is, perhaps, the best column drill.


High quality rubber handles;

Continuously adjustable table height;

Stable foot with motherboard;

Foldable chip protection;

Switch on / off with zero voltage disconnection that protects you from fires and electric shocks;

Adjustable depth indicator for precise drilling and increasing product quality;

The drilling table is folding and pivoting;


Being a column drilling machine (vertical), it is not portable and can only be used for certain operations.


Rank # 3: BLACK+DECKER 20V

There are many opinions about the best battery drilling machine and among them is the one regarding the battery model, GSR 1800-Li.

 The swingarm holder, ie the head support, is a chuck with jaws, with an opening of 10 mm.

 Suitable for soft and easy-to-drill materials, speeds range from 0-400 rpm to 1300 rpm.

The maximum drilling diameters are quite large, compared to other similar products.

 In the case of steel, the maximum diameter is 10 mm and, in the case of wood, it is 29 mm.

 Also, in the case of screws, the maximum diameter is 8 mm.

 The battery is Li-Ion, a material from which most of the batteries on the market are made.

Its voltage is 18 V and the charging capacity is 1.5 Ah.

 The small weight, 1.4 kg, substantially increases the usefulness of this drilling machine, increasing its portability.


The maximum torques, both for hard and soft screwing, are quite high;

The maximum diameters for screws and holes are quite large;

The mass of this drilling machine is very low, which makes it easy to handle for anyone;

The drill is portable due to its low weight and battery operation;

The battery voltage is 18 V and the capacity is 1.5 Ah, so it charges quickly;


The price is quite peppery


Rank # 4: GALAX PRO 12V Cordless

You may be wondering which is the best drilling machine.

 You can nominate Skil Energy.

 It has a compact design, a light weight and a cable long enough for your needs.

 The simple fact that it works on cable and not on batteries, makes this device more environmentally friendly.

 It is suitable for any repair work due to the 20 positions for precise screwing and the complete locking position, necessary in case of drilling.

This drill is very easy to handle.

 For a slow start, the speed is variable, so you have full permanent control.

 As for the screws, they can be unscrewed and screwed due to the left / right function.

 The accessories can be changed easily and quickly, thanks to the chuck.

 It has 10 mm and is keyless with double bushings.

 With this drilling machine you can do quality work because the ergonomic handle offers a stable working position.

The maximum torque is 27 Nm and the working materials can be wood or metal.

 Its mass is 1.2 kg and the length of the power cable is six meters.


The speed is variable, so you have full control

You have 20 positions for precise screwing

You have a position for complete locking, useful when drilling something

Accessories can be changed quickly and easily


It does not benefit from a transport box


How to choose a quality drilling machine

Buyer’s guide

The drilling machine or drill is a very common and sought after tool today.

 It is drilled with a drill and is driven by an electric motor.

 The best drilling machines can perform several functions – self-tapping, milling or operating as a hammer.

More than likely, you wonder how we find out which are the best drilling machines. 

This is a question you end up having when you need to buy such a product.

In order to know which is the best drilling machine, to be sure that it is exactly what we need, that we will not be hit by the lack of functions that we absolutely need (for example we want to make a hole in the wall concrete but… the drill does not have the function of percussion!), it is good to consider the following characteristics:

Supply voltage: This varies between 6 and 36 V, direct current for cordless drills and 230 V / 50 Hz for those with cable, so alternating current.

Drilling machines that have low electrical voltage, namely those with battery, are very good for use in case of light repairs (wooden holes, replacement of cabinet handles or hinges, hanging panels) not being limited by the existence of a source of electricity or the length of a power cord.

For operations such as drilling holes in concrete walls or large diameter holes in metal objects, a drilling machine with power supply from the power grid is required, which requires a higher power to drive the drill or for the function of percussion. In general, voltage is the first thing that determines the power of a car.

Drilling speed: is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). 

Depending on the type of car it varies from 300-400 rotations per minute to 1200 – 1500rpm.

 If you drill hard materials and you want to get large diameters in the holes, then you need to minimize the number of rotations.

 For example, for concrete, hardwood or steel, 1000rpm or even less will be used.

 Instead, when you make very narrow holes or the processed material is soft, you can use higher speeds.

Ease of use:  The drilling machine must be equipped with an auxiliary handle that will be attached to the side of the machine and will provide a better grip, improved stability and better control over the drilling angle but will also add strength in the drilling process.

Weight: varies between 1 kg and 3 kg.

 A lighter car will be easier to handle but also harder to maintain in a stable position during use.

 Moreover, for rotary drilling machines, the weight is an important feature because, if the machine is heavier, the inertia is reduced by the pressing force.

Battery type / working area: is considered in the case of drilling machines that operate on batteries.

 If we have to perform operations in an area where we do not have access, at least nearby, to a source of electricity to charge the battery, then this feature becomes paramount.

 It is good to have a battery that can be charged at any time, even if it is not completely discharged, without affecting its characteristics and lifespan.

Most cars have two batteries in the delivery set.

 Previously, drilling machines operated only on the basis of electricity from the socket and implicitly with the power cable, which limited the area of work.

In addition, special keys were needed to tighten the chuck.

 Nowadays, things have been simplified by attaching the battery, which allows a large working area, and the chuck can be easily tightened by hand.

Next, we will present you some models, chosen from a wide range of prices.

 The goal is to help you make the best choice.


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