5 Best Cutter For Wood [ 2021 Edition ]

From the category of articles for DIY enthusiasts, those with wood cutters could not be missing. So, to start with the recommendations, before moving on to the shopping guide, we believe that Worcraft ER12-6 / 8  is a good option for anyone looking for a solid tool, with a semi-fixed base and a powerful 1200 motor. of Wati, capable of up to 30,000 rotations per minute. Silverline 481937  is a second recommendation, this being in fact a set of 6 milling heads, also with a very practical extension, of 30 centimeters. You can do a lot of work with them, they complete any carpentry accessory kit.


The best wood cutters

For the sake of diversity, we have included not only milling cutters, ie complete tools, with motor and possibly bench, but also many milling heads or knives of various sizes. Maybe this article is a little different, but we are sure you have a good chance of finding what you want:


Rank # 1: Worcraft ER12-6 / 8

 This machine is a wood cutter, at a good price, intended especially for occasional users, who work in wood as a hobby. The base is fixed, but also variable, depending on your options, ie whether or not you remove the small control bench.

It has a stroke of 50 millimeters, and its motor, at 1200 watts, powered by the socket, can rotate the heads with up to 30,000 revolutions per minute.

All its adjustments are made very easily, and the device is compatible with heads of 6/8 millimeters in diameter.


Rank # 2: Silverline 660471

 The tool here is far from powerful, as is the case with other models. While on most tools, you will find motors of about 1000 watts, for this electric wood cutter, the power is only 150 watts.

It has a 4.6 millimeter chuck, so it is compatible with thin ends. It has an adjustable handle, at 90 degrees, to grab it as you like. It also includes the nozzle for the sawdust vacuum cleaner.

It can reach 20,000 revolutions per minute, but its engine shows a predilection for heating, therefore it cannot be used intensively, in professional regime.


Rank # 3: Silverline 481937

 If you want the best wood cutters, and are working to complete your collection of accessories, we also include a set of ten wood drills, with extension rod, from Silverline.

Their milling diameters range from 6 millimeters to 32 millimeters, and with an extension cord, they will reach 30 centimeters in length. A hexagonal bushing is also included, for the fastening systems that require something like that.

Their steel is hardened, therefore they will be effective both in hobby and semi-professional use. Their clamping diameter is 6/8 centimeters, but the price of this set is quite advantageous.


Rank # 4: OEM TTGS-5187

 This milling rod is for making holes of 50 millimeters, in wood of any essence. The metal from which it is cast resists even very hard materials, such as teak wood.

We can say that the product is addressed to those who are looking for the best wood cutters and want to complete their collection of heads with as many accessories as possible.

However, we must mention that this small piece is quite expensive, given its quality, costing as many sets of other milling heads. Its clamping diameter is 6/8 centimeters.

Rank # 5: Dedra 1500W ded7742

 The best wood cutter, bench type, is difficult to choose, but if we are to give recommendations, we believe that the model here is a good contender for the title.

The structure is apparently large, in the picture, but it is placed on a table, in turn, therefore it does not take up so much space. Its 1500 Watt engine offers speeds that can be adjusted from 8000 to 30000 RPM, rotating cone heads, 6, 8 and 12 millimeters, at a maximum stroke of 40 millimeters.

Given its motor, of course, this wood-cutter with table is supplied with a 220 Volt socket.


Rank # 6: Levior 21454

 With this set for wood electric milling cutter models, you may not have to look for a milling end. In total, the suitcase includes 59 different pieces, for almost any type of working depth and width, or model.

All are arranged in special places, with their descriptions, and their gripping tail is 8 millimeters in diameter.

The box is made of aluminum, resistant, but also light, and the alloy from which the ends are made is carbon steel. The investment is worth it, even if you take out of your pocket a few hundred lei for the whole set.


Rank # 7: AERZETIX C17830

 If you want to buy sets of heads suitable for a wood milling cutter model with hexagonal fastening system, we recommend here a set of 10 to 25 millimeters, the intermediate sizes being 12, 16, 18 and 20 sets of six pieces.

The milling width increases, from one piece to another: you benefit from millimeters. The clamping diameter is 6/8 centimeters.

The carbon-steel alloy from which they are made means that they can be used in a semi-professional regime, moderate in intensity and hardness of wood essences. Another great advantage of this set is the very attractive price at which it is sold.


Rank # 8: Bosch 2607019464

 The well-known German company Bosch is not absent from any DIY sector. If you have a Bosch wood cutter, you may find the right set for you in this product, provided that the device is compatible with a 6 mm diameter cylindrical rod.

In the resistant plastic box, there are two grooving cutters, one for rounding, one for rayoning, convex type, one for profiling with bearing and one for joints in the dovetail.

The set is a bit more expensive than other head packs, but far from discouraging in price. It is addressed for those with a semi-professional work regime. Their rod length is 19.7 millimeters.


Rank # 9: TOLSEN PRO006

 The wooden box in which these wood cutter knives are arranged will attract attention, first of all, through its elegance. Their rod is cylindrical, 6.25 millimeters in diameter, and in total there are 12 pieces, in various profiles and for various works.

Also included is the useful jam for attaching them to the chuck, in the safest way possible. The set is addressed for the semi-professional working regime, at working speeds of 10,000 (recommended) up to 12,000 rotations per minute (maximum).

As a price, it does not excel, and the reviews were quite laudatory with them, users saying that it works well in almost any type of wood.


Frequent questions

Is it profitable to use a wooden milling cutter with a vertical axis?

Why wouldn’t it be cost effective, especially if we’re talking about a manual wood cutter? Even for electrical ones, if the tool is in good condition and you do not lift out of the way of many pretensions, we can recommend the second-hand market without problems, as we will argue in the following question to which we offer our opinions:




Why would I buy a used wood cutter?

First of all, to save money, of course. The prices on the used tools market are visibly lower than those of the first hand, and for those who are definitely looking for a wood cutter, cheap and good, the SH offers could be undeniable.

Another situation in which we would encourage you to buy tools and tools already used is when you want to start working in wood as a hobby in your free time. Until you figure out how to use all the devices and until you find out if this activity will really bring you pleasure, it is worth shaking hands trying second-hand tools.

A third category of people we think would be interested in used milling cutters are skilled craftsmen who know when a product is in good working order, even if it is second hand. That is, they check the product and notice that there are not many signs of wear, buying it and thus paying much less, without compromising on the reliability of the tool, which is almost like a new one.


Is there a CNC wood cutter?

Of course, how not. There are many models on the market, you can choose various tools of this type.


Can a wooden cutter be attached and used in the drill?

Do you really want to improvise a wooden drill for the drill? Do you know that saying, “with enough tape, anything is possible”? This joke urges us to answer “YES” to that question, but we do not recommend anything like that.


How to use the electric cutter correctly – precautions and tips

The principle of using the cutters is simple: with a rotating blade, they will sculpt a channel in the wood material, they being controlled either by moving the tool (for models without bench), or by pushing the wood under the blade (for those with bench).

The milling end looks approximately like a small chisel, which rotates around its axis. You do not have large edges, like a circular or pendular saw, or aggressive drills, like hammers. But this does not mean that there are no risks when using these tools .




Take care of your fingers!

However, these milling heads can rotate at up to 30,000 rotations per minute – one of the highest speeds on commercial tools . Any touch on this part involves safely cutting the meat off the fingers. Therefore, keep your distance from the blade and always wear special protective gloves.


Sawdust is a risk factor

As a product of milling, sawdust can enter the eyes, ears and respiratory tract. It is not recommended, therefore, to use the tool in tandem with Plexiglas glasses and a mask for the nose and mouth, both to be attached with elastic on the user’s head.

It doesn’t hurt to use earplugs to protect your hearing. However, the noise level made by the wood cutters is not nearly as high as that generated by an electric saw or a drill or rotary hammer.


Precautions when working on the mains

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the risks encountered with any tool that operates at 220 Volts. Check the tool before using it, running it empty. If smoke or sparks come out of anywhere, unplug it and have it repaired. Also, do not use damaged or taped cables. In addition, it is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit around.


Buying guide

Some craftsmen appreciate fine, meticulous woodwork. Regarding how to choose the best wood cutters, we will include some indications in the paragraphs below. This will be one of the simplest shopping guides we have included on our pages, so it will be easy to follow the information. First, though, let’s see exactly what you can do with a cutter.




What good is a cutter?

When you give fine channels in the pieces of wood and you want it to be at a certain depth, in a certain profile and, especially, right (or at well-established angles, of course), you will need the best wood cutter, for the given task.

The principle of operation of these tools is the following: a powerful electric motor will rotate the milling end at high speeds, it “biting” the wood material. Based on the dimensions and shape of the milling end, certain models can be obtained, depending on the wishes of the tool handler.

The resulting channels can be either aesthetic or functional, depending on what type of part you are working on and where you will place it (for example, ornamental furniture slats, cable channels and so on).


Capacity (hobby, professional) :

if we are to follow the large number of opinions about the best wood cutters available for online consultation, we could catalog these tools either in the hobby category or in the professional one.

The differentiation between the two groups is simple: in the first, the devices are more difficult to use intensively (ie for hours, almost daily) or for working at great depths, in hardwood.

In the second category, all these work possibilities are offered, due to the powerful and resistant motors and the regulation and control systems offered by the product. Given the fact that most wood cutters, cheap and good, or even the expensive ones, are quite simple in principle and functionality, we can eliminate the semi-professional category, which is found in many categories of workshop equipment, more complex.


Milling cutter type (with bench, without) :

you can opt for a wood cutter, at a good price, without bench (table), if you want extra mobility, this design being especially preferred by hobby users.

Many of the professional craftsmen, however, will look for a model with a bench. These are more accurate, but take up more space. There are also some price differences, those with workbench being more expensive. However, we cannot necessarily say that a bench cutter is better than one without – it depends, after all, on the task and the ability of the handler.


Power and speed :

many buyers will evaluate a tool according to the specifications of the engine it is equipped with. If you want wood cutters, at good prices, for low loads, then low power motors will be more sought after.

But for heavy loads, powerful engines are needed. To provide values, powers below 1000 Watts will usually be considered weak, and motors over 1500 Watts quite powerful. In terms of speed, they can vary from under 10,000 to 30,000 rotations per minute.


Compatible milling cutters :

not only do you have to consider the dimensions of the milling heads (ie how wide will be the channels left behind by wood milling cutters), but you will have to consider especially the clamping end (diameter) .

For example, some examples of clamp diameters are 6 millimeters or 8 millimeters. As dimensions for the milling heads, we can mention any milling width from 10 millimeters to over 50 millimeters, at the milling channel.




Brand :

of course the brand matters! But not as much as some would like to believe. We are of the opinion that a balance must be sought, both for the devices and for any wood cutter set, in this respect. In other words, yes, a name like Bosch will be sought after, given the German brand’s reputation for excellence, but also lesser-known companies worldwide, such as Makita, Dedra, Silverline, or Wolfcraft deserve a chance.

We can say this in a short shopping guide, about wood cutters – but it is enough for most buyers, at least. You will notice, if you haven’t already noticed, that in our offer of recommendations, with the related reviews, there are not only the tools themselves, with motor and possibly bench, but also many accessories, such as milling heads of different sizes. , which is useful if you are looking for a wood drill bit for example.

We hope to meet the needs of the most demanding craftsmen, professionals or amateurs. Increase shopping, what more can we add, than to return to this page, because we will surely enrich the offer in the near future!


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