4 Inch Hand Grinder- Makita GA4030K Angle Grinder Reviews [ 2021 Edition ]

In this article, you will find more information about the 4 Inch Hand Grinder(Makita GA4030K Angle Grinder) reviews.

With an excellent price-quality ratio, this mini grinder allows high-precision work with high power to achieve professional finishes, and with the simple disc exchange, you can use it to make all kinds of cuts, grind surfaces of different types in one way Comfortable and ergonomic.

Main Advantage:

The ergonomic handle and narrow-body allow a strong grip for use in hard to reach places and unconventional positions responding effectively thanks to the 720 W of power it has.

Main Disadvantage:

Some users express that it heats up a little during prolonged use but that does not compromise its high performance.

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Main Features Explained


In all power tools of this type, power is one of the most decisive aspects when making your choice, since it indicates the maximum speed at which the machine can work to grind or cut hard materials without decreasing its performance and effectiveness. Although small, the Makita GA5030 grinder has a high-performance motor evidenced by the 720W of power it has and that guarantees good results in all the work done by the 11000 revolutions per minute that its propellant has.

Makita grinders are characterized by their ability to perform abrasion and cutting work with great efficiency, and the GA5030 is no exception because it has a 125mm disc that you can change according to your need for work in a certain work.


The grinders should be comfortable for the operator, that is why you should choose the size according to your hand because you do nothing with a large machine of superior power and many benefits if it is heavy or very large for your hands. The Makita GA5030 is distinguished by being a small grinder with an ergonomic design designed for user comfort.

With dimensions of 26.6 x, 13.8 x 10.3 cm and a weight of 1.8kg users express satisfaction for the easy handling it has, especially for working in tight spaces and difficult access thanks to the narrow body of the Grinder that allows a firm and secure hold, facilitated by the side handle as well as the small head to work effectively even in difficult positions.


The Makita GA5030 is designed to perform all kinds of work in construction and repair works, its usefulness extends to the area of ​​blacksmithing, welding, carpentry, construction and much more since in addition to its abrasive functions it is a powerful cutting machine high precision with the ability to cut all types of materials including solid metals, concrete, porcelain, and high hardware, among others.

Due to the arduous tasks that can be performed with this equipment, the GA5030 has a special dust-proof coating, in order to protect the motor and bearings from debris that may shorten the life of the grinder. You can also be sure that you do not suffer from jerking of your arms or sudden jerks while using this tool because it has a traction system to absorb the force of the kickback.

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